Friday, August 18, 2017

Guild Hall and Evelyn Alexander

A scene at Guild Hall of East Hampton's Summer Gala celebrating Avedon’s America.
Guild Hall of East Hampton. The attire for this year’s Guild Hall Summer Gala was black and white in celebration of the opening of Avedon’s America.

Over 500 guests previewed galleries which featured an installation showcasing over fifty years of Richard Avedon’s photographic career, as well as an exhibition of Jackson Pollock: The Graphic Works. The party then moved to the Devon Colony home of Lucy and Steven Cookson.  

The benefit, held last Friday, raised $850,000 to help support the institution’s year-round programming in the theater, museum, and arts education. 
Charles Brock and Michele Cohen
Guests were welcomed by Marty Cohen, Guild Hall’s Board Chair, and Andrea Grover, Executive Director.  The evening was hosted by artist April Gornik and honored philanthropist and photographer Bonnie Lautenberg, who was introduced by Michael Lynne, Guild Hall’s Museum Committee Chair. Alec Baldwin, GH Board President, interviewed Reilly Rose Schombs and Victoria Dudek-Tipton, two young members of Guild Hall’s Teen Arts Council, about the program’s benefits.

2016 Guild House Artists-In-Residents Arcmanoro Niles, a visual artist, and Iris Smyles, a writer/novelist, spoke about the impact the residency has had on integrating them into the East End community. Gabriela Palmieri led the live auction The Gala concluded with musician and food-author QUESTLOVE in the DJ booth and hundreds of guests taking to the dance floor. 
Tables at Guild Hall of East Hampton's Summer Gala.
Honorary Co-Chairs: April Gornik and Eric Fischl.
Artist Committee: Laurie Anderson, Tara Donovan, Robert Gober, Bryan Hunt, Barbara Kruger, Tony Oursler, Ugo Rondinone, Clifford Ross, Cindy Sherman, and Taryn Simon.
Young Patron Committee: Nicholas Cinque, Chloe Curtis, Lily M. Fan, Vajra Kingsley, Romy Rodiek-Pilloni, Christian Scheider, Madison Utendahl, Sydney Utendahl, Eden Williams, and Bettina Zerza.

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Andrea Grover and Cheryl Minikes
Alec Baldwin, Reilly-Rose Schombs, Andrea Grover, Victoria Dudek-tipton, and Hilaria Baldwin with Leo
April Gornik and Eric Fischl
Richard Fabricant and Florence Fabricant
Pamela Pantzer and Edward Pantzer
Martin Avedon, Caroline Avedon, William Avedon, and Michael Avedon
Eric Ernst and Sarah Woodward-Ernst
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley
Mary-Jane Brock and Charles Brock
Joanna Grover-Watson, Michael Avedon, Priyanka Chopra
Barton and Jane Shallat
David Lewis and Ellen Marcus
Bonnie Lautenberg and Michael Lynne - Copy
Ron Kaplan and Toni Ross
Arcamanora Niles, Iris Smyles, and Alec Baldwin
Lucy and Steve Cookson
Laura Avedon, James Martin, and Christina Strassfield
The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons celebrated another year of rehabilitating and successfully releasing animals back into the wild across Long Island with its annual GET WILD! Summer Gala. The event was hosted by Leslie Alexander and Liz Brown at their beautiful private residence in Southampton, NY on Sunday, August 13, 2017 and honored Dr. Justin and Amy Molnar and the whole staff at Shinnecock Animal Hospital.

Guests enjoyed live music along with cocktails and light vegetarian fare. All guests were welcome to the cocktail party featuring live animals.
Dan Finta, Isabel Van Linden, Leslie Alexander, Liz Brown, and Phoebe Brown
Notable attendees included: Ginni Frati, Shelley Berkoski, Liz Brown, Leslie Alexander, Amy Molnar, Dr. Justin Molnar, Ken Molnar, Amanda Daley, Kristina Lewan, Amber Eichner, Jake Zamansky, Gabriela Aran, Dennis Aran, Howard Lorber, Curtis and Amanda Polk, Dorothy Frankel, Dan Finta, Isabel Van Linden, Asia Lee, Benita Matthes, Pat Treu, and Rob Doty.

This year’s GET WILD Summer Gala sponsors included: Leslie Alexander; Douglas Elliman LLC, Frances Jones & Keith Douglas; Dayton, Ritz & Osborne; Pat Garrity & the Corcoran Group; Andrew Sabin Family Foundation; Allison Stern; Beth Stern; Ingrid Arneberg; Rosalie Brinton; Linda & Ben Lambert; Fairley Pilaro; Patricia Preu; James Stanton; Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton; Tara Allman, MD; Hutchinson Landscape Services, Inc.; Jennifer Maloney, Esq., PC; and Bill Schlegel. With special thanks to Hamptons MagazineLeslie WinePuppetmaster Productions, and Madison & Mulholland.
Ken Molnar and Amanda Daley Howard Lorber and Susan Bourdau
Shane Carter, Sienna Lewan, Kristina Lewan, David Lewan, and Amanda Daley
Amber Eichner, Jake Zamansky, and Shelley Berkoski Aleksandra Kardwell and Martyna Hanusz
Ginni Frati, Shelley Berkoski, Amy Molnar, Dr. Justin Molnar, and Liz Brown
Conner Molnar, Dr. Justin Molnar, Amy Molnar, and Brendyn Molnar Curtiss and Amanda Polk
Gabriela and Dennis Aran
Liz Brown and Leslie Alexander Dolores and Peter Lampone
Photographs by Barry Gordin (Guild Hall); Rob Rich (Evelyn Alexander).