Friday, August 25, 2017

The League to Save Lake Tahoe

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon by the lake, Saks Fifth Avenue and the League to Save Lake Tahoe hosted 650 guests to Lake Tahoe for their annual luncheon and fashion show which features Oscar de la Renta. For the first time in the 48 years since the event was created, they hit the million dollar fund-raising mark: $1.1 million ... to Keep Lake Tahoe Blue.

The new Oscar Creative Directors Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia introduced the Resort 2018 Collection. The show featured 70 looks including novelty outerwear and tech coats, wide leg denim, evening separates, etc. All in the Oscar sense of color. It’s a beautiful line, fresh and new and classically Oscar, too.
Guests gather at the League to Save Lake Tahoe's annual luncheon and fashion show.
The evening was held at the Schumacher Family estate on the Lake shoreline. Among those attending were Chairs Barbara Brown, Edith Tobin, Jessica Hickingbotham, Heidi Cary, Krista Giovarea, Dede Wilsey, Stephanie Marver, Dr. Carolyn Chang, Tyler Clinton, Tom and Linda Coates.

The day was dedicated to the original architect of the fashion show and a huge advocate for Lake Tahoe, Adolphus Andrews, Jr. who passed away this past January. The event has raised over $17 million to save Lake Tahoe.
Krista Giovara, Jessica Hickingbotham, Barbara Brown, Dede Wilsey, Boaz Mazor, and Heidi Carey
Heather Dubinetskiy and Laurie Strout. Estella Roy, Joy Benka, Nina Pucillo, and Elise Norman.
Fernando Garcia, Eliza Bolen, Laura Kim, and Alex Bolen.
Komal Shah, Ron Barajas, and Susan Moller. Chanel Walker and Tyler Clinton.
Jennifer Pfeiffer, Sara Lee, Bonnie King, Meredith Gadley, and Lindsay King.
Stephanie Marver, Carissa Ejabat, and Virginia Barlage. Samantha Duvall Bechtel and Kristen Felton.
Sue Nystrom Walsh, Claire Long, Margaret Giminez, Amy Connor, Sophia Stufferlein, Debbie Rodriguez, Robin Sedgwick, and Kelly Mahoney.
Jenni Galman and Cheryl Seligman. Tanya Powell.
Marta Deus, Sophia Stylianos, Beata Stylianos, Cynthia Woods, and Naelis Erzin.
Karen Kubin and Susan Malott. Molly Racich, Holly Racich, and Michael Oliver.
Robbie Gordy presents the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2018 collection ...
Photographs by Drew Altizer