Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Asia Week New York is off and running

Aman hosts and Asia Week New York Planning Committee.
Every year, Asia Week New York is a whirlwind of gallery openings, high-octane auction sales, museum shows, lectures and much more — and 2018 is no different! The festivities got off to a memorable start with at Sandra Nunnerely’s apartment, where Aman, the presenting sponsor of the 10-day Asian art extravaganza, hosted a cocktail reception.

The celebration continued on Monday night when The Asian Art Department of Metropolitan Museum of Art and Asia Week New York hosted a grand reception at the venerable art institution marking the 2018 edition of the annual event, currently underway all over town.

Mike Hearn and Christina Prescott-Walker
The Met opened its majestic Asian art galleries to over 550 international collectors, curators, gallery owners, and scholars who are in New York for the non-stop round of gallery exhibitions, auctions, and museum shows.  Now in its 9th year, 45 galleries — from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and the U.S. — have set up shop all over town offering an astonishing array of the rarest and finest Asian examples of porcelain, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes, prints, photographs, and jades from China, Japan, Korea, India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia.

Always a treat for guests were the curatorial tours of the major exhibitions now on view Diamond Mountains: Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art; The Poetry of Nature: Edo Paintings from the Fishbein- Bender Collection; Crowns of the Vajra Masters: Ritual Art of Nepal; Streams and Mountains without End: Landscape Traditions of China; Spirited Creatures: Animal Representations in Chinese Silk and Lacquer; A Passion for Jade: Heber Bishop and His Collection; and Celebrating the Year of the Dog.
Sven Van Den Broeck, Yasuo Mizobuchi, Serge Ditesheim, Christina Deeny, Jane Mackie, Nicolas Pillet, Marguita Kracht, John Reed, Ana Nash, Ian White, and Donald Wong
Among those seen in the crowd were: Maxwell K. Hearn, Christina Prescott-Walker, Margaret and Jeffrey Tao, Joan Mirviss, Carol Conover, Mary Ann Rogers, Alice and Halsey North, Colin Mackenzie, Mary Wallach, James Lally, Suneet Kapoor,  Sanjay Kapoor, John Carpenter, Beatrice Chang, Midori Oka, Martha Sutherland, Hung Hsien, Carlo Cristi, Katherine Martin, Michael Cohen, Peter Kang, Keum Ja Kang,  Erik Thomsen, Donald Wong, Yasuo Mizobuchi, Nicolas Pillet, John Reed, Karime Buraye, Jane Mackie, Marguita Kracht, Jane Galosic, Gisèle Croës, Robert Kuo, Karen Kuo, Fu Shen, Matthew Shamnoski, Christine Ramphal, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Mee-Seen Loong, Bruce MacLaren, Jeff Olson, Edward Wilkinson, Wendy Moonan,  Joe and Judy Barker, Michael C. Hughes, Helen Dennis, Alan Kennedy, Eric Zetterquist, Nana Onishi, Oliver Forge, Brendan Lynch, Tina Zonars, Jared Fitzgerald, Justin Warner, Michael Bass, Susan Borghese, Elisabeth Hammer, Jennifer Casler-Price, Freda Murck, Sue Ollemans, Walter Arader, Nicholas Grindley, Andy Serwer, Karsten Tietz,  Giuseppe Piva, Iwona Tenzing, Dessa Goddard,  Margaret and Chip Ziering, Kurt Behrendt, Jeff Watt, Christin Yu, Miwako Tezuka, Brigitte Vosse, Diane and Arthur Abbey, Peter Lang, Dr. Alvin Friedman Kien, Andrew and Daphna Kahane,  Richard Littleton, Mark Slaats, Christophe Hioco, Hiroshi Yanagi, John Weber, Padma Maitland, Lark and Erica Mason, Christopher Luce, William Martindale, Doug Frazer, Ramesh Kapoor, Xiaojin Wu, Janay Wong, Jane Debevoise, Miani Johnson, David Frank, Kazukuni SugiyamaChristina Yang, Bob Levine, Vijay Anand, Runjeet Singh, Ed Nagel, Thomas Bachmann, Gabriel Eckenstein, Shayne Doty, Boon Hui Tan, John Guy, Joe Earle, Alice Chin, Mansheng Wang, Shao Wang, Noémie Bonnet, and Marilyn White.
Cohen and Cohen
Littleton & Hennesy J.J. Lally & Co
Erik Thomsen
Scholten Japanese Art Dr. Robert Bigler
Joan B. Mirviss Ltd
Croes Unicorn and rider
Robert Kuo Ltd. and Findlay Galleries
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Asia Week New York ends on Saturday, March 24th
Gabriel Eckenstein and Thomas Bachmann
Jr-Jye Chang, Arnold Chang, and Ange Wong
Jane Mackie and Nicolas Pillet
Matthew Girling, Anna Girling, Agnes Girling, and Sebastian Elwes
Alan Kennedy and Susan Ollemans
Carlo Cristi, Olivier Demianoff, Catherine Antonacchio, and Alexis Demianoff
Jason Sun, Robert Kuo, Fu Shen, Victoria Lu, Michael Lim, and I-Hsuan Chen
Margaret Tao, Suneet Kapoor, and Katherine Martin
Arthur Abbey, Donna Bradley, Lee Dirks, Diane Abbey, Joan Mirviss, and Mike Hearn
Dorothy Goldman and Eik Thomsen Carol Conover and Mary Ann Rogers
Keum Ja Kang, Natsu Oyobe, Seongmin Ahn, and Katherine Paul
Navin Kumar, Alexandra Bregman, and Louis LeB. Webre
Peter Yeoh and Giuseppe Piva Mee-Seen Loong and Masako Shiba
Eva Zhai, Yuling Huang, Felix Pei, Jessica Li, and Caiya Song
Dharm Popat, Suneet Kapoor, Manish Shah, and Emily Merro
Erik Thomsen, Sadako Ohki, and Robert Levine
Xiaoyi Yang and Steven Wolf John Reed, Permanent Representative of Bhutan to the U.N., with Doma Tshering
John Reed, Robert Kuo, Karen Kuo, Chin Chin Kuo, and Fu Shen
Erin Byun, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Seongmin Ahn, and Moonhee Kim
Marguita Kracht, Jane Galosic, Ian White, and Karime Buraye
Ron Bricke and Sandra Nunnerley Karsten Tietz and Natthinan Mawan
Sukie Park and Dr. Young Yang Chung
Nana Onishi, Tokuda Yasokichi, John Carpenter, and Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi
Chin Chin Kuo, Matthew Shamnoski, Joanne Lyman, and Karen Kuo
Mike Hearn and James Lally David Priestley and Li Thompson
Shayne Doty, Joan Lebold Cohen, and Boon Hui Tan
Donald Larocca, Runjeet Singh, Kevin Greenwood, and Jill Greenwood
David Frank and Joan Mirviss Christina Prescott-Walker and Henry Howard-Sneyd
Lewis Burger, Catherine Burger, and Karsten Tietz
Asia Week New York Planning Committee
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