Monday, October 23, 2017

The Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation's Annual Benefit Weekend

Sunset at Hearst Castle.
Hearst Castle, the magnificent California estate built by William Randolph Hearst and executed by architect Julia Morgan, houses an astounding collection of art and historical artefacts accumulated by Hearst on his world travels — but is perhaps best remembered in the annals of American history for the dazzling parties he held there. During his lifetime, William Randolph Hearst hosted a wide array of literary, political, and Hollywood luminaries at the Castle, before bequeathing it to the state of California at the time of his death in 1957. Each year, the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the Castle's collection of over twenty-five thousand works of art, hosts a spectacular weekend of festivities for the Castle's most passionate supporters.

This year's Ninth Annual Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation Benefit Weekend, which took place from September 28 through October 1, 2017, was hosted by Hearst's granddaughter Anne Hearst McInerney and her husband Jay McInerney, and hearkened back to the magical soirées during William Randolph Hearst's lifetime.
Cindy Shanholt, Suzanne Tucker, and Susan Boeing Cary Hampton and Rebecca Revel
Edith and Joe Tobin with Lizzy and Michael Tobin
Jamie Figg and Justine Bloomingdale Paul and Anne Wattis
Greg Hampton, John Hampton, Barrett McInerney, and Jay McInerney
Diane Morris and Tim Marks Lydia Hearst and Natalie Bloomingdale
Patricia Hearst Shaw, Suzanne Tucker, and Wendy Stark
Jerry and Tawny Sanders Janna Bullock and Zoe Bullock Remmel
Robert and James Bloomingdale
Carlo Marino, Sonja Magdevski, and Greg Brewer
Clockwise from above: Carolyn and Joe Reece; Kim Taipale and Tony Peck; Alison Mazzola and George Farias.
Anne Hearst McInerney and Amanda Hearst Alexandra and Rodney Cook
Guests included Amanda Hearst and brother Randy Hearst Harris, Patricia Hearst Shaw with Jamie Figg, and Lydia Hearst, San Franciscans HCPF Board Chairman Joe Tobin and wife Edith with their son Joseph, newlyweds Lizzy and Michael Tobias, Greg and Kathy Hampton with children John and Cary, Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks, Christopher Redlich with Susan Boeing, Paul and Anne Wattis, Diane Morris, Justin Fichelson and Hanne Vastveit, Rebecca and George Revel, and Cindy Shanholt, New Yorkers George Farias, Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, Paul Beirne, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Sharon Bush and daughter Ashley, Janna Bullock and daughter Zoe, Los Angelinos Robert and Justine Bloomingdale, Natalie and James Bloomingdale, Jamie Braverman, Ben Berube, Tony Peck, Carolyn and Joe Reece, Suzanne and Peter Trepp, Burke Eiteljorg, Alex Ersoff, Kathi Koll with her three daughters Brooke Shepherdson, Jennifer Keller, and Melissa Smith, Thomas Kranz, Amir Mathis, David Webb's Kevin Parker, Tawny and Jerry Sanders, Thomas Tellefsen and Stephanie Spencer, and Lester and Julie Tobias.
Sharon Bush and Ashley Bush Susan Boeing and Christopher Redlich
Melissa Smith, Brooke Shepherdson, Kathi Koll, and Jennifer Keller
Stephanie Spencer and Tom Tellefsen Thomas and Joyce Fitzgerald
Alexander Ersoff, Randy Hearst Harris, and Amir Mathis
Dan Falat and Kathy Hampton
Sharon King and Patrick McMullan
The festivities kicked off on Friday night with a James Bond themed cocktail reception on the Castle's South Terrace, a fashion presentation by Nicole Miller, dinner in the Refectory under the Castle's famed hand-carved Italian Renaissance ceiling and dancing under the stars.
Nicole Miller and Jay McInerney
Nicole Miller with her models
Dinner in the Refrectory
Hearst Castle at night
On Saturday guests could play tennis, go kayaking in San Simeon cove, or visit the coastline's endangered Elephant Seal colony. A luncheon was held at the Hearst Ranch wine warehouse, followed by historian Victoria Kastner's tour of the Castle's collections. All enjoyed a rare opportunity to swim in the sensational Roman pool.
Lunch by the Sea
Lester Tobias, Julie Tobias, Carolyn Reece, Suzanne Trepp, Peter Trepp, and Joe Reece
Amanda Hearst, Anne Hearst McInerney, and Randy Harris
Joe Tobin, Joseph Tobin, Edith Tobin, and Alison Mazzola
Robert Fleischman, Alexander Ersoff, Randy Hearst Harris, Amir Mathis, Burke Eiteljorg, and Alexander Munro
Victoria and Kevin Parker
HCPF Associate Trustees Rebecca and George Revel, Jamie Braverman, Joseph Tobin, Amanda Hearst, Lydia Hearst, Mary Levkoff, Brennan Balson, and Alexander Munroe
Tony Peck and Sebastian Vos Paul Beirne and Milly de Cabrol
Roman Pool Swim ...
Other guests included Joyce and Thomas Fitzgerald, the Goodman family — Greg, Matthew, and Whitney and her husband Tommy Alberini, Brennan Balson, Greg and Sonja Magdevski, Sasha Sanan, Sharon King, Buccellati's Carlo Marino, Rodney Cook and daughter Alexandra, Sebastian Vos from Brussels, and from Denmark Alexander Munroe, and the Foundation's Chairman of the Board of Trustees Remar Sutton. The weekend ended with a Patron Cowboy Cookout held in the Hearst Ranch's Dairy Barn where guests danced until dawn.
Hearts Castle margaritas with Patron tequila
Lydia and Amanda Hearst George and Rebecca Revel
Whitney Goodman, Greg Goodman, and Matthew Goodman
Sylvia Mazzola and Alison Mazzola Anne Hearst McInerney, Remar Sutton, and Mary Levkoff
Sasha Sanan, Hanne Vastveit, and Justin Fichelson
Photographs by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan