Monday, June 25, 2018

Deep commitment

2018 TackleALZ NYC team which was honored with the Young Leadership Award at the annual “Forget-Me-Not” Gala hosted by CaringKind.
On June 13, 2018, nearly 350 attendees came out for the Historic House Trust’s (HHT) 2018 Founders Award Dinner, a heartwarming celebration of interior designer Jamie Drake's distinguished career and deep commitment to HHT’s historic houses, in particular his timeless restoration and redecoration of Gracie Mansion.

This delightful evening brought together new and old friends at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park to enjoy cocktails and dinner, gondola rides on the lake, touching speeches, and to top it off, a surprise fireworks display! HHT’s Founders Award was created in 2001 to honor outstanding contributions to historic preservation in New York City. Founders Award recipients display a passion for the historic fabric of the city, a dedication to preserving and promoting history through the built environment, and a devoted interest in sharing the fascinating and significant histories New York City holds. Past honorees include Benjamin Moore, the History Channel, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects, and former Mayor Ed Koch.  
Jamie Drake and Ari Kopelman
In his reinvigoration of Gracie Mansion for former Mayor Bloomberg, Jamie Drake set the standard for being a bold visionary, reflecting the site’s extraordinary history within the fabric of New York City while also rooting it firmly in the modern era. This project also displays Drake's commitment to continuing the art of craftsmanship, seen in his use of conservationists, furniture restorers, and artisans from The Alpha Workshops. Drake's expertise in architecture and interior design have resulted in a brighter future for Gracie Mansion, as well as the 22 other sites in HHT's collection.
Ryan Weston, Ric Watts, Elsa Soyars, Justin Shaulis, Erin Flannery, Bunny Williams, and John Rosselli
Peti Lau, Ariella Duker, and Ric Watts
David Becker and Lisa Koenigsberg Alton Murray, Stephanie Kinlock, and Walter Shay
Frank Sanchis and Boo Grace
David Duncan, Janice Parker, and Michael McGraw
Katie Sandy, Jenny Anderson, Katherine Zhang, and Jenna Kral
Alysa Lasher, Deborah Krulewitch, Julie Cooper, and Myra Biblowit
Robbie Gordy and Erik George
James Drucker and Newell Turner
Elliot Smith and Kate Kelly Smith
The worlds of media, fashion, and the arts, came together to celebrate the launch of CNN's New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota's paperback novel Amanda Wakes Up, and the NYC trunk show for the Perfect Provenance, a luxury store and cafe in Greenwich. Hosted by TPP founder Lisa Lori, guests whispered about who the fictional characters were based on in the real cable news trenches.

Guests included: CNN's National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd; Media Reporter Bill Carter; New Day EP Izzy Povich; VP of Programming Jim Murphy; Pershing Square President Olivia Flatto, Vineyard Brands CEO Greg Doody; Variety's Brian Steinberg, GMA's Tony Morrison, NBC News’s Kait Richmond and Mary Ann Zoellner, Cosmo’s Laura Brounstein, United Talent Agency Jay Sures and Peter Goldberg,  author Alexis Clark, Amy Rosi, Green of Greenwich Designer Flavia Barker, among others. 
Alisyn Camerota signing copies of new paperback novel, "Amanda Wakes Up"
The home of Anne Sylvester was transformed with fashion, art, home and gifts from TPP.  Guests enjoyed appetizers prepared by chef Duane Shand and Miraval Rosé and Les Domaine Champagne.
Lisa Lori, Alexis Clark, and Alisyn Camerota
Trisha Dalton and Kelsey Gilmore
Cindy Eckert and Laura Brounstein
Mary Ann Zoellner and Alisyn Camerota
Greg Doody, Alisyn Camerota, and Catherine Cutier
Olivia Flatto and Lisa Lori
Jennifer Rivera, Daniella Landau, and Sam Vinograd
Brent Weinstein, Peter Goldberg, Alisyn Camerota, and Jay Sures
Aedhmar Hynes and Hannah McGovern
Members of New York City’s philanthropic, business, health care and Alzheimer’s communities gathered on Monday, June 4, 2018 at The Pierre at the annual “Forget-Me-Not” Gala hosted by CaringKind, New York City’s leading expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia care for more than three decades. The event, emceed by Tony Award winning actor and tireless Alzheimer’s advocate David Hyde Pierce, raised $1.2 million. The fundraiser was chaired by Liz Hirsh and David Hirsh, CaringKind Board Chair.
CaringKind honored its President and CEO Lou-Ellen Barkan with the Special Appreciation Award for her outstanding leadership and commitment to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s, other dementias, and caregiving. Barkan who cared for her mother and father, both of whom had dementia, will retire at the end of the fiscal year after nearly 15 years as the head of the organization.

Honored with the Young Leadership Award was this year’s TackleALZ NYC team. The team just recently played its annual Powder Puff Charity Football Game, a flag football competition and fundraiser, to raise money for CaringKind.
Dr. Max Gomez and Husseini K. Manji, MD who received the Corporate Leadership Award
The Corporate Leadership Award was presented to Husseini K. Manji, MD, Global Head, Neuroscience Therapeutic Area at Janssen Research & Development, LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

Also in attendance was Dr. Max Gomez, CBS 2 Medical Reporter, and esteemed members of the scientific community including Dr. Peter Davies, Dr. Mony de Leon, Dr. Warachal Faison, Dr. Silvia Fossati, Dr. Richard Isaacson, Dr. Jose Luchsinger, Dr. Mary Mittelman, and Dr. Mary Sano.
CaringKind Board member who served as the event auctioneer Jonathan S. Henes; David Hirsh, CaringKind Board Chair and event chair; Ned Marks, 2018 TackleALZ NYC team Coach (the team was honored with the Young Leadership Award); CaringKind President and CEO Lou-Ellen Barkan who was honored with the Special Appreciation Award; Husseini K. Manji, MD who received the Corporate Leadership Award; Tony Award winning actor, tireless Alzheimer's advocate and event emcee David Hyde Pierce; Jed Levine, Executive Vice President Director of Programs and Services at CaringKind
Dr. Richard Isaacson; Dr. Warachal Faison; Dr. Peter Davies; Dr. Mary Sano; CaringKind President and CEO Lou-Ellen Barkan; Dr. Mony de Leon; Dr. Silvia Fossati; Dr. Jose Luchsinger; and Jed Levine, Executive Vice President Director of Programs and Services at CaringKind
Back row: Stephen P. Casper, CaringKind Board Member; Sharon K. Kilmer, CaringKind Board of Directors Vice Chair & Treasurer; CaringKind Board member Jonathan S. Henes; John R. Latham, CaringKind Board member; Elaine Thomas, CaringKind Board member; CaringKind Board member Jeffrey N. Jones; Judith H. Itkin, CaringKind Board member; David Hirsh, CaringKind Board Chair and event chair; Wayne S. Miller, CaringKind Board member. Middle row: Nathan Halegua, CaringKind Board Member; Elvira Bisignano, CaringKind Board Member; Marilyn L. Cohen, CaringKind Board Member Emeritus; Heath B. McLendon, CaringKind Board Member Emeritus; Lori Oscher Friedman, CaringKind Board member; Pauline Yeung-Ha, CaringKind Board of Directors Secretary; Susan V. Kayser, Esq., CaringKind Board Member Emeritus; Maria B. Diaz, CaringKind Board member. Front row: CaringKind Board member Marianne Dziuba-Fiore
Jed Levine, Executive Vice President Director of Programs and Services at CaringKind, with Husseini K. Manji, MD
Marie Wickham and Marilyn L. Cohen, CaringKind Board Member Emeritus
Dr. Max Gomez, CaringKind President and CEO Lou-Ellen Barkan, and event emcee David Hyde Pierce
Liz Hirsh, event chair; David Hirsh, CaringKind Board Chair and event chair
Amanda Szeglowski; Tony Barkan; Sara Barkan; Mel Barkan; Ryan Foster; Jillian Foster; and CaringKind President and CEO Lou-Ellen Barkan
John Fiore; CaringKind Board member Marianne Dziuba-Fiore; and CaringKind Board member Jeffrey N. Jones
On Thursday, June 7th, Cooley’s Anemia Foundation hosted its annual Gala at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. On this gala evening, Cooley’s Anemia Foundation recognized and celebrated a biotech company advancing a potential gene therapy product for people born with the rare genetic blood disorder, thalassemia (the most severe form is Cooley’s Anemia), and a thalassemic woman who has adopted children with thalassemia. Nearly 300 attendees helped raise over $385,000.

Nick Leschly, chief bluebird of bluebird bio, accepted the Humanitarian of the Year Award on behalf of the company, which is conducting clinical trials in gene therapy for beta-thalassemia. Tracy Antonelli received the Patient Recognition Award in acknowledgement of her triumphs over the challenges of living with thalassemia and her adoption of three thalassemic children from China.
Back row: Frank Fusaro, Dinner Chairman and Emcee; Patrick Mooty, husband of Patient Recognition honoree; Tracy Antonelli, Patient Recognition honoree and Member Cooley's Anemia Foundation Board of Directors; Nick Leschly, Humanitarian of the Year honoree; Peter Chieco, National President of CAF Board of Directors. Front row: Rosie, Emmie, and Frannie, children of Tracy Antonelli and Patrick Mooty
Peter Chieco, National President of Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Board of Directors, said, “For years, we have championed gene therapy as a potential curative approach to thalassemia. We are thrilled to recognize the exceptional work and dedication of bluebird bio in this exciting area.” 

Of Ms. Antonelli’s recognition, Mr. Chieco said, “Tracy’s selfless sharing of herself as a mother who can personally relate to the struggles these children face is an inspiration.  These adorable children are blessed to be brought up by someone who is in all ways an exemplary role model; their lives have been altered in an amazing way.”
Gala attendees looking at silent auction items during the cocktail hour
Arrival of NYC Fire Department boat on the Hudson River during cocktail hour at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers
Frank Fusaro, Dinner Chairman and Emcee, addressing guests as the meal begins
Nick Leschly, chief bluebird of bluebird bio, accepting the Humanitarian of the Year Award
Peter Chieco, National President of Cooley's Anemia Foundation Board of Directors Frank Somma, CAF Board Member and Gala Committee Member, serving as auctioneer for the live auction
The 2018 Gala Chairman, Frank Fusaro, President, The Forum Group; Chairman, Columbus Citizens Foundation; and Member of the Board of Directors of Cooley’s Anemia Foundation served as the evening’s Emcee.

Since 1954, the mission of Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is to increase life expectancy and enhance the quality of life for those impacted by thalassemia, a class of genetic blood disorders, most of which require regular blood transfusions and aggressive management of chronic iron overload, the predominant cause of early death. They do so by funding medical research to advance treatment and curative approaches, by supporting and advising patients and their families and advocating on their behalf, and by educating medical professionals and the general public.
Joseph DiTrapani, CAF Board Member and President, Sons of Italy Foundation; Joseph Rondinelli, National Cooley's Anemia Chairperson, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America; Anna Magliato, New York State Cooley's Anemia Chairperson, OSDIA; Antonelli/Mooty family; Robert Ferrito, New York State President, OSDIA; Nancy DiFiore Quinn, 1st National Vice President, OSDIA
Lisa Pouchie, Gala Committee Member, and Michael Pouchie, Member of the CAF Board of Directors and Gala Committee Member Peter Chieco presenting Nick Leschly with the award
Rose Ann Chieco, Deanna Chieco, Michelle Chieco Lenz; Member, CAF Board of Directors, Jennie Chieco, and Peter Chieco, National President, CAF Board of Directors
Julia Cenzoprano, Member, CAF Board of Directors; Janice Cenzoprano, National Vice President, CAF Board of Directors; Anthony Cenzoprano; and Matthew Cenzoprano

Photographs by Annie Watt (Historic House Trust); Ronald L. Glassman (CaringKind); David Dupuy/AnnieWatt (Amanda Wakes Up)