Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Empowering Visions

The Southampton Animal Shelter Junior Board at Ejaz Khan's Passion exhibition to benefit the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.
On February 21st, 150 Palm Beach philanthropists and young local animal lovers came together to join a global effort by American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, to help millions of rare and threatened creatures with whom we share the Earth.

Amid penguins, eagles, sloths and other fascinating animals specially brought in, American Humane President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert outlined what the organization is doing to ensure the humane conservation of such beautiful animals around the world. A new national television PSA with wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin supporting American Humane was screened, and a new series of free and educational “Hidden Heroes” books focused on animal conservation were unveiled to reach elementary, middle and high school students across the country. 
Dr. Robin Ganzert and Milo the sloth Christie LeMieux and Bettina Gannon
The event also featured Grammy-nominated Taylor Dayne and the legendary Alex Donner Trio, and was made possible by generous sponsors Abigail Trenk, Hikaru Sato-Hua, Dianne Davega, Kelly Klein, Kitty Silverstein and the Silverstein family, and The Eric Javits Family Foundation. Thanks to the leadership of philanthropist Jocelyn Javits and her daughter Sienna, who put together a local Junior Host Committee to support critically needed conservation efforts, more than thirty budding, young animal advocates attended the event. Javits’ daughter was honored with the organization’s “Humane Hero” award.
Steve and Caroline Harless with Tim Lane
Founded in 1877, American Humane helps ensure the safety, welfare, and well-being of some 1 billion animals around the world each year. For more information or to support their life-saving mission, visit www.americanhumane.org or call 866-242-1877.
Jocelyn Javits, Milo the sloth, Sienna Grajski, Susan Cushing, and Dr. Robin Ganzert
Frank Orenstein and Gail Worth Lois Pope and Clarice Holden
Amanda Bowman and Herme de Wyman Miro Dawn Assenzio and Vicki Kerbeck
Sharon and Herb Jablin Jocelyn Javits with daughter Sienna Grajski
Taylor Dayne
Dr. Robin Ganzert and the kids
Joanna Fisher opened her magnificent art-filled duplex to fifty women, old friends and new, in honor of New York City Ballet principal Ashley Bouder. Great fun but also a luncheon with a purpose; the ballerina explained her vision for empowering women dancers and changing the world.

When she spoke she was formidable, “I am a feminist. I’m a ballerina who dances to music composed by men, in ballets choreographed by men, in a company run by a man since its inception ... I’ve spent my career admiring the women who danced my roles before me. But where are their voices? Too few of them have gone on to leadership roles in the dance world. The female voice has been stifled. I’ve felt stifled.”
Lauren Lovette, Stephanie Boyd, and Ashley Bouder
Standing by her was choreographer (and former NY City ballet principal) Lauren Lovette and composer Stephanie Ann Boyd.  The hostess movingly praised Ashley for her dedication and artistry and thanked her for her for her long friendship. The lunch buffet featured six salads, the dessert was a fabulous Lady M cake, and all the gusts left with a gift—a delicious cookie who’s icing was a picture of Ashley dancing.

This year her Ashley Bouder Project has been invited to be part of the Joyce Theater Ballet Festival, July 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, with a program that includes the premiere of a solo performed by Ashley Bouder, created by Lauren Lovette, and music by female composers, including a piece by astounding young talent, Miho Hazama.
Stephanie Boyd, Lauren Lovette, Joanne Fisher, Kai Fernandez, and Meryl Rosofsky
Faith Petrides and Linda Murray Charlotte Neuville and Iffie Okoronkwo
Trish Goodwin and Reesa Cale
Lauren Lovette, Cassandra Seidenfeld, and Robin Gorman Newman Amy Fine Collins and Deirdre Featherstone
Olivia Flatto, Terry Zucker, and Dana Kraus
Judith Hoffman and Ashley Bouder Susan Gutfreund, Joanne Fisher, and Jean Shafiroff
Cathy Graham, Amy Fine Collins, Joanne Fisher, Ashley Bouder, and Olivia Flatto
Bonnie Wasser, Ami Churgar, and Perri Procida
Ann Dexter Jones, Ashley Bouder, and Joanne Fisher
Art Photographer and Explorer Ejaz Khan celebrated his photo exhibition Passion by toasting The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) at his gallery in the Fashion District. The evening featured images of wild horses Khan took in France as well as a slideshow and video from his trip to Norway, where he photographed Musk Ox in the wild. The exhibition is on show until March 14.  

Midway through the evening, SASF Board of Director Co-President Clifton Knight and SASF Ambassador at Large and Honorary Board Member Jean Shafiroff spoke about their mission to help homeless animals find loving homes and noted their upcoming Unconditional Love Gala on Saturday, July 21st, which will feature a donated work by Khan in the silent auction. 
From Ejaz Khan's Passion Exhibition
The opening welcomed more than 100 guests including SASF Junior board members Kate McEnteeSarah VacchianoIsabelle Mercier-Dalphond and Elizabeth Shafiroff, Executive Director of SASF Jerry Rosenthal, Spokeswoman for Mayor’s Alliance Stephanie Mattera, Irene Michaels, Dr. Christopher Calapai, Nancy Chemtob, Maggie Norris, Harriette Rose Katz, Peter Thomas Roth, Helen Yarmak, Leesa Rowland, Silvia Frieser, Lucia Hwong Gordon and Jennifer Dwork.
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing for the welfare of homeless pets in our community and, in turn, placing them in permanent caring homes. The SASF’s mission is to provide for the welfare of animals and to reduce the number of homeless pets.

To learn more, visit www.southamptonanimalshelter.com
Jared Ahmed, Ejaz Khan, Troy Ahmed, and Maxine Ahmed
Silvia Frieser Kate McEntee and Elizabeth Shafiroff
Tina Kravitz, Julie Sinaw, Stephanie Mattera, Katie McEntee, Leesa Rowland, and Elena Ayot
Irene Michaels Wendy Diamond and Jerry Rosenthal
Clifton B. Knight, Jean Shafiroff, and Ejaz Khan
Cionna Buckley and Wendy Wegner
Clifton B. Knight and Jennifer Dwork
Photographs by Sean Zanni/PMC (Passion); CAPEHART (American Humane)