Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stars on the Rise

Cathy Graham's Second Bloom: Art of the Table fêted at Bergdorf Goodman.
On Thursday evening, October 19th, celebrated artist, fashion illustrator, and entertaining guru Cathy Graham was at the BG Restaurant to celebrate the publication of her new book Second Bloom: Cathy Graham’s Art of the Table, published by Vendome Press.

Guests who joined co-hosts Clinton Smith, Editor in Chief of Veranda magazine, and Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines (who wrote the book’s forward) included Deeda Blair, Agnes Gund, Louise Grunwald, Gil Shiva, Gayfryd Steinberg, Susan Gutfreund, Lincoln Center Theater’s artistic director Andre Bishop, director James Lapine, Nina Griscom, Howard Slatkin with sister-in-law Laura Slatkin, Cornelia Bregman, Mary Hilliard, Alex Papachristidis, Milly de Cabrol, Victoria Hagan, Jennifer Creel, Bob Colacello, Judy and Archie Cox.
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Cathy Graham signed limited collector’s editions of the book for well-wishers including George Farias, Vendome publisher Mark Magowan and wife Nina, Carol Mack, Bettina Zilkha, Sharon Bush, Holly Peterson, Victoria Amory, Ide Dangoor, Laura Hunt, Virginia Warner, Witness to the Revolution author Clara Bingham, Chesie Breen, Laura Broumand, Liliana Cavendish and Hunt Slonem, and the book’s author Alexis Clark, and photographer Quentin Bacon.
Sharon Bush, Judy Cox, Quentin Bacon, and Nina Griscom
Cathy Graham’s father, artist Richard Barancik, to whom the book is dedicated celebrated his 93rd birthday at the soiree with his wife Claire and other daughters Ellie and Jill, alongside Alejandra Cicognani, Mark Gilbertson, Thomas Knapp, Tina Radziwill, Anthony Haden-Guest, James Reginato, Elle Decor Editor in Chief Whitney Robinson, Ann Caruso, Barbara McLaughlin, Christopher Spitzmiller, Lynn Nesbit, Lisa McCarthy, Barbara Tfank, Alison Mazzola, and Maureen Footer.

Second Bloom: Cathy Graham’s Art of the Table is filled with her charming sketches and demonstrates how to create lively occasions with simple and original touches.
Alexis Clark Andrew Mandell, Mallory Andrews, and April Cozart
Ann Caruso and Charles Youssef Clara Bingham and Holly Peterson
Nina Magowan, Mark Magowan, and Cathy Graham
Whitney Robinson and Clinton Smith
Chesie Breen and Lisa McCarthy Cynthia Boardman and Gil Shiva
Katherine Bryan and Cynthia Frank
Deeda Blair and Cathy Graham Harold Koplowitz and Laura Slatkin
Emrhys Cooper, Milly de Cabrol, James Reginato, and Susan Gutfreund
Clinton Smith and Alison Mazzola
Victoria Amory and Ted Ball Jennifer Creel, George Farias, and Carol Mack
Cathy Graham and Clinton Smith
Alex Hitz and Bettina Zilkha
Sylvia Mazzola Maureen Footer, Alex Papachristidis, and Cathy Buxton
Agnes Gund and Bob Colacello
Jeanne Lawrence and Cornelia Bregman Janna Bullock
Cathy with friends
The Decoration & Design Building and the Cohen Design Centers honored 12 of the design industry’s most illustrious talents during the 10th Anniversary Stars of Design and Stars on the Rise Awards. The event was held at the Decoration & Design Building’s restaurant Upper Story by Charlie Palmer on the 14th floor during DDB Fall Market 2017.

This invitation-only event saw luminaries from the worlds of interior, landscape, product and graphic design, as well as art, photography and architecture recognizing and honoring their peers in an intimate ceremony. Established at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles more than 20 years ago, the Stars of Design Awards are among the industry’s most prestigious events. Recipients were selected for their contributions to and achievements in their respective fields: Lifetime Achievement, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Art, Photography and Stars on the Rise.
Oscar Shamamian, Charles S. Cohen, Clo Cohen, Lee Mindel, Victoria Hagan, and Mark Ferguson
This year’s winners included architect Lee F. Mindel; interior designer Victoria Hagan; architects Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian; landscape architect Janice Parker; product designer Bec Brittain; graphic designer Jon Contino; fine artist Marc Dennis; photographer Nori Inoguchi; and interior designers Rajni AlexDani Arps and Virginia Tupker.

Notable guests included Charles S. Cohen, Clo Cohen, Lee F. Mindel, Victoria Hagan, Mark Ferguson, Oscar Shamamian, Janice Parker, Bec Brittain, Jon Contino, Marc Dennis, Nori Inoguchi, Rajni Alex, Dani Arps, Virginia Tupker, Sotheby’s, Bennett Leifer, Kate Rumson, Jessie Carrier, Mara Miller, Jenny Wolf, Julia Noran, Philip Gorrivan, Scott Salvator, Linda London, Lee Kavanaugh, Alyssa Urban, Anne Bower, Carolyn Englefield, Ashley Whittaker, Anne Foxley, and Marianne Howatson.
Dinner at Upper Story, the  D & D Building’s restaurant
DDB Fall Market 2017, held on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 and Thursday, October 12th, 2017, featured two information-filled days consisting of six Keynote events — including panelists such as Amy Astley, Brian Sawyer, Monique Gibson, Martha Stewart, Stephen Sills, Shawn Henderson, MoMA, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Whitney Robinson, Bunny Williams, Guy Regal, Sophie Donelson, Alexandra Angle, Amanda Lindroth, Bennett Leifer, Clinton Smith and Steve, Brooke and Charlie Giannetti — as well as 20 in-showroom programs, two Special Events, one Special Program, three Cocktail Receptions and 114 Open Houses.
Albin Alex, Rajni Alex, Jennifer Matthews, and Marianne Howatson
Anne Bower, Caroline Englefield, Ashley, Whittaker, and Anne Foxley
Charles S. Cohen and Lee Mindel
Virginia Tupker and Nori Inoguchi Carl Zachs and Bec Brittain
Jenny Wolfe, Kate Rumson, and Bennett Leifert
Rajni Alex, Virginia Tupker, and Dani Arps
Julia Noran and Jesse Carrier
Lee Kavanaugh and Alyssa Urban
Jon Contino and Marc Dennis
Charles S. Cohen and Clo Cohen Janice Parker
Oscar Shamamian and Victoria Hagan
After 42 years in the D&D Building, Lorin Marsh is moving to a new 8th floor showroom in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue. The new showroom will be a curated collection of the fabulous fine Contemporary furniture and accessories which they are known for.

To mark the final Decoration & Design Building market event at Lorin Marsh, they hosted a closing celebration in the space, moderated by Galerie magazine's Jacqueline Terrebonne.
William McIntosh, Jacqueline Terrebonne, Caryn Schacht, Sara Story, Sherry Mandell, and Gideon Mendelson
Janet Gorgone
Delah Brucelli and Sherry Mandell
Christina Lake and Lauren Hines
Tom Lampson and Lisa Cohen
Barbara Friedmann, Caryn Schacht, and Sherry Mandell
Jacqueline Terrebonne, William McIntosh, Gideon Mendelson, and Sara Story
Lorin Marsh showroom
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Second Bloom & Stars of Design); Annie Watt (Lorin Marsh)