Monday, February 13, 2017

The New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Dinner

The New York Botanical Garden's annual Orchid Dinner at the Plaza.
Last Wednesday night at the Plaza in the Grand Ballroom, The New York Botanical Garden hosted its annual  Orchid Dinner to Benefit the Garden’s Esteemed Orchid Collection.

More than 300 attended the dinner dance. Its main attraction, what it’s famous for, is the stunning table centerpieces of large scale orchid arrangements created by New York’s leading designers.

The evening was underwritten by Hearst, VERANDA, BNY Mellon, and LOUIS XIII Cognac. They raised $650,000.
The orchid sale.
The Garden is thrilled to have continued its collaboration with VERANDA in assembling an illustrious roster of 30 of New York’s leading designers from the worlds of fashion, architecture, horticulture, and literature, each of whom created and donated a dramatic orchid centerpiece and table setting for the event.

I was at the Baccarat table which had a crystal chandelier suspended through its center festooning pink orchids hanging from its inverted crystal vases. It was sensational, so sumptuously dramatic that indeed it affected your mood in its presence. Dazzling. And that was only one of dozens of tables.
The evening began with cocktails served during a sale of rare and exceptional orchids. Some of the world’s leading orchid specialists were on hand to assist guests with their purchases. By the time I got there, ALL of the orchids had been sold. At 8 p.m. everyone moved into the Grand Ballroom for dinner and dancing to the Sultans of Swing.

The Orchid Dinner Table Designers included: Baccarat with Jung Lee, Brockschmidt & Coleman, Cullman & Kravis, Drake / Anderson, FlowerSchool New York, Paris Forino Interior Design, Ellen Hanson Designs, Lindsey Coral Harper, Robin Henry Studio, Kathryn Ivey Interiors, Byron C. James, Juan Villanueva, Shelley Johnstone Design, Lindsey Lane Design, Katie Leede, Lewis Miller Design, Richard Mishaan Design, Kapito Muller Interiors, John Oetgen, Oetgen Design Inc., Hilary Pereira, Eddie Ross for, Shaun Smith, and William Yeoward Crystal. Design sponsors are Fabricut, Frontgate, Samuel & Sons, Stark, Style Library, Thibault, and Zimmer + Rhode.
Charlotte Simpson, Sigourney Weaver, Gregory Long, and Martha Stewart.
Gala Chairs Sharon Jacob, Vera Aryeh, Tina Swartz, and Susan Matelich.
Bob Gossett and Vera Aryeh. Richard and Kamie Lightburn.
Clinton Smith and Amory McAndrew.
Richard and Maureen Chilton. Gillian Miniter and Cameron Silver.
Caleb Anderson.
David Hall.
Kathryn Ivey.
Shelly Johnstone.
Lindsey Coral Harper. Sharon Jacob and Ellie Cullman.
George and Susan Matelich.
Kick Kennedy. Robert Rufino and Michael McGraw.
Jennifer and Malcolm Nolen.
Hidemoto Mizuhara. Cody Kittle and Alexandra Porter.
Gregory Long, CEO and The William C. Steere Sr. President of The New York Botanical Garden joined Chairman of the Board, Maureen Chilton, in greeting guests and thanking the evening’s underwriters, donors, and designers for their exceptional efforts toward the evening’s success.

Among those attending were Martha Stewart and Sigourney Weaver.  Other notable guests included:  Maureen and Richard Chilton, Julissa Ferreras Copeland, NYC Councilwoman and Chair of City Council Finance, Kick Kennedy, Yves de Launay, Vice President of LOUIS XIII, Latonia McKinney, Director of City Council Finance Division, Gillian Miniter, Hidemoto Mizuhara, President & CEO of Mitsubishi, Jenny Paulson, Alexandra Porter, Robert Rufino, and Mish Tworkowski.
Monique Lodi and Yves de Launay.
Gregory Long and Carolyn Englefield. Mish Tworkowski and Joseph Singer.
The Honorable Julissa Ferreras-Copeland with Jeffrey and Marjorie Rosen.
Eddie Ross. David Kratz and Eileen Guggenheim.
Tina and Steven R. Swartz.
Donald and Elaine Textor. Susie Palm.
After dinner and dessert, the Sultans of Swing took over the evening and the dance floor was jammed with everyone out there having a good time. It was a great party, a lot of fun. And beautiful.

The evening’s proceeds underwrite the development of the Botanical Garden’s orchid research collection, which helps maintain the highest horticultural standards of orchid conservation. In spite of strict international regulations, many wild orchids today are under severe threat of extinction from over-collection and destruction of their native habitats. Since 1990, the Garden has been designated a Plant Rescue Center, charged with nurturing and bringing back to health orchids that have been collected illegally in the wild and seized at international borders through the Convention on Illegal Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
Bowman Dahl.
Byron C. James.
Cullman & Kravis.
Drake Anderson.
Eddie Ross for
Ellen Hanson Designs.
Flower School.
Hilary Pereira.
Jaime Walters.
John Oetgen, Oetgen Design Inc.
Kapito Muller Interiors.
Kathryn Ivey Interiors.
Kathleen Walsh Interiors.
Katie Leede.
Lewis Miller.
Lindsey Coral Harper.
Lindsey Lane Design.
Louis XIII+Villanueva Designs.
Paris Forino Interior Design.
Polux Fleuriste.
Rajni Alex Design.
Randall Gibeau Design.
Richard Mishaan Design.
Robin Henry Studio.
Shaun Smith.
Shelley Johnstone Design.
The Mini Rose Company.
William Yeoward Crystal.
Brockschmidt + Coleman.
Photographs by Billy Farrell Agency