Friday, August 11, 2017

Paddling and pursuing

Young supporters at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's sixth annual Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink.
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation celebrated 30 years of awarding research grants, honored its Scientific Council, and announced the winners of its annual Klerman & Freedman Prizes, recognizing exceptional clinical and basic research by scientists who have been supported by Young Investigator Grants. The grants enable early career scientists to pursue innovative ideas in neurobiological and psychosocial research, garner pilot data and generate "proof" of concept for the early detection, treatment, prevention and cure of mental illnesses.
Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez and Dr. Herbert Pardes Dr. Ilana Witten and Dr. Herbert Pardes
Dr. Danai Dima and Dr. Herbert Pardes
In recognition of its 30th anniversary, the Foundation published Pathways to the Future: Thoughts and Insights from the Foundation Outstanding Achievement Prizewinners. Many of the contributors are members of the Foundation's all-volunteer Scientific Council, comprising 168 leading experts across disciplines in brain and behavior research, including two Nobel Prize winners; four former directors and the current director of the National Institute of Mental Health; four recipients of the National Medal of Science; 13 members of the National Academy of Sciences; 26 Chairs of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Departments at leading colleges and universities around the world; and 55 members of the National Academy of Medicine.
Dr. Marcelo de Oliveira Dietrich and Dr. Herbert Pardes Dr. Jennifer Felger and Dr. Herbert Pardes
The Foundation is the top non-governmental funder of research grants for the early detection, treatment, prevention and cure of mental illness, which affects one in five people; 100 percent of every dollar raised—all from private donations—goes to support research grants.

Jennifer C. Felger, Ph.D., MSCR, of Emory University received the 2017 Klerman Prize. Ilana B. Witten, Ph.D., of Princeton University received the 2017 Freedman Prize.

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Dr. Amy Arnsten, Dr. Helen Mayberg, and Dr. Daniel Weinberger
Dr. Eric Kandel and Dr. Solomon Snyder
Dr. Herbert Pardes and Dr. Nancy Wexler Dr. Dilip Jeste and Dr. William Carpenter
Dr. James Leckman, Dr. Judith Ford, and Dr. Suzanne Haber
Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein and Dr. Max Gomez
Emily Segal and Andrew Ellis Anne Abramson and Bonnie Hammerschlag
Charles Bradberry, Dr. Marina Picciotto, Dr. Bita Moghaddam, and Dr. John Krystal
Dr. Solomon Snyder, Dr. Samuel Barondes, Dr. Karl Deisseroth, Dr. Ilana Witten, and Dr. Daniel Weinberger
Janet and Donald Boardman
Dr. Pasco Rakic and Dr. Fritz Henn Dr. Myrna Weissman and Dr. Anissa-Abi Dargham
Paul Burke, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, and Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen
Suzanne Hoyt, Dr. Beth Elliott, and Lillian Clagett
This past Saturday, the Hamptons community showed its unwavering support for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the sixth annual Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pink, raising nearly $1.9 million and counting for lifesaving breast cancer research.

A competitive morning on the water was kicked off by Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece, while at sunset, Ryan Seacrest emceed the star-studded evening bash. Co-hosted by Maria and Larry Baum, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn and Gary Cohn, Kinga and Edward Lampert, and Jackie and Bippy Siegal, the two-part event proved once again that it is possible to paddle and party for a purpose.
Paddlers racing in the rain
Gabby Reece, Maria Baum, Jimmie Buffett, Laird Hamilton, and Larry Baum after the paddle race
The morning WPA-sanctioned paddle board race at Havens Beach sold out for the sixth year in a row, with 200 paddlers hitting the water to race for a cure under the guidance of Main Beach Surf and Sport and East Hampton Ocean Beach Rescue. Led by Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece, dozens of onlookers turned out to show their support and notable paddlers included Jimmy Buffet, Jill Martin, Stacey Griffith, and Katie Lee.

The paddlers helped raise nearly $200,000 for cancer research — the equivalent of 2,000 hours in the lab.
Bippy Siegal, Jackie Siegal, Myra Biblowit, Kinga Lampert, and Gabby Reece
Ryan Seacrest
Following the paddle race, a glittering sunset bash was held on Mecox Bay in Bridgehampton, where emcee Ryan Seacrest kicked off the star-studded celebrations. Guests danced the night away with live entertainment by Questlove of Grammy-Award winning band The Roots; pop icon Taylor Dayne and internationally-acclaimed DJ D-Nice. Party-goers bid on coveted one-of-a-kind paddle boards—designed by Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, Lisa Perry, Nicole Miller, Donald Robertson, Greg Miller, and Mark Boomershine, to name a few.
Debbie August, Jackie Simon, Jackie Siegal, and Nicole Wachter
Laird Hamilton, Amy France, Brian France, and Gabby Reece
Bippy and Jackie Siegal
Richard and Lisa Perry
Gabby Reece, Larry Bum, Kimberly Hatchett, and Tracy Maitland
Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch
Christina Steinbrenner and Maria Baum
Patrick and Kristen McMahon with Sandra and Eric Ripert
Heather Mnuchin, Lisa Klein, and Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss
Zani Gugelmann
Syndey Munro, Gabby Anselmi , Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, Gary Cohn, and Chelsea Cohn
Modeling de Grisogono jewels
Kinga Lampert
Maureen Prille, Bill McMahon, and Jennifer Padovanni
Eliana Placas, Claire Florence, Claire Clarke, Shannon Martin, and Michelle Bergeron
Jeff and Danielle Hirsch
Shannon Martin and Tracey Anderson
Maria Baum and Taylor Dayne
Evan Fischer, Jennifer Fisher, Charlie Walk, Lauren Walk, Marcy Warren, and Eva Ellis
Unlikely Heroes. An incredible benefit concert, Nights of Freedom, featured a special musical performance by the pop icon Taylor Dayne at the beautiful Sag Harbor home of Ian and Crystal Behar. Guests mingled poolside with drinks and tray passed hors d'oeuvres. The evening proceeded with dinner and a heartfelt introduction by Crystal Behar of Unlikely Heroes founder Erica Greve. Taking the stage with a warm welcome, Greve thanked the guests for their incredible support for the charity.

In one single evening, Unlikely Heroes raised over $50,000 to rescue and restore child victims of sex slavery worldwide. Ending the night with a bang with a surprise performance by award winning songwriter Shane Stevens with his rendition of “Faith.” Taking center stage, Taylor Dayne performed a medley of her hits including “Tell It To My Heart” and “Love Will Lead You Back.”
Crystal and Ian Behar Dora and Rob Sabbagh
Michelle Dakanic, John Dakanic, Brie Sasson, Ryan Sasson, and Ian Behar
Gary Greve, Janet Greve, and Erica Greve Stacey Garson and Anahid Hatzigeorgiou
Thierry Debareau, Autin Berenic, and Tristen DeBagerau
Vincent and Bonnie Ponte Ron Fishman and Lisa Stone
Nick Wise, Allison Feldman, and Scott Sym
Bonnie Ponte and Tannaz Fiore Caroline and Mark Selden
Anahid Hatzigeorgiou, Steve Boxer, Michelle Walker, and Kathleen Histon
Lou and Loren Grandelli Sarah and Tom Silver
Erica Greve and Taylor Dayne with Crystal and Ian Behar
Ester Min, Abby Ajrtrsell, Erica Greve, and Darren Lau
Shane Stevens Taylor Dayne
Photos by David Kraus (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation); Patrick McMullan/PMC (Paddle for Pink); Rob Rich (Unlikely Heroes)