Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Celebrating The Fund for Park Avenue

Watercolor by Patricia Van Essche
Scully & Scully was buzzing last Monday night as friends of The Fund for Park Avenue gathered to sip tequila and celebrate the blooming of the Park Avenue tulips. Representatives from Maestro Dobel, 11th generation master tequila makers, offered tequila tutorials while mixing signature cocktails.
This annual event, now in its 10th year, not only celebrates the tulips but raises awareness for the work of The Fund for Park Avenue, the NYC non-profit that relies solely on contributions from the community to plant and maintain the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue Malls between 54th and 86th Streets (www.fundforparkavenue.org).

In her playful pitch for contributions, Barbara McLaughlin, the Fund's president, reminded everyone that "the tulips don't plant themselves!"
Photo by Heather Clawson, Habitually Chic
Watercolor by Pixie Yates
The evening also featured a book signing with Darcy Miller, author, crafter, celebration expert, Park Avenue resident and editor-at-large of Martha Stewart Weddings. Her book, "Celebrate Everything!" has been (correctly) described as the "holy grail of entertaining tips."
Committee members Patricia Burnham Brock, Chaira Edmands, Connie Newberry, Hollis Forbes, Darcy Miller and Ron Wendt created beautiful tables using the wide variety of merchandise available at Scully & Scully. Barbara McLaughlin opted for a cozy reading corner featuring home décor items and books by Park Avenue authors.
Cozy Corner designed by Barbara McLaughlin
Barbara in her Cozy Corner
Darcy Miller and Ron Wendt Table
Tablescape designed By Patricia Burnham Brock Tablescape designed By Hollis Forbes
Tablescape designed By Chiara Edmands & Connie Newberry
Celebrate Everything! by Darcy Miller
Later this month, residents will be allowed to dig up the Park Avenue Tulips for planting in their own gardens. For more information on the Park Avenue Tulip Dig, email: barbaramclaughlin@fundforparkavenue.org. This year's variety is a Darwin Hybrid called Red Parade.
Amy Sheldon and Leonore Blitz
Michael Scully and Barbara McLaughlin Alex Donner and Annette DeLore
Randy and Henri Boll
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Ron Wendt and Darcy Miller Eugenie and Nicky Goodman
Felipa Edberg Manuel and Louis Buckworth
Adaline Neubert, Barbara McLaughlin, Karen Tompkins, and Hollis Forbes
Martin and Madge Miller
Friederike Biggs, Barbara McLaughlin, and Judith Churchill
Jodi Lazar and Lillian Heidenberg
Wendy Sarasohn and John Yunis
Lou Pemberton, Suzanne Pemberton, Tana Dye, and Karen Glover
Jack Lynch and Nina Reeves Patricia Burnham Brock and Bill Brock
Sharon Bush, Randi Schatz, and Eileen Judell
Gigi Bigar, Anki Leeds, and Phillipe Bigar
Sidney Offit
Catherine Hormats, Jonathan Tait, and Bob Hormats
Alison Mazzola and Tana Dye
Michael Silver, Thor Thors, Cynthia Remec, and Marco Remec
Jane Pflug and Jan Whitman Ogden
Melanie and David Holland Ted Beit
Melissa Durliat and Dr. Roshan Bakhtiar-Cummins
John Glass, Susan Wald, and Martha Glass
Anna Kennedy, Michel Cox Witmer, and Eleanora Kennedy
Chiara Edmands, Karen Klopp, Connie Newberry, and Claudia Rohm
Bryan and Catherine Carey
LeMerle Brinkley and Kathleen Hale
Susan Relyea and Jim Ternes
Mark Gilbertson, Melanie Holland, and Chad Conway
Anne Ternes, James Ternes, and Judith Steckler
Georgina Schaeffer, Jay Jolly, and Marcia Schaeffer
Annie Watt and Catherine Carey
Tequila Team
Photographs by Annie Watt