Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gathering in a Flourishing Way

Fatima Shama, Executive Director of The Fresh Air Fund, Barbaralee Diamonstein- Spielvogel, Wendy Flanagan, Kimberly Steward, and Karen Keogh
On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, The Fresh Air Fund hosted its Annual Spring Benefit at the Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City. The event welcomed 555 supporters and friends and raised $1.7 million to benefit The Fresh Air Fund, a nonprofit organization.

The benefit honored The Sulzberger Family and The New York Times Company. Michael Barbaro, managing Editor and Host of The New York Times' podcast The Daily, was the emcee.

The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Each summer, thousands of children visit volunteer host families along the East Coast and Southern Canada and at The Fund's five overnight camps in Fishkill, New York. Fresh Air children also participate in year-round leadership and educational programs. For more information, visit
Michael Barbaro, Heidi Dolnick, and Sam Dolnick
Elyse Newhouse, Joe Mele, and Kathy Mele Nilam and David Perpich
Darryl Rattray, Wendy Flanagan, President of The Fresh Air Fund's Board of Directors, and Chris O'Malley
Judy Taylor, Jeanette Velasquez, Mela Marder, and Myra Scheer
Emily Berger, Catherine Wright, and Courtney Langer
Michael Barbaro and Tiki Barber A.G. Sulzberger and Sam Dolnick
Cindy Sulzberger, Sarah Perpich, Dr. Joseph Perpich, Cathy Sulzberger, and Abby Perpich
Georgina Bloomberg and William P. Lauder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Fresh Air Fund
Ira Schwartz, Fatima Shama, Kimberly Steward, and Jody Schwartz
Last Thursday evening Charles James: Portrait of Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art, the new, definitive biography by Michèle Gerber Klein, was celebrated at Halston's former townhouse designed by the great mid-century architect Paul Rudolph.
The relationship between Charles James and Halston was long and complicated. In 1958 Page Zwecker, fashion editor of the Chicago Daily News, introduced the two designers. Charles was at the peak of his fame but his world was about to fall apart, Halston who was  just starting  out and instantly  became Charles James's acolyte and later that year moved to New York so he could make hats for Lilly Dache. who he had met through James. As Dache  recalled: "Halston learned a great deal from Charles about designing and the world of style and probably other things — too".
 Charles James was grand and under his mentor's influence Halston became even grander.
Then in 1970  Halston hired Charles — who was past his prime as a "fashion consultant engineer" for the Halston collections. The resulting collaboration received a glowing  full-page  review from Bernadine Morris in The New York Times. But as soon as the review was out Halston, who according to Charles offered him $250 a week for the rest of his life to stop designing, dumped Charles James. 

R. Couri Hay with Charles James.
In the ensuing years of Halston's rise to fortune and vast fame Charles obsessively made of lists of designs Halston had stolen from him and in his last years described Halston to Couri Hay in tapes filmed by Anton Perish as "a middle of the road man who would be better as a buyer in a store or a stylist. He knows how to select good things, but his passion has been to put his name on it — the word plagiarism is correct."

Among those turning out for the book party were Harold Koda who wrote the book's forward, as well as James Andrew, Paula Antonelli, Susan Lowrey, Steven M.L. Aronson, Evelyn Lorentzen Bell, Charles Miers, Carlos Campos, Alva Chinn, Cece Cord, Consuelo Costin, Christina Davis, Elizabeth de Cuevas, Christy Ferer, Joanna Fisher, Michael Gross, Anthony Haden-Guest, Jones Harris, R. Couri Hay, Sharon Hoge, Elbrun Kimmelman, Margo Langenberg, Francine LeFrak, Iris Love, Tomas Maier, Charles Miers, Fern Mallis, Jane Trapnell Marino, Christopher Mason, Anton Perich, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Price, Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, Ralph Rucci, Charlie Scheips, Barbara Tober, Christopher Walling, and Homer Layne, Charles's last assistant.

Many remembered their own experiences in the house years before. All marveled at the Paul Rudolph's famous staircases and the fire place into which Elsa Peretti famously (in a fit of pique) flung the fur coat Halston gave her.  The house was decorated with white orchids that were a Halston trade mark — another of the habits he assumed from Charles James.
Ralph Rucci and Michele Gerber Klein
Fern Mallis, Cece Cord, and Margo Langenberg
Alessandro and Gabriele Mangerini
Barbara Hodes, Jesse Rosales, and Emma Snowdon-Jones
Barbara Tober and Evelyn Lorentzen Bell
Natalia Saavedra and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans Michele Gerber Klein and Charles Miers
Christopher Mason and Charlie Scheips
Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Joanna Fisher, Randi Schatz, and Nicole Noonan
Eric Hoffman, Sandra Nunnerley, and Michael Reynolds
Francine LeFrak and Michael Gross
Iris Love, Barbara Tober, and Christopher Walling
Janis Gardner Cecil and R. Couri Hay
John Maeda and Paola Antonelli Laurie Bodor and William Ivey Long
Margo Langenberg and Christina Davis
Mercedes Bograd Levin, Steven Aronson, and Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Mary Delpozo and Edgar Batista Alva Chinn and Leslie Hirsch
Michele Gerber Klein, Francine LeFrak, and Rick Friedberg
Rick Meyer and Karon Cullen
Scott McBee, Ralph Rucci, James Andrew, and Paul Podlucky
On May 17th, Georgia Shreve, composer and writer, had her first solo multi-media concert. Her work was performed at Carnegie Hall for the 7th time. The concert marked her fifth consecutive collaboration at Carnegie Hall with the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. 

The concert included three premieres: Alice in Wonderland featuring Salvador Dali’s paintings based on AliceProtopia which is a film she created and set to music; and Four Seasons, which was composed of time-lapse video of the seasons created on iconic New York terraces accompanied by her piano concerto. Her new choral piece, Let Us Gather in a Flourishing Way, was also performed.
Georgia Shreve and Richard Auldon Clark
Tracy Cox, Jessica Fishenfeld, Richard Auldon Clark, Daniel Curran, and Timothy McDevitt at Carnegie Hall for Georgia Shreve's first solo multi-media concert.
Jessica Fishenfeld
Following the concert there was a VIP reception and after party at Weill Terrace Room at Carnegie Hall. 

VIPS in attendance included: Georgia Shreve, Duncan Greenberg, Spencer Greenberg, Gregory Greenberg, Mitzi Perdue, Victoria Gallegos, Ann Thomas, Halsted Welles, Jessica Fishenfield, Tracy Cox, Daniel Curran, Timothy McDevitt, Richard Auldon, Emilia Lahti and Yanni Burton, who was the Executive Producer of the concert.

A digital release of Georgia Shreve’s new album “Paradise” featuring the Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble is now available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Amazon.
The VIP reception following the concert
Dr. Alan Geiss, Annette Geiss, Eta Gershen, and Steven Cohen
Duncan Greenberg, Georgia Shreve, Prof. Kevin Malone, Elizabeth Riley, and Dan Hogan
Emilia Lahti, Spencer Greenberg, Georgia Shreve, and Duncan Greenberg
Georgia Shreve and Caroline Miller
Jessica Fishenfeld and Daniel Curran Julie Kheyfets and Spencer Greenberg
Halsted Welles
Jordan Palmer and Yanni Burton
Victoria Gallegos, Anil Bhandari, Natasha Bhandari, and Ann Thomas
Yanni Burton, Tracy Cox, Timothy McDevitt, and Margaret McDevitt
Manhattan Contemporary Chamber Ensemble
During NAF’s 15th Annual benefit at the Mandarin Oriental, NAF’s (formerly National Academy Foundation) president JD Hoye announced that World Wide Technology (WWT) -- a market-leading technology solution provider -- has pledged their commitment to become a NAFTrack Certified Hiring partner. That evening, WWT Founder and Chairman David L. Steward, was honored for his commitment to the success of their youth and partnership in transforming what is possible for NAF students in St. Louis.
NAFTrack Certified Hiring is the groundbreaking promise by a growing number of top companies to support eventual job applicants who have completed the NAF course of study and graduated from high school, enrolled in college, and earned NAFTrack Certification. These benefits may include pre-interview and resume support, access to paid internships, and more.
Honoree, David L. Steward, Founder & Chairman, World Wide Technology and Ronald A. Williams, Chairman & CEO, RW2 Enterprises, LLC participating in "Fireside chat."
NAF Student Speaker, Asha Amerson, a senior at Jennings Senior High School, Academy of Health Sciences
"We were so impressed with our first high school interns last year. We were excited to join the movement to provide more students in the St. Louis region with the opportunities they need to build a successful future," Steward said. "And who knows, that future may be with World Wide Technology."

This special evening of mixing and mingling brought together students, alumni, educators, and business professionals from America's top companies to celebrate NAF's work in the education space, and raised over $1.5 million.
David L. Steward and NAF President, JD Hoye
Chair, NAF Alumni Leadership Council & 2004 Alumna, Jacqueline Burgos and NAF Board Member, James D. Robinson III
NAF Board Members, Trustee Emerita, Cornell University; Vice Chair of Overseers, Weill Cornell Medical College, Barbara Benioff Friedman; Executive Chairman, Financial Soundings, LLC, Robert C. Dughi; and NAF Chief Advancement Officer, Maryanne Greenfield
NAF academy students from Jennings Senior High School in St. Louis, with honoree David L. Steward, Founder & Chairman, World Wide Technology; Juanita Logan, Director, Corporate Development at World Wide Technology; Ann Marr, Vice President of Global Human Resources at World Wide Technology; and Dr. Art McCoy, Superintendent of the Jennings School District in St. Louis
Executive Director, Fund II Foundation, Linda Wilson addressing NAF academy students
NAF Academy of Hospitality & Tourism students from Columbia Heights Educational Campus in Washington, DC with their Director, Courtney Spinks
NAF academy students presenting projects
NAF Academy Students
Photographs by Annie Watt (Charles James); Ayano Hisa, Sean Zanni & Jerry Speier (FAF); Jemal Countess, Getty Images (Shreve); Eliza Hoyland & Liz Devine (NAF)