Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sound Traditions

Max Jahn, Alexander Steinberger, Marife Hernandez, John Hargraves, Cynthia Sculco, William Forster, Theodora Simons, Martin Klimek, Csaba Bonemisza, Mario Karwan, and Christoph Wagner Trenkwitz at the 175th anniversary celebration of The Vienna Philharmonic.
The Vienna Philharmonic Society celebrated the Orchestra’s 175th anniversary and the launch of a historic new book, A Sound Tradition: A Short History of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with an elegant soiree at The Kosciuszko Foundation. Marife Hernandez, chairman of The Society, and her husband, Joel Bell, greeted each friend on their arrival.

After cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, nearly 200 guests ascended the stairs for a private concert by Vienna Philharmonic String Quartet.  In her opening remarks Ms. Hernandez described the Orchestra as “the longest lasting romance of my life” and thanked Sir Clive Gillinson for making Carnegie Hall their second home, as well as partnering with the Vienna Philharmonic Society and the Orchestra to contribute to the cultural life of New York and cities thought our country through educational programs in conjunction with The Weil Music Institute. Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz, the book’s author, made a witty speech alongside John Hargraves, who translated his manuscript from German. The concert commenced with Beethoven, Strauss, and the quintessentially Viennese composer, Joseph Lanner, and was followed by more cocktails.
John Hargraves signing A Sound Tradition: A Short History of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
A private concert by Vienna Philharmonic String Quartet. 
Guests included Bill Bernhard, Austrian Consul General Dr. Helmut Böck, Katia Chapin, Carole and John  French, April and Roddy Gow, Ambassador and Mrs. Andreas Jacovides, the Austrian Ambassador to the United Nations Jan Kickert with his wife Latica, Noel Lateef, Cynthia and Leon Polsky, Ann Nitze, Emily Rafferty, Yolanda Santos, Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick Ward, Canadian Consul General Pamela Yaffe, as well the vice chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Alexander Steinberger, and board members of The Vienna Philharmonic Society Cynthia Sculco, Theodora Simons, William D. Forster, John Hargraves and Max Jahn.

A Sound Tradition; A Short History of The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, is the first history of the orchestra in English and lavishly illustrated.
Ann Nitze, Sana Sabbagh, and Encarnita Quinlan
Charles Holmes with Carole and John French
Clive Gillinson and Marife Hernandez
Cynthia Sculco and Karen Hsu
Galina Novikova, Anya Deutsch, and Clive Gillinson
Galina Novikova, Marife Hernandez, and Bill Bernhard
Latica Tomasic Kickert, Hannah Kickert, and H.E. Jan Kickert
Matthias Ederer, Viveka Bjerhert, and Maria Ederer
Max Jahn and Caroline Dunbar
Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz and John Hargraves, the authors of A Sound Tradition Marjorie and Gurnee Hart
Max Jahn, Marife Hernandez, John Hargraves, Cynthia Sculco, Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz, Theodora Simons, and William Forster
Theodora Simons, Katia Chapin, and Janet Deforges
Vpo Musicians Alexander Steinberger, Martin Klimek, Mario Karwan, and Csaba Bornemisza
William Forster, Marife Hernandez, and Vernon Rosen
William Forster, Martin Klimek, and Susan Brady
On November 8th, 2017, the John P. McNulty Prize celebrated its tenth anniversary with a reception at the Metropolitan Club followed by dinner atthe Pierre Hotel, designed by Rafanelli Events. The $100,000 prize is awarded by the John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation and the Aspen Institute to individuals who are using their entrepreneurial talents to address critical global challenges.

Prize judge former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright delivered the keynote address. Walter Isaacson gave remarks, and Anne Welsh McNulty spoke about the legacy of her late husband John P. McNulty with her children Johnny, Brynne and Kevin McNultyChris Norton, trumpeter/jazz singer performed.
Anne, Brynne, Johnny, and Kevin McNulty
Prominent guests included: Laurie Tisch, Brooke Garber Neidich, Diane Morris, Alexandra Munroe, Eric Lane, Suzanne Donohoe, Bob Steel, Jacqueline Novogratz, and David Ford.

Guests heard from three McNulty Prize Laureates including this year’s winner, Lana Abu-Hijleh, who founded Youth Local Councils, Bill Bynum, founder of Hope Credit Union, and Manoj Kumar founded Araku Originals Limited. These speakers are three of the 40 McNulty Prize Laureates who have been recognized by the prize over the last decade.
Walter Isaacson
Madeleine Albright
Manoj Kumar, Bill Bynum, and Lana Abu-Hijleh
Event designer Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events transformed both locations to reflect the vibrant work of the McNulty Foundation. With colorful words writ large around the Pierre’s ballroom that described the Foundation’s mission and extraordinary results, the design underscored the work’s impact. Guests interacted with visual displays about the honorees, to dive into each specific organization’s accomplishments.
Cathy Isaacson and Diane Morris
Brynne McNulty, Anne Welsh McNulty, and Walter Isaacson
Bob Steel, Peggy Culver, Lana Abu-Hijleh, and Bill Mayer
Christine Sharp, Ann Nitze, Diane Morris, and Gillian Steel
Brynne McNulty, Madeleine Albright, and Julio Rojas 

Maria Pacheco, Dele Olojede, Amy Crockett, and Hildegard Vazquez
Ann Lamont, Bart Houlahan, Manoj Kumar, and Andrew Kassoy
Ann Nitze and Alexandra Munroe
Liz Ann Sonders, Bob Meier, Ed Calkins, and Linda Sonders
John O'Hara, Andy Walter, Barkley Kinkead, Suzanne Donohoe, and David Ford
Brooke Garber Neidich and Linda Sirow
Madeleine Albright and Margot Pritzker
Susan Braddock and Anne Welsh McNulty Laurie M. Tisch and Anne Welsh McNulty
Nasser Abdul Hadi, Lana Abu-Hijleh, and Anne Welsh McNulty
Julio Rojas, Brynne McNulty, Johnny McNulty, Anne Welsh McNulty, and Kevin McNulty
Sonia Sarmiento, Julio Rojas, and Brynne McNulty
Jacqueline Novogratz, Patrick Awuah, Bill Mayer, and Amit Bhatia
Eric Lane, Suzanne Donohoe, Kevin McNulty, Anne Welsh McNulty, Brynne McNulty, and Andy Walter
Kari Jonassen Tiedemann hosted best-selling author Robert Lacey and his wife Lady Jane Rayne Lacey for the launch of Robert's new book at her Park Avenue Apartment on Thursday, November 16th. Robert's book, The Crown – The Official Companion: Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the Making of a Young Queen 1947-1955 is the companion volume to the Netflix hit series The Crown, and is published by Crown Archetype, Penguin-Random House, revealing the lives and loves of both the Queen and her controversial sister Princess Margaret.
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Lady Jane was one of the six maids of honor attending Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation in June 1953, so she was able to pass her first-hand memories of the occasion to Kari and her guests, who included Robert's daughter Scarlett, supermodel Carmen Dell' Orefice, Michael Pochna, Kevin and Susan Walsh, David Koch and Crown Archetype Publisher, Tricia Boczkowski.  
Scarlett Lacey, Robert Lacey, and Tricia Boczkowski
Carmen Dell'Orefice, Kari Tiedemann, Robert Lacey, and Lady Jane Rayne Lacey
Christopher Mason and Ann Nitze Jacqueline Weld Drake and Kari Tiedemann
Jamee and Peter Gregory with Barbara Bancroft
Lisa Burgett, Philippe Bigar, and Carmen Dell'Orefice
Christopher Mason, Andreas Kostopoulos, Eve Vandelord, and Jamie Figg
Kevin Walsh, Susan Walsh, Lady Jane Rayne Lacey, and Ana Cristina Alvarado
Laura Hunt and Margo Lagenberg Ingrid Edelman and Mike Pochna
Marnie O'Neill, Robert Lacey, and Amanda Haynes-Dale
Francis Hale, Nicholas de Liagre, and Barbara Cates
Tom Edelman, Kari Tiedemann, and Liliane Cavendish
Greg Arnold, Mona Arnold, and David Koch
April Gow and Robert Lacey
Dan O'Neill, Marnie O'Neill, Kathy Irwin, and Arturo Irwin
Larry Graev and Lorna Hyde Graev
Tony Bechara and Pitty Hempstead
Barbara Cates, Mark Gilbertson, and Barbara Bancroft
Barbara Bancroft, Lorna Hyde Graev, Ann Barish, and Kathy Irwin
Jeanne Lawrence, Cornelia Sharpe Bregman, and Marnie O'Neill
Robert Lacey
Ellery Gordon, Ingrid Edelman, Diane Van Amerongen, Ilyse Wilpon, Amanda Haynes-Dale, Roberto Buaron, and Jeanne Lawrence
Photographs by Vienna Philharmonic David Dupuy/AnnieWatt.com (The Crown)