Thursday, June 14, 2018

Art de vivre

Allison Thomas, Addie Webb, Linsday Wagner, Lori Haffey, Kristie Virtue. Amy Pompea, and Izzy McDonald at Junior Committee of Doubles' Summer Whites and Rosé Junior Party.
Last Monday night, the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) honored Frédéric Fekkai, renowned stylist and founder and CEO of the natural beauty line Bastide with the fifth annual Art de Vivre Award. Martha Stewart, who was introduced by FIAF president Marie-Monique Steckel, presented Fekkai with a Lalique Mossi vase during a cocktail reception at FIAF’s Le Skyroom. An elegant dinner for 120 guests followed at Le Bilboquet.

With a 1991 issue of Martha Stewart Living featuring her new Fekkai haircut on the cover in hand, Stewart said, “Frederic knows how to transform, and that was his talent. He took an ordinary woman, and he knew how to make her into something very special, and he still does. That’s his charm, that’s his talent, and his entrepreneurial spirit behind that is what really appealed to me and the legions of women who have let him cut his hair.”
Martha Stewart, Frédéric Fekkai, and French Institute Alliance Français (FIAF) President Marie-Monique Steckel
Steckel remarked, “Frédéric has been the hair guru in New York for decades, he also has his acclaimed Frédéric Fekkai beauty salon, and he has really shaped the beauty landscape all over America. Recently he has embarked on a new adventure, Bastide, his latest luxurious natural beauty and lifestyle brand. And tonight we are really honored to have Martha Stewart, guru of American lifestyle, to present the Art de Vivre award to Frédéric.”
Martha Stewart holds a 1991 issue of Martha Stewart Living, featuring her Frédéric Fekkai haircut
French Institute Alliance Français (FIAF) President Marie-Monique Steckel
Frédéric Fekkai holding his Art de Vivre Award
Attendees also included French actress Zabou Breitman and daughter Anna Chalon, Stephen Schwarzman and Christine Schwarzman; FIAF board members Denise Brosens, Nabil Chartouni and Samantha Chartouni, Michèle Gerber Klein, Charles de Lardemelle, Alexandre J. Leviant, Eric Mourlot, Marie-Noëlle Pierce, Mortimer Singer and Amelia Singer, and Clémence von Mueffling and William von Mueffling. The Art de Vivre event committee included Thomas Ajamie, Amanda and Zack Bacon, Laurel Barrack, Denise and Frank Brosens, Veronica Bulgari and Stephan Haimo, Samantha and Nabil Chartouni, Hélène and Stuyvie Comfort, Victoria and Francisco D’Agostino, Ariane Daguin, Lise and Michael Evans, Elizabeth Figueroa, Amandine and Stephen Freidheim, Barbara and Andrew Gundlach, Kalliope Karella, Ana and Philippe Laffont, Cecile and Charles de Lardemelle, Alexia and David Leuschen, Jeanne and Alexandre Leviant, Elizabeth and Christopher Manice, Adrien and Marion Meyer, Jordan and Jason Phillips, Marie-Noëlle and John Pierce, Caroline Schmidt, Leslie and David Schulhof , Lara and Claude Shaw, Kristin Simmons and Eric Mourlot, Amelia and Mortimer Singer, Marisa and Robin Van Bokhorst, Selina and Eddy Van der Geest, Clémence and William von Mueffling, Olga and George Votis, and Lisa and David Wolf.
Anna Chalon and Zabou Breitman
Anne-Sophie Sabouret and Adrien Meyer
Anne-Brigitte Goyne and Kristin Simmons David and Julie Meneret
Vanessa Traina and Valerie DeMuzio
Jeanne Leviant, Lisa Manice, and Karen May
Delia Folk and friend
FIAF president Marie Monique Steckel and Stephen Schwartzman
Frédéric Fekkai, wife Shirin von Wulffen, along with children Philip and Cecilia
Late last month, the Junior Committee of Doubles held their Summer Whites and Rosé Junior Party. All dressed in summer whites (of course), guests dined on a baby burger buffet, crab cakes, truffle pizza, chicken tacos, a healthy selection of salads and vegetables, and a very tempting dessert display.  Rosé wine (of course) was served with dinner.  When the music was turned up the dance floor was filled with guests including:  Alexandra Pappas, Sana and Todd Clegg, Rebecca Regan, Anika and Ken Natori, Earl Smith, Caroline Leonard, Ned Lord, Lara-Meiland-Shaw, Elizabeth and David Darst, and many, many more.
Amanda Bellows, Marcus Bellows, Elizabeth Darst, David Darst, Fraser Maloney, and Robert Maloney
Claude Shaw and Lara Meiland-Shaw Mercedes Barba and Briggs Elwell
Ginny Moore and Ned Lord
Fred Spencer, Bradley Elkman, Catherine Parker-Megyar, Earl Smith, and Tara Stokes
Emily Hottensen and Catherine Parker-Megyar
Ken Natori and Todd Clegg Sana Clegg and Anika Yael Natori
Nick Combelmale, Katrina Pavlos, Annie Churchill, and Alexandra Pappas
Claire Hardwick, Rebecca Regan, and Kathy Kim
Evan Barker, Bobby Cullinan, Caroline Leonard, Brielle Smith, and Nicole Thomas
Also, late last month, Charlotte Moss celebrated the publication of her 10th book, Charlotte Moss Entertains, with an intimate gathering at her new offices in an Upper East Side townhouse. While the renowned designer signed her latest tome, guests enjoyed summer cocktails and epicurean delights from Glorious Foods.

Among the notables who gathered to toast Moss were Stacey Bewkes, Kate and Alexander Brodsky, Michael Clinton, Sophie Donelson, David Duncan, Carolyn Englefield, Pieter Estersohn, Alana Frumkes, Jane Scott Hodges, Eleanora Kennedy, Michael McGraw, Lisa McCarthy, Meredith Melling, Amanda Nisbet, Jane Pendry, Phillip Resser, Robert Rufino, Susanna Salk, Kate Kelly Smith, Matthew Smyth, Georgina Spogli, Newell Turner. 
Amanda Nisbet and Charlotte Moss
Alex Hitz, Charlotte Moss, and David Monn
Michael Clinton and Helena Lehane Eleanora Kennedy, Jane Scott Hodges, and Ali Power
Amanda Nisbet and Susanna Salk
Dina Dell'Arciprete and Ali Power Charlotte Moss and Charles Scheips
Charlotte Moss and Sophie Donelson
Charles Miers, Carolyne Roehm, and Mish Tworkowski Kate Kelly Smith and Carolyn Englefield
Eleanora Kennedy, Georgia Spogli, and Lisa McCarthy
Margaret Moss and Maureen Footer Matthew Smyth and Charlotte Moss
Joe Belfatto, Deb Belfatto, and Clare Potter
Kate Kelly Smith, Jane Scott Hodges, and Newell Turner Stacey Bewkes and Danielle Armstrong Burke
Photographs by Aurora Rose for Patrick McMullan (FIAF); Natalie Bero/ (Doubles & Charlotte Moss)