Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Breast Cancer Alliance 22nd Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

Survivor Models at Breast Cancer Alliance’s 22nd Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show.
On October 26th, “Rise, Fight, Inspire,” Breast Cancer Alliance’s theme of the 22nd Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, brought together over 1,000 supporters. Long time sponsor Richards dazzled the audience with a haute couture runway presentation of Oscar de la Renta’s new collection in a swirl of beauty. The professional models were preceded down the catwalk by thirteen brave and beautiful women who have had, or are living with, breast cancer, showcasing Richards fall selection.  The entire room was on their feet in tears and with cheers in an inspiring and emotional celebration.

Co-Chairs Gretchen Bylow, Hillary Corbin and Jordan Rhodes shared their personal connections to breast cancer.  As Gretchen said “eventually no one goes untouched by cancer.” Hillary Corbin added “Real dollars from donors like you are making doctors smarter, tougher and detection better. I beat [breast cancer] because of funding.”
Gretchen Bylow, Hillary Corbin, Jordan Rhodes, Amy Robach, Yonni Wattenmaker, and Mary Jeffery
Amy Robach, ABC’s Good Morning America news anchor and author of New York Times best seller, Better, was the featured speaker and spoke about her own journey with breast cancer. “Cancer took a lot from me, but gave me back awareness.” She added her battle taught her to accept love; a hard lesson, but imperative to win the battle.

BCA’s president, Mary Jeffery, noted that 2017 will see a quarter of a million new cases of invasive breast cancer, and expressed her pride in BCA’s ability to provide scientific venture capital that allows young investigators to carry on innovative research, without which, a cure will not be found. BCA’s executive director, Yonni Wattenmaker, thanked the audience for records set at this year’s event with the highest number of attendees ever.
Heather and Taylor Black
Heather and Taylor Black honored their late mother, Debbie Black, a beloved board member, president and co-chair of the research grants committee. With her bequest, BCA is establishing the Deborah G. Black Memorial Research Fund. Debbie’s commitment and determination will be carried on by the pioneering work her fund will underwrite.

Breast Cancer Alliance (BCA) is a regional foundation making a remarkable national impact. It is one of the largest private, non-corporate breast cancer organizations in the United States. Since its inception in 1996, the organization has awarded more than $22 million in grants, supporting its mission to improve survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer through better prevention, early detection, treatment and cure. Breast Cancer Alliance invests in innovative research, breast surgery fellowships, regional education, dignified support, and screening for the underserved. Over its more than two-decade history, BCA has funded cutting-edge research and one-year postgraduate breast surgery fellowships at more than 25 of the nation’s leading research institutions.
Jasmina Denner and Karen Morstad Carol Santora and Margaret Sinclair
Lisa Walsh, Lynn Ingrassia, Ann Quick, Trish Shannon, Kathleen Shannon, Elizabeth Woods, Jane Canning, and Kim Dean
Ann and Ken Lockyer Pinky Markey and Gina Delano
Lois Kelly and Christa Civitillo
Karen Kiarsis, Susan Thorkelson, Nancy Smith, Joan Whipple, MaryJo Razook, Didi McCormick, and Holly Kennedy
Ken Mifflin, Ellen Richman, Marsha Mifflin, and Tami Berczuk
Holly Oliphant, Icy Frantz, Erin Chang, and Eunice Burnett
Courtney Olsen and Meg Russell William and Brooke Sinclair
Sue Delepine, Julie Cusimano, Sophie Pelletier-Martinelli, Xandy Duffy, and Claire Kiger
Whitney Keyes, Cheryl Floyd, Jacquelyn Smith, Janea Neuenfeldt, Elizabeth Coelho, Dara Johnson, Laura White, and Kolleen Evers
Loren Taufield and Mary Van Pelt
Andrew Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, and Scott Mitchell
Lucy and Nat Day
Kathy Clark, Suzanne Sennatt, Ashley Cole, and Catherine Marcus
Linda Profusek, Barbara Ward MD, and Jane Batkin
Ann Quick, Kathleen Shannon, and Trish Shannon Alease Fisher Tallman and Kathy Georges
Will Brown, Caroline Brown, and Noah Rhodes
Giovanna Miller and Mary Young
Kyle MacDougall, Kirsten Webb, Emily Hatch, and Cady Roberts with friends
Lauren Fuchs and Donna Twist, PhD Lynne Wheat and Regina Gabelli
Linda Chase Jenkins, Emma Pennington, Tiffany Burnette, and Mary Ann Henry
IMG_6781 Dee Mayberry, Sharon Phillips, Friend, Phoebe Erdman, and Karen Keegan
Kim Augustine, Tracy Grossman, Anna Povinelli, and friend
Nina King and Margo Murray
Lexy Tanner and Jane Batkin
Caroline Brown and Mia Gyesky
Susan Bevan Mary Lee Kiernan
Carol Henderson and Jill Coyle
Stephanie Latham
Oscar de la Renta + Richards Greenwich
Tami Bowling
Nina Lindia Hillary Corbin Susan Randolph
Kate Smeriglio
Rise, Fight, Inspire
Photographs by Elaine & Chichi Ubina