Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Beauty, Optimism, and the Waves of History

Mary Skafidas and Andrew Tisch with essayists at the New-York Historical Society to celebrate the new book Journeys: An American Story, a collection of 72 personal essays chronicling immigration and American greatness.
A couple weeks back, Publicolor held its annual Top Coat Party at the Knoll showroom. Alex and Michael Shuman and Tom Krizmanic  served as the evening's chairs while DJ Kreemy (aka Karim Rashid) got everyone dancing. Founder Ruth Shuman welcomed guests, explaining how their contributions support Publicolor's unique continuum of design-based programs, an award-winning effective approach to engage low-income and often marginalized New York City students in their education and careers. Jasmine Williams, a student in their program, spoke of the importance of Publicolor's summer educational engagement. 
Publicolor President and Founder Ruth Shuman and Karim Rashid
Ruth Shuman
Paige Davis and Doug Wilson from TV's "Trading Spaces" showed off their dance moves, while Jerome LaMaar shared the party live via Instagram with his 224K followers. Other guests also included Wynn Burson and Steven CateroneEmanuela Frattini Magnusson, Wendy GoodmanJon Otis and Diane BarnesHenry MyerbergLiz Needle, and Tucker Viemeister. Pretty colored BAI cocktails kept the evening cool.
Linda Neeley, Georgia Brasfield, and event co-chair Tom Krizmanic
Esther Burson, Wynn Burson, Merritt Shwedel, and Steven Caterone
Event co-chair Michael Shuman and committee member Jon Otis
Henry Myerberg, Tucker Viemeister, and Jasmine Williams
Jerome LaMaar, Anthony Hendrickson, and Christina Lee
Karim Rashid performs as DJ Kreemy
Ada Tache and friend Publicolor's Natasha Seng and Jasmine Williams
Liz Needle, Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, and Diane Barnes
Paige Davis and Doug Wilson
The National Institute of Social Sciences hosted its 27th annual discussion luncheon on Tuesday, June 12 at the Cornell Club of New York. The keynote speaker was Jon Parrish Peede, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, who talked about “Beauty, Optimism, and the Waves of History.”

Fred Larsen, a managing director at Oppenheimer and president of the National Institute, introduced Mr. Peede, who was confirmed as chairman in April 2018 after having served as acting chairman since 2017.
Fred Larsen
Jon Parrish Peede and Fred Larsen
Jon Parrish Peede
In attendance were many of the organization’s trustees, including Kent Barwick, Angela Cason, Joan K. Davidson, Joseph Flanagan, Robert Gregory, Geraldine Kunstadter, Peter Samton, and Gracey Stoddard. Members present included Robert Brinckerhoff, Jr., Caroline Brown, Natalie Grace Dejoux, Susan Gitelson, Michele Jeffery, Tertia Kiesel, Michelle Larsen, Lorna Livingston, Gail Lloyd, Fulvia and Robert McCrie, Nancy Nicholson, Madelaine and Jonathan Piel, Marilyn Saltus, Ann and George Selden, James Shields, Betsy Tiffany, Barbara Tober, and Carey Zuckerman.
Michelle Larsen, Karen Burke, and Geraldine Kunstadter
Among the notable guests were Beatrice Broadwater, Karen Burke, Stephania Conrad, Mary Davis, Andrew Delbanco, Dawn Ho Delbanco, Constantine Gouladris, Valerie Kennedy, Grace Larsen, Henry Larsen, Jay Lundeen, Sara Ogger, Vincent Ricardel, Juliane Stephan-Henze, Elizabeth and Géza von Habsburg, and Pauline Yu.

One of the country’s oldest honorary societies, the National Institute of Social Sciences (socialsciencesinstitute.org) promotes the study of the social sciences, supports social science research and discussion, and honors individuals who have rendered distinguished service to humanity.
Jon Parrish Peede, Kent Barwick, Stephania Conrad, Joseph Flanagan, and Vincent Ricardel
Andrew Delbanco, Dawn Delbanco, and Pauline Yu
Fred Larsen, Barbara Tober, and Jon Parrish Peede
Tertia Kiesel and friend with Caroline Brown
Juliane Stephan-Henze and Géza von Habsburg
Beatrice Broadwater, James Lundeen, and Angela Cason
Kent Barwick and Jon Parrish Peede
Robert Brinckerhoff and Natalie Grace Dejoux
Joan Davidson and Sara Ogger
Fred Larsen and Rob Gregory
James Shields and Betsy Tiffany
Michele Jeffery, Michelle Larsen, and Robin Waxenberg
Mary Davis, Angela Cason, and Jon Parrish Peede
Fred Larsen and Pauline Yu
Jonathan Piel and Jon Parrish Peede
Ann Selden, George Selden, and Alice Brown
More than 100 New Yorkers gathered at the New-York Historical Society to celebrate the new book Journeys: An American Story, a collection of 72 personal essays chronicling immigration and American greatness. Journeys was compiled by Andrew Tisch, co-chairman of the board and chairman of the executive committee of Loews Corporation and New-York Historical Society Vice Chair, and Mary Skafidas, head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications for Loews Corporation. Profits from the book will be donated to the New-York Historical Society and the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation. New-York Historical Society's President and CEO, Louise Mirrer, emceed the event.
Andrew Tisch, Mary Skafidas, and Mamnur Rahman
Susie Stern, Ann Rubenstein Tisch, and essayist Angela Warnick Buchdahl
Deborah Norville and Andrew Tisch
Essayists Erick Meza and Ben Freeman with friends
Lally Weymouth and Andrew Tisch
Andrew Tisch with essayists Wes Moore and Adem Bunkeddeko
Arthur Klebanoff, Andrew Tisch, and Mary Skafidas
Essayists Nataliya Demchenko and Erick Meza (right) and friends
Pam Schafler, Andrew Tisch, and Louise Mirrer
Angela Kaya Mwanza and Andrew Tisch
James Carrol II, owner of LV Wood,  hosted a book-signing celebration for designer Clodagh’s new coffee-table book entitled CLODAGH: LIFE ENCHANCING DESIGN at the LV Wood showroom in the Flatiron district in Manhattan.  

According to Mr. Caroll, “LV Wood wanted to celebrate Clodagh, our dear friend and industry icon, and the incredible work she has done with The Thorn Tree Project. We were thrilled to host the book signing simultaneously with a silent auction benefiting this noble charity. We have watched Clodagh in action for many years as a design talent nonpareil, and we know that The Thorn Tree Project is such an integral part of Clodagh’s life that we wanted to contribute and make it a big part of the evening. Clodagh has brought joy to so many and we wanted to return the favor.”
Robin Huffman, Marta Hallett, Clodagh, Ellen Sweeney, and Emily Cones-Browne at LV Woods
Clodagh’s new book, published by G Arts, is an intimate invitation into the life and career of one of the world’s most sought-after designers. It revisits the evolution of her philosophy and design through integral projects and moments that have shaped her wildly successful and extensive career, while simultaneously forecasting where her design is heading as she continues as a top brand worldwide. Among the earliest adopters of feng shui in her design practice, Clodagh is once again ahead of the curve by incorporating such modalities as Chromotherapy and biophilia into her distinctive projects.
Clodagh: Life-Enhancing Design
Clodagh inscribing
To date, The Thorn Tree Project has educated over 1,500 young girls and boys in the Samburu tribes in northern Kenya, including the funding of twelve pre-schools and three elementary schools, and is now putting some of these worthy students through college.  The Thorn Tree Project has no overhead and  is completely run by volunteers.

Along with Thorn Tree Project founder Jane Newman, Clodagh is a founding Board Member and has spent time with the students in their homeland. For more information, visit www.ThornTreeProject.org
James Carroll and Amy Lau
Lori Lum, Maja Serdarevic, and Pallavi Dandu
Clodagh and Nelson Barreto
Inigo Elizalde
Daniel Aubry and Rory McCreesh
Angel Naula, James Carroll, and Jeff Peterson
Laila Oestreicher, Taylor Rice, Bowen Zhang, and Brandon Girten
Karin Honarvar and Natalie LaBossier
Ellen Sweeney and Mark Ellwood
Tucker Robbins and Rose Hartman
Betty Garcia, Bobby Contini, Patrick J. Hamilton, Jason Lowe, Jeffrey Schneider, and Mark Wicks
Angel Naula, Maja Serdarevic, Linda Pagan, James Carroll, and Bobby Contini
Photographs by Don Pollard (Tisch); Editor At Large (Clodagh)