Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fund for Park Avenue’s “Tulip Party"

For a few weeks each spring, tulips are the talk of the town and there is no better place to see them than on Park Avenue! On April 24th, Scully and Scully hosted its annual "Tulip Party" to celebrate the 2017 Park Avenue Tulips and to raise awareness for the work of The Fund for Park Avenue, the NYC non-profit responsible for planting and maintaining the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue Malls between 54th and 86th Streets (
Artist Jim Chillington at work
Park Avenue painting by Jim Chillington
This year's event featured a book signing of "Sidewalk Gardens of New York" with Betsy Pinover Schiff, a photographer who has been documenting the "greening" of the city for nearly two decades.
Guests gathering for cocktails
Betsy Pinover Schiff
Tablescapes designed by Host Committee members are always a highlight of the evening. This year's themes included: a whimsical birthday celebration for Alison Mazzola created in collaboration with Alex Papachristidis with flowers by ZeZe; a festive brunch in Palm Beach by Mary Davidson; a celestial fantasy by artist Karen Tompkins; Martha Glass took her guests on a walk through an Asian garden while Anki Leeds treated hers to a Millbrook hunt weekend house party. And, California's wildflower "super bloom" was Jodie Fink's inspiration.
Among the guests were: Victoria Anstead, Nancy Baker, James Barron, Kathleen and Ted Beit, Charles Bergman, Gigi and Philippe Bigar, Frederieke Biggs, Sandra Blank, Chesie Breen, LeMerle Brinkley, Patricia Burnham Brock and William Brock, Sharon Bush, Rande Coleman, Cathy Crane, Dr. Roshan Bakhtiar Cummins, Denise Seegal Darrow, Mary Davidson, Walter Deane, Barbara Dixon, Alex Donner, Filippa Edberg-Manuel, Anne Embry, Jodie Fink, Maria and Ken Fischel, Lee White Galvis, Mark Gilbertson, Martha and John Glass, Eugenie Niven Goodman, Mayme and Monte Hackett, Colleen and Tom Hills, Amy Hoadley, Jay Jolly, Maryann Jordan, Eileen Judell, Karen Klopp, Joseph La Piana, Anki Leeds, Victoria Leeds, Stuart Levy, Jack Lynch, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Joseph McDonnell, Kevin McLaughlin, Chris Meigher, Melissa and Chappy Morris, Wendy Moonan, Polly Onet, Julie Ovadia, Lindsey Pryor, Nina Reeves, Susan and George Relyea, Andrea Robinson, Georgina Schaeffer, Marcia Schaeffer, Jean Shafiroff, Randi Schatz, Lisa and Bob Semple, Frances Shelton and Bill Bruder, Missie Rennie Taylor, Thor Thors, Clay Tompkins, Martha and Peter Webster, Robin and Ted Withington.
Victoria and Anki Leeds
Alison Mazzola
Jodie Fink table
Martha Glass table
Anki Leeds table
Karen Tompkins table
Mary Davidson table
Next up on Park Avenue is the annual "Tulip Dig" (dates to be announced soon) and the installation of five sculptures by Spanish artist Lluís Lleó.
Mark Gilbertson, Kevin McLaughlin, Karen Klopp, Barbara McLaughlin, Michael Scully, and Jack Lynch
Jo-Ann Polise and Kathleen Hale
Ted and Robin Withington
Charles Delevingne, Filippa Edberg-Manuel, and Louis Buckworth
Ted and Kathleen Beit
Melissa and Chappy Morris with Wendy Sarasohn and John Yunis
Annette DeLorenzo and Alex Donner Judy Ney and Eileen Judell
Mary Davidson, Mark Gilbertson, and Friederike Biggs
Helen Johnson, Julia Cahill, and Wendy Arriz
Victoria Scully and Missie Rennie Taylor
Cathy Crane and Barbara McLaughlin
Victoria Scully, Thor Thors, and Amy Hoadley
Nancy Baker, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Frances LaGatta-Shelton, and Barbara McLaughlin
Deborah Sharon Davis and Randi Schatz
Steven Haines and Henri Boll
Sharon Bush, Nina Reeves, and Ellen Rubin
Renee Gallagher, Michael Scully, and Andrea Robinson
Lindsey Pryor, Karen McDonald, and Cynthia Remec
Tory Sotell and Ellen Niven
Sharon Bush and Jean Shafiroff
Sonya Cahill and Gigi Bigar
Alice and Paul Judelson
Robyn Joseph and Tana Dye
Georgina and Marcia Schaeffer
Nina Reeves and Polly Onet
Alice Judelson, Karen Tompkins, Phillipe Bigar, and Jeannie Lawson
Joseph McDonald, Stuart Levy, Spencer Melvick, and Charles Bergman
Nicole Salmasi, Maria Fishel, Ken Fishel, Christina Rose, and Marisa Van Bokhorst
Rande Coleman, George Relyea, and Susan Relyea
LeMerle Brinkley
Thor Thors and Clay Tompkins
Barbara McLaughlin, Karen Tompkins, Webb Egerton, and Karen Klopp
David and Melanie Holland with Tulip cookie party favors by Eleni's
Photographs by Annie Watt