Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jumping into June

Leslie Feineman, Danielle Taubman, Marisa Van Bokhorst, Jenny Green, Lauren Sorel, and Jessica Malkin at The Associate Committee's JUMPED INTO JUNE event at Doubles Club.
The 60th Anniversary Gala to benefit the Parkinson’s Foundation took place on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 in the Garden Terrace Room at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, NY. The Gala marked the 60th Anniversary of the Parkinson’s Foundation and the strength of its legacy organizations, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) and the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF), in working together toward a world without Parkinson’s. The evening raised $485,000 for Parkinson’s research.

More than 250 guests were on hand as the Page and William Black Humanitarian Award was awarded to Robin Anthony Elliott, retiring CEO Emeritus of the PDF division of the Parkinson’s Foundation. The James Parkinson Award was awarded to Heiko Braak, M.D., of the Center for Biomedical Research, University of Ulm, Germany, for his enormous contribution in focusing the science of Parkinson’s on the spread of alpha-synuclein as a major factor in the progression of the disease.
Robin A. Elliott and Margo Catsimatidis
Willie Geist, Host of NBC News’ “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist” and Co-Host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” was the Master of Ceremonies for the Gala. Margo and John Catsimatidis were the Gala Chairs. Andrew B. Albert, Karen Elizabeth Burke, M.D., Ph.D., Jill Taub Drury, G. Pennington Egbert III, Richard D. Field, Guido Goldman, Stephanie Goldman, Isobel Robins Konecky, John W. Kozyak, Esq., Arlene Levine, Howard D. Morgan, Robert Moss, Devon Pastor and Doug Stern were the Gala Co-Chairs. Musical entertainment was provided by Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan, Members of the Light of Day Foundation.
John Catsimatidis, Jr. and Margo Catsimatidis John L. Lehr and Amy DeMaria
The Parkinson’s Foundation is working toward a world without Parkinson’s disease.  Formed by the merger of National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), the mission of the Parkinson’s Foundation is to invest in promising scientific research that will end Parkinson’s disease and improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s and their families, through improved treatments, support and the best care. 

For more information on the Parkinson’s Foundation, call (800) 457-6676 or visit www.pdf.org/gala
Gabrielle Crandall, Dr. Lucien Côté, Isobel Konecky, and Stephanie Goldman
Howard Morgan, Connie Atwell, and Ron Schuch
Willie Geist Robin and John Katsaros
Lisa Stern, Doug Stern, and Bella Stern
Veronica Todaro, Robert Milhous, and Gail Milhous
Andrea Catsimatidis and Ben Richman Stephanie Goldman and Steve Rosen
Jon Gurkoff, Stevi Gurkoff, Jill Drury, and Chris Drury
Robin A. Elliott and Dr. Sheila Gordon
Michael Coffee, Dr. Stanley Fahn, Elizabeth Pollard, and Dave Iverson
Dr. Janna Gordon-Elliott, Kris Fondran, Caroline Gordon-Elliott, Dr. Sheila Gordon, and Robin A. Elliott
The Associate Committee of the Doubles Club JUMPED INTO JUNE for an early Celebration of Summer. Guests enjoyed a menu of Tomato Ceviche, Escalope of Chicken Francaise, and Blueberry Peach Cobbler. The dance floor was soon filled with: Mark Gilbertson, Melanie Holland, Karen Klopp, Kristen Krusen, Polly Onet, Dr. Doug Steinbrech, Marissa Van Bokhorst, Duncan Sahner, Georgina Schaeffer, Kristin and Diego Urrutia, Tatiana and Thorne Perkin and many, many more.
Darlene Liebman, Tatiana Perkin, Krista Corl, and Thorne Perkin
Kathleen Springhorn and Thomas Dillman Nudes on Thomas's tie
Blakley Griggs, Bynum Hunter, and Carmen Torruella
Chris Breck, Georgina Schaeffer, and Emilio Ocampo
Greg Kelly, Mark Gilberston, and George Petrides
Melanie Holland, Karen Klopp, and Polly Onet Diego Urrutia and Kristin Pisarcik Urrutia
Eric Javits, Jared Gross, Schuyler Thompson, Evelyn Tompkins, and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech
Victor Geraci, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, and Kristen Kruse
Kristen Krusen and Mark Gilbertson
Amory McAndrew
On Sunday May 28th, The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) hosted their fourth annual "A Taste of Wine" kicking off their Eighth Annual Unconditional Love Gala being held on July 8th, 2017.

Held at the Southampton Historical Museum, the event was hosted by Board President Jonathan McCann and Honorary Chair Jean Shafiroff – one of this year’s Gala honorees. The duo welcomed guests including Southampton's Mayor Mark Epley and his wife Marianne, and Ellen and Chuck Scarborough to enjoy a variety of wines courtesy of Bottle Hampton, Martha Clara Vineyards, Herbert and Rist, Raphael Vineyards and Fiol Prosecco.
Jean Shafiroff and Jonathan McCann
Guests were provided with tasting stations loaded with vegetarian appetizers from Schmidt Bros Produce to enjoy while they listened to the sounds of Certain Moves Trio, and played with the adoptable cats and dogs. A litter of kittens and three Chihuahua siblings Bruiser, Buster and Annie who were looking for their forever families, received a lot of attention from various guests.

Additional guests included: Cornelia Bregman, Wendy Diamond, Victor de Souza, Barbara McEntee, Kate McEntee, Brigid Fitzgerald, Dawne Marie Grannum, Dr. and Mrs. Steven Greenberg, Sara Johnson Kaplan, Unconditional Love Gala Co-Chair Michael Katz, Raya and Cliff Knight, Aniik Libby, Dolly Lenz, Dr. Teresa Meekins, Susan Allen, William Nicolai, Rodney O'Connor and Valerie Rooks, SASF Executive Director Jerry Rosenthal and his wife Cionna RosenthalDiane Rulnik, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Dr. Steven Schutzer, and Wendy Wegner.
100% of proceeds directly help the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. The mission of the SASF is to provide for the welfare of homeless animals and find them loving homes. As the only open admissions animal welfare organization in Southampton, they are dedicated to promoting and nurturing the bond between people and animals through adoption, medical care, behavior training and education. Proceeds from this evening's event support critical programs and services that make them the leader in animal welfare and responsible pet ownership in the community.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation will hold its Eight Annual Unconditional Love Gala on Saturday, July 8 where Jean Shafiroff and Sony Schotland will be honored. Cocktails are at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:30pm. Tickets begin at $1,000 and can be purchased by phone (631) 728-PETS (7387 ext. 240) or online: www.southamptonanimalshelter.com
Mark and Marianne Epley
Wendy Wegner Maria Fishel and Lieba Nesis
Ellen McGrath, Victor de Souza, Elizabeth Shafiroff, and Kate McEntree
Cliff Knight, Raya Knight, and Martin Shafiroff
Michael Katz, Bridget Fitzgerald, Berry Capolino, and Barbara McEntee
Joe Alexander and R. Couri Hay
The Mount Sinai Hospital Woman To Woman program celebrated their program that offers one to one support, mentoring, and financial assistance to women in treatment for gynecologic cancers at The Yale Club on Tuesday, May 23. 

More than 100 guests, including staff, volunteers, and supporters gathered at The Yale Club.  The event raised over $100,000. Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board member and Founder Valerie Goldfein and her husband Bob Goldfein, were honored. 

Woman to Woman is a network of volunteers at The Mount Sinai Hospital who have survived gynecologic cancer, are inspired to share their experiences, and have been specially trained to offer one-to-one support. Woman to Woman has now expanded to dozens of sites throughout the country with funding and support from Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA).
Bob and Valerie Goldfein
Marilyn Aronson, Diane Smith, Dr. Stephanie Blank, Arden Moulton, Valerie Goldfein, Linda John, and Sara Pasternak
Dr. Konstantin Zakashansky, Dr. Ann Marie Beddoe, Bob Goldfein, Dr. Peter Dottino, and Arden Moulton
Dr. Francesco Callipari, Denise Berdebes, Eileen Solomon, and Valerie Goldfein
Rick Berdon, Nancy Fink, Leonard Fink, Margery Riker, and Steve Riker
Danielle Fuerth, Elyse Fuerth, Valerie Goldfein, Helene Weiss, and Elyse Novick
Arlene Bernstein, Lynn Manning, Barbara Eisenpresser, Burt Manning, Leonard Boxer, Enid Boxer, and Valerie Goldfein
Vivian Port, David Port, Steven Schulman, and Nancy Hirschtritt
Michael and Robin Findling
Cindy Kurtin and Rochelle Hirsch
120-Jay Goldsmith, Leonard Boxer, and Len Fink
123-Judy Schlager, Leni May, Paula Sidman, and Joyce Manheimer
Bob Goldfein, Ron Gordon, Myrtice Wooten, and Lashell Wooten
Hanna Green, Pat Falkenberg, Allan Green, and Rochelle Hirsch
Valerie Goldfein with Woman to Woman volunteers
Photographs by Annie Watt (Doubles & Woman To Woman); HigginsPhotoNYC (PDF); Jared Siskin/PMC (SH Animal)