Friday, March 30, 2018

Adapting and Achieving

The Inaugural ADAPT Leadership Awards Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street benefiting ADAPT Community Network.
Last Thursday, March 22nd at the Guggenheim, Sony Pictures Classics, along with Dominique Lévy and Brett Gorvy, hosted a screening of a new film written and directed by Stanley Tucci, “Final Portrait.”

In 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, the American writer and art-lover James Lord is asked by his friend, the world-renowned artist Alberto Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. The process, Giacometti assures Lord, will take only a few days. Flattered and intrigued, Lord agrees. So begins not only the story of a touching and offbeat friendship, but, seen through the eyes of Lord, a uniquely revealing insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and, at times, downright chaos of the artistic process.
Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Felicity Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively
The film is a portrait of a genius, and friendship between two men utterly different, yet who become increasingly bonded through a single, ever-evolving act of creativity, shining a light on the artistic process by turns exhilarating, exasperating and bewildering, questioning whether the gift of a great artist is a blessing or a curse.

The evening had a big turnout many of whom then attended the after party at the Lévy Gorvy Gallery on Madison at 73rd Street.
Dominique Lévy and Stanley Tucci Lorraine Bracco
Among those attending: Meryl Streep, Don Gummer, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Felicity Blunt, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Laura Prepon, Ben Foster, David Hyde Pierce, Aidan Quinn, Lorraine Bracco, Steve Buscemi, Maura Tierney, Kenneth Cole, Maria Cuomo, Gay Talese and his daughter, artist Pamela Talese, Mr. and Mrs. Andre Aciman, Leon and Debra Black, Hamish Bowles, Sandy Brant, Louise Grunwald, Marie Brenner, Vincent Fremont, Paul Goldberger, Zani Gugelmann, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Oren Moverman, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Kathy Rayner and Jamie Niven. The film’s stars could not attend as Geoffrey Rush was in Australia and Armie Hammer was filming in New Orleans.
Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep
Steve Buscemi John Krasinski and Emily Blunt
Michael Barker, Stanley Tucci, and Tom Bernard
Kimberly Guilfoyle Hamish Bowles
Jamie Niven, Debbie Black, Leon Black
Pamela and Gay Talese Maria Cuomo and Kenneth Cole
Laura Prepon and Ben Foster
Tamsen Fadal and Mike Woods
Nearly 500 guests attended the Inaugural ADAPT Leadership Awards Gala which raised over $600,000 for services and programs for children and adults and living with disabilities in New York City supported by ADAPT Community Network (formerly United Cerebral Palsy of NYC).  This sold-out event took place on Thursday, March 8th at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.  

Judy Woodruff, was the gala host. The ADAPT Leadership Award honorees included, Al Roker, and his wife Deborah RobertsThe Hausman FamilyMarissa Shorenstein, and Amy Wright

VIPS in attendance included: Edward R. Matthews; Susan Lucci, Cara Buono, Marty and Helaine Hausman, Larry and Lauren Sorell; Janice and Stuart Shorenstein, Kerry Delaney; Isiah Whitlock Jr.; John Muller; Scott Stanford; Kori Chambers; Ines Rosales; Javier Gomez; Madison Ferris; Camilla Barungi; Chandler Bigelow, Jon Schuster, Fernanda Niven, Christopher R. Laul, Gary Simmons, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, and Michael Peterson.

ADAPT Community Network (formerly United Cerebral Palsy of New York City) is the leading human service not-for-profit and a pioneer in providing cutting edge programs and services for people with disabilities.
Susan Lucci, Deborah Roberts, and Al Roker
Kerry A. Delaney and Amy Wright
Cara Buono and Marissa Shorenstein
Every day, ADAPT builds a more inclusive world for thousands of New Yorkers through education, technology, health, residential and recreational programs in all five boroughs. Their schools and services encompass many people who have challenges beyond cerebral palsy such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida and neuromuscular disorders, among others. ADAPT is the largest provider of pre-school education for children with disabilities in New York with 100 comprehensive programs that serve over 18,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families. 
Mike Woods, Judy Woodruff, Susan Lucci, Edward Matthews, Tamsen Fadal, and Cara Buono
Val Gallela, Jessica Vallela, Richard Levy, and Jonah Levy
Tamsen Fadal, Javier Gomez, Susan Lucci, Deborah Roberts, Marissa Shorenstein, and Mike Woods
Miranda Hausman,Yulia Clark, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., and Liz Cohen Hausman
Karen Larrain, Fernanda Niven, and Tara Peterson Andrew and Hannah Kaminski
Jim Hausman, Marty Hausman, Max Hausman, Helaine Hausman, Marissa Hausman, Jesse Kanofsky, Kathy Hausman, and Ken Hausman
Helene Miller Kase, Kobe Kase, Levi Kase, Jesse Kase, and Jamie Kase
Bradford Karl, Sabina McCarthy, and Elizabeth Karl
Alan and Lauren Zack Sheila Lennon and Sarah Lopez
Emma Grace, Ben, Lillie, and Amy Wright
Edward R. Matthews and Judy Woodruff
Al Roker, Deborah Roberts, Nick Roker, and Leila Roker
The Hausman family
Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF) held its fourth annual Chairman’s Council Dinner on Sunday March 25, 2018 at Club Colette. Hosted by HDRF Founder & Chair Audrey Gruss and Chairman’s Council Co-Chairs William Flaherty, Susan Lloyd and Scott Snyder, the dinner featured NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath as the special guest speaker and honored the top donors who have helped the Foundation grow into a national leader in advanced depression research.

Joe Namath and Audrey Gruss
Mr. Namath was there to share personal insights about brain injury and the work he is doing with his namesake foundation. Guests gathered for cocktails in the restaurant garden which was adorned with banners in HDRF’s signature yellow color and featured yellow roses filling the ornate fountains.
Inside for dinner, guests sat at tables featuring stunning centerpieces made from spheres of yellow roses evocative of the Foundation’s logo. Dinner featured an appetizer of colossal lump crabmeat with cocktail and mustard sauce followed by veal scaloppini marsala with sautéed spinach and whipped potatoes.  The dessert was chocolate soufflé with chantilly cream, chocolate sauce and raspberries.

After the first course, Audrey Gruss introduced Mr. Namath as the 20th century football icon and Super Bowl champion, and spoke about how closely their goals align in examining and understanding mind-brain health. Mr. Namath inspired the audience with the story of his own recovery from brain injury as a result of multiple concussions, and fielded several questions from excited guests after his remarks.

Following dinner, Mrs. Gruss delivered heartfelt remarks referencing how HDRF was created to accelerate advanced depression research. She then introduced Louisa Benton, HDRF Executive Director, who gave a brief update on the Foundation’s exciting research progress through the collaborative research of the Depression Task Force of world leading scientists.  Three specific new compounds are in clinical trials, Ms. Benton reported, that represent potential new categories of anti-depressants. Ms. Benton then played a brief trailer of a documentary now being made about subject of depression, using the collaborative work of the Depression Task Force as a focus.
Harry and Gigi Benson Susan Lloyd and James Laskey
Guests included: Gigi and Harry Benson, Jane and George Bunn, Luce Churchill, Mary and Mark Freitas, Candy Hamm, Kate and Hashem Khosrovani, Amb. Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Frances and Jeff Fisher, Muffy and Donald Miller, Susan and Joe Meyer, Lynn Foster and Robert Nederlander, Lucy Musso, Thomas Quick, Gretchen and Howard Leach.  

Hope for Depression Research Foundation was founded by Audrey Gruss in 2006 to spur cutting-edge neuroscience research into the origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of depression and its related mood and emotional disorders including: bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and suicide. In addition, HDRF aims to raise awareness of depression as a medical illness and to educate the public about the facts of depression.
Scott Snyder and Julie Araskog CeCe and Lee Black
Carol and John Moran with Eileen Judell
Lucy Musso and Tom Quick Robin Leacock, Lis Waterman, and Marjorie Federbush
Ritchey Goodwin and Mai Harrison Frances and Jeff Fisher
Lynne Wheat and Thomas Peterffy Vera and Julio Serrano
Photographs by  Cindy Ord & Mike Coppola/Getty Images &  Diane Bondareff (ADAPT); CAPEHART photography (HDRF)