Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jay Heritage Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Some members of the 25th Anniversary Jay Soiree Committee: Elizabeth Parks, Sarah Barringer, Emily Meszcat, Angie Nadler, Kingsley Rooney, Kelly Bakshi, Ali Campbell, Kathryn Schnaars, and Suzanne Clary.
With temperatures over ninety degrees, it felt like a midsummer night. But waterfront breezes from Long Island Sound kept all the committee members for the 25th Anniversary Jay Soiree Kickoff Party blissfully cool! 

90-plus degree temps brought out chic sandals.
Co-Chairs Kelly Bakshi, Angie Nadler, Kingsley Rooney and Kathryn Schnaars welcomed a fabulous group to plan ahead for this fall's historic occasion — the anniversary of when restoration of John Jay's country seat in Rye first began in 1992. 

Today the National Historic Landmark site is flourishing and abuzz with activity from a new wildflower meadow to new gardens and a soon to be rehabilitated 1917 Tennis House.

Attendees broke out sleeveless shifts, flowing pants and elegant sandals. raising over $25,000 in advance underwriting for the gala over prosecco and strawberries. 

Save the Date for the 25th Anniversary Jay Soiree on October 21, 2017!

The Jay Estate in Rye is the childhood home of one of our nation's greatest leaders and Founding Fathers, John Jay (1745-1829). Thanks to the efforts of its subsequent owners who cherished it and community advocates who saved it, this sylvan and historic 23 acre oasis, once part of an expansive 400 acre farm, still boasts a magnificent view to Long Island Sound and is now open to the public. For visitors, it provides a rare and truly breathtaking window into our past and a glimpse of the horizons that Jay and his descendants saw for our new country. Click here to learn more.
25th Anniversary Jay Soiree Co-Chairs Kingsley Rooney, Angie Nadler, Kathryn Schnaars, and Kelly Bakshi
Christy and George Schultze Jennifer Neren
Cammie and Greg Williams with Laura Harding
John and Emma Hanratty, Vishal Bakshi, and Drew Nadler
Tatiana Jonas Zamarron, Adam Jonas, and Claudia Hanley
Betsy White and Liz Garrett Julie Baine Stem
Kate O'Neill, Sarah Barringer, and Charlene Laughlin
Danielle Tagger-Epstein, Jean Doyen de Montaillou, and Michael Kovner on the Jay veranda
Megan Monaghan, Bobby and Emily Tisdale, and Emily and Ken Meszcat
Keelin Pye and Anne Pierog
Megan Monaghan Vishal and Kelly Bakshi
Kathryn Schnaars, Angie Nadler, and Suzanne Clary.
Greg Williams, Drew Nadler, Mike Pierog, and Mark Rooney
Michael McCooey​ Meghann Kelly and Megan Eagan
Chance and Susan Moreland
Suzanne and Rich Clary, Danielle Tagger-Epstein, and Christy and George Schultze
Music was provided by MOJO
Earlier this spring, the Jay Mansion was also filled to the rafters by the Little Garden Club (LGC) of Rye's Daffodil Show. On April 23rd, guests were wowed by a profusion of sights, scents and tastes as the event paired hundreds of sunshine blooms with a Taste New York wine sampling. Triumphing over a late snowfall that blanketed specimens of Tete a Tetes and Ice Follies, LGC created a show that attracted entries and judges from as far away as Pennsylvania and Rochester!
Jay descendant, Dr. John Jay DuBois, and members of the Fishkill Historical Society
Everyone loved the expanded location and this new effort to raise funds for the Jay Meadow. Other participating clubs included Rye Garden Club as well as Hortulus and Greenfingers of Greenwich. Yellow was the hue of choice starting with a sharp 1970 911 Porsche loaned by Meg and Mike Bruno parked out in front of the portico; upon entering the house, many took in an array of ribbon and medal-winning daffodils from tazzettas to miniatures.
Chris Duncan, Michele Minks, Karen de Toro, Suzanne Clary, and Betsy White
All enjoyed music provided by Patrick Corcoran's jazz ensemble Arcadia together with sips of Empire State varietals served by Wine at Five's Bruno Peixoto. Fox Caterers provided tasty bites. Over 100 people attended the Daffodil Party co-chaired by Chris Duncan, Liz Garrett and Suzanne Clary.
Andrea Suriano arrives in blush pink! Suzanne Clary and Kathleen Durkee
Caroline Wenzel and Lizabeth Redfearn check in
Looking over the medal-winning daffodils
Jim and Fran Buckley Pat Kelly
Bruce MacLeod with Michelle and John Minks
Joan Steere, Susan Skelsey, Elizabeth Wood, and Lucy Anda
Chris Duncan arranges the centerpieces Little Garden Club President Phyllis Schmiedeberg and Scott Sherman
Cynthia Williams and her daughters
Daffodil Show Chair Julia Adler and her husband Ed Dorie Leonard offered everyone fresh strawberries to go with their Prosecco
Cynthia McClintock with Lucy Anda and Elizabeth Woods
Longtime JHC supporters Eliot and Andrea Martone
Erika Lee, Emma Hanratty, and Caroline Wallach
Chris Duncan and Karen Quirke
Yvonne Gunnarsson and Amy Hardis
Carolyn Wenzel and Lizabeth Redfearn
Kathy and Bernard O'Hare Svend and Bea Hansen
Liz Garrett and Victoria Dillon
Cynthia McClintock, Suzanne Clary, and Dede Montgomery
Stephanie Spierings and Cathy Rosenstock
Photographs by CUTTY MCGILL