Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Moving Forward

The 11th Annual Moving Families Forward Gala benefiting Ackerman Institute for the Family.
The 11th Annual Moving Families Forward gala took place at the JW Marriott Essex House on Monday, October 23rd in New York City. Tamsen Fadal, eight-time Emmy-winning PIX 11 News Anchor, returned to host the evening for the fourth consecutive year. The event benefited the vital programs and ongoing services for children and families at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

Tamsen Fadal
The Gala honored Tamron Hall, Award-Winning Journalist with the Ackerman Family Advocate AwardLuis Alberto Urrea, Poet, Novelist, and Essayist, with the Moving Families Forward Award; and GenSpring Family Offices, David J. Herritt, Managing Director Northeast Region, with the Ackerman Corporate Partner Award.

Other VIPs in attendance included: Lois Braverman, President & CEO, Ackerman Institute for the Family; Gale Arnot Brewer; Bill Ritter; Mike WoodsSteve Lacy, Javier GomezCamilla Barungi; Gregory T. Rogers, Gala Co-Chair; Deborah Werner, Gala Co-Chair; Martha Fling,Honorary Co-Chair; Alice K. Netter, Honorary Co-Chair; Vicky Kahn, Gala Dinner Committee; Gisella Lemos, Gala Dinner Committee; Leslie Roberts, Gala Dinner Committee.

Founded in 1960, the Ackerman Institute for the Family is one of the premier institutions for family therapy and one of the best-known and most highly regarded training facilities for family therapists in the United States. The Institute serves families from all walks of life at all stages of family life.
Ira Sallen and Tamron Hall
Bill Ritter, Lois Braverman, David J. Herritt, Tamron Hall, Luis Alberto Urrea, and Deborah Werner
Mike Woods and Steve Lacy
Marisa and Michael Kochnover Jean Malpas and Lisa Lavelle
Deborah Werner, Lois Braverman, Alice K. Netter, and Martha Fling
David J. Herritt, Daisy Medici, and Willem-Jan O. Hattink Jeannie Ackerman Curhan and Joseph C. Williams
Devon and Remy Zimmerman
Pieter and Nina Taselaar
Cindy and Luis Alberto Urrea Carole Hunt and Bill Donaldson
James Park and Martha Fling
Greg Rogers, Damon Hart, Barbara Mach-Oleksak, and Carol Lavin
Harriet Habert, Alfred Feliu, and Susan Hobart
Javier Gomez, Camilla Barungi, and Mike Woods
Katy Brewster, Sam Routhier, and Ariana Kropsky
Blair Brewster
It was a special night at The Pierre on Oct. 27, as the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation celebrated its 30th Anniversary and presented awards honoring scientists, humanitarians and philanthropists. The 2017 Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health was presented to Doctors Without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) in recognition of its visionary and pioneering work providing mental health care to people facing crises across the globe. 

The late philanthropist Constance E. Lieber received the 2017 Honorary Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health for her extraordinary advocacy and support of psychiatric research and mental health care.
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's 30th Anniversary at the Pierre.
Later in the evening, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation honored nine scientists with Outstanding Achievement Prizes for their work in schizophrenia, mood disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry, and cognitive neuroscience. It was indeed a wonderful night honoring the transformative power of psychiatric research, advocacy and humanitarian work to improve the lives of people with mental illness, which affects one in five people.
Ruane Prizewinners – Dr. Charles Zeanah, Jr., Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, Dr. Charles Nelson, III and and Dr. Nathan Fox receiving the Ruane Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr. Norman Sartorius and Dr. William Carpenter, Pardes Prize Selection Committee Janice Lieber and Stephen Lieber, BBRF Chairman of the Board
Todd Kelly and Dr. Deanna Kelly, Maltz Prizewinner
Dr. Myrna Weissman and Dr. James Frauenthal
Dr. Ken Sonnenfeld and Margaret Brivanlou
Jeffrey Borenstein, MD and Lloyd Sederer, MD
Arthur Radin and Miriam Katowitz
Marla Press and John Kennedy Harrison, II
Drs. Eric and Denise Kandel
Milton and Tamar Maltz
Richard and Anne Hallock
J. Anthony and Raymonde Boeckh
Dr. Max Gomez and Dr. Wendy Dessy
Alice Wexler and Dr. Nancy Wexler
Susan Lasker Brody and Herbert Pardes, MD
Jeffrey Borenstein, MD, Stephen Lieber, Herbert Pardes, MD and Jason Cone, Executive Director MSF
Francois Servranckx, Allison Coady, Jeffrey Borenstein, MD, Jason Cone, Herbert Pardes, MD, Dr. Frédérique Drogoul, Dr. Kaz de Jong, and Matthew Spitzer
The Irish Georgian Society and their Board of Directors hosted their New York Gala Dinner at a private club on Wednesday, October 25th where they announced their plans for the reopening of the restored Dublin City Assembly House with an historic art exhibition. The evening speakers included Beth Dater (President of the American Board of Directors), Dr. David Fleming, outgoing Chair of the Irish Board of Directors and Chair of the Society of Artists Steering Committee, Donough Cahill (Exectuive Director of the Society in Ireland), and Sir David Davies (President of The Irish Georgian Society and owner of Abbey Leix, his estate in Co. Laois, Ireland).

Beth Dater, Sheila O'Malley, and Robert O'Byrne
Guests included their American Board of Directors: President Beth Dater, Chantal O'Sullivan, Annette Lester, Marti Sullivan, Paul Keeler, Susan Burke, Tom Cooney, John Sullivan, and Michael Kerrigan (Executive Director of the Society in the US).

Among other guests who attended were Mr. Michael Wall (incoming chair of the Irish Board of Directors),  Mr. William Laffan (author and art historian), Mr. Robert O'Bryne (author and great friend of the Irish Georgian Society), Mrs. Walter Curley (the wife of the former ambassador to Ireland), Tom Savage (Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware), Mr. Sean Reynolds, Mr. Jamie McGuire, Friederike Biggs, Christina McInerney and Pamela Schafler (The New York Historical Society). 
The Dublin City Assembly House was built in 1766 by the Society of Artists and was the first purpose built public exhibition room in Ireland or Britain, and possibly in Europe. For 14 years it hosted annual art exhibitions and served as a home for an academy of the arts. These exhibitions became among the most fashionable events in Europe and presented most of the great Irish painters of the period.

Having lain empty for ten years, the Irish Georgian Society reopened the building in 2013 following the completion of the first of a two-part program of works that was supported by Dublin City Council and the generosity of donors in Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The final restoration will see the reinstatement of the building's great Octagonal Room as an exhibition space and as a place for musical and theatrical performances, placing the City Assembly House at the center of Dublin's cultural life.
Kaitlin and William Gambrill Susan and Coleman Burke
Donough Cahill, Susan Wood Richardson, Christina McInerney, and Michael Kerrigan
Kathy Sloane and Chantal O'Sullivan Muffie Fitzgerald and Desmond Fitzgerald
Michael Wall, David Fleming, William Laffan, and Sir David Davies
Julia and Hans Utsch Paul Keeler and Christina McInerney
Sir David Davies, Beth Dater, and John Sullivan
Photographs by Chad David Kraus (BBRF); Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcMullan (Irish Georgian)