Monday, April 30, 2018

In Kind

David Ludwigson, Linda Fairstein, Jeffrey Banks, Jennifer Egan, Karen Pearl, and Alex Guarnaschelli at the 15th Annual Authors In Kind benefiting God’s Love We Deliver.
The 15th Annual Authors In Kind literary luncheon was held on April 25, benefiting God’s Love We Deliver, the metropolitan area’s leading provider of nutritious, medically tailored meals for individuals living with severe illness.

Authors In Kind features a book signing reception with noted writers, followed by a fun and informative luncheon during which the authors speak about their recent work. This year, God’s Love We Deliver was delighted to welcome author, God's Love Board member and event emcee Linda Fairstein; Pulitzer-prize winner Jennifer Egan and her new book Manhattan Beach; Jeffrey Banks and his new book about the fashion designer Norman Norell entitled Norell: Master of American Fashion; and Alex Guarnaschelli and her latest cookbook The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart.
Emily Snyder, David Ludwigson, LaMont Craig, Karen Pearl, Alissa Wassung, and Emmett Findley
“At God’s Love, we believe that Food is Medicine and that Food is Love,” said Karen Pearl, President and CEO of God’s Love We Deliver. “Everything we do is designed to improve the health of our clients. It is because of our wonderful supporters that we are able to provide life-sustaining services to thousands of our severely ill neighbors each year.”

It was an inspiring and fun afternoon, and God’s Love is so grateful to Linda, the authors who signed books and shared their stories with guests, and all of the wonderful supporters who attended the event. God’s Love We Deliver would like to thank Norell Fragrances for sponsoring the event.
Michael Kanyuck, Candy Bonder, Karen Pearl, and Sylvia Vogelman
David Ludwigson and David Terveen
Victor and Kathleen Zammit
Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Steven James, Diane Johnson, and Max Dobens
Fern Mallis and Ken Aretsky
Diane Brawarski and Claudia Wagner
Jeffrey Banks
Mark and Gaby Lehrer
Linda Fairstein and Michael Goldberg
Lesley Stahl
Karen Pearl and Lorraine Reeder
Jon Gilman, Maureen O'Leary, and Brad Learmonth
David Ludwigson, Alan Rogers, Wendy Breck, and Jay Jolly
Bette-Ann Gwathmey and Adrian Kahan
Greg Williamson, Katy Williamson, Will Lee and Sandrine Lee
Patty Goldberg, Vicente Wolf, and Beth Ostrow Stephen Covello and Ann Cutbill Lenane
Ann Ogden-Gaffney, Linda Orlick, Charlotte Neuville, and Nick Athanail
On April 19th Breast Cancer Alliance (BCA) partnered with DC area institutions to present a world class medical symposium “Take Action Against Breast Cancer.”  The panel, moderated by Judy Woodruff  consisted of leading experts in the field: Dr. Eleni Tousimis, Director, Ourisman Breast Cancer Center, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Troy Pittman, Director, Breast Reconstruction Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Clifford Hudis, CEO, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Dr. Rachel Brem, Director, Woman’s Imaging, The George Washington University, and Dr. John Niederhuber, Executive Vice President Inova Health System, CEO Inova Translational Medicine Institute.

The panelists discussed new advances that play a significant role in improving risk assessment, prevention, treatment and early detection for breast cancer. Proceeds will support breast health services for underserved women, novel, early stage breast cancer research and education.
Eleni Tousimis, Troy Pittman, Judy Woodruff, Rachel Brem, Clifford Hudis, John Niederhuber, and Yonni Wattenmaker
The mission of BCA is to improve survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer through better prevention, early detection, treatment and cure.  To promote these goals BCA invests in innovative research, breast surgery fellowships, regional education, dignified support and screening for the underserved.  For more information: call Breast Cancer Alliance at 203-861-0014, or visit
Ann Gerber, Susan Baker, Maggie Sheedy, Liz Legg, and Yonni Wattenmaker
Ilaria Luce Ripoll, Lisa Walsh, and Dr. Hildegarde de Toth
Monica Grell, Dana Kuhar, and Christine Colby Giraudo
Susan Hoag, Nicole Dauray, and Jeannine Harvey
Kacey Pappas and Sarah Kuhn
Martina Grunwald and Jane Cafritz
Kate Margolis and Penelope Bell Monica Moore Thompson and Katy Sadeghian
Rebecca Magnuson, Katherine Kuhn, and Whitney Rosenthal
Laura Baum, Faith Breen, and Ilana Gamerman
Katy Sadeghian, Parisa Ghatri, Shahla Batmanghelidj, and Tooran Malekzandi
On April 12, 2018, a luncheon was held to benefit the U.S. Vets hosted by the Order of Saint John Knights Hospitaller, and Chevalier Douglas Ayers of Ayers Hotels. 

Honoree Robert Stohr, Executive Director of U.S. Vets, gave a heartfelt speech about U.S. Vets mission to successfully transition veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development, and comprehensive support. 
Robert Stohr, Ann Van Ness, Patricia Eltinge, Vicki Johnson, and Ronald Soderling
Veterans present from the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan Wars spoke with humility about the hardships returning vets face today.  This profound and moving event was a reminder of the sacrifices our servicemen make to guard our freedom.

Guests included Luncheon Chairs Dame Patricia Eltinge, Etan Boritzer and Vicki Johnson, Sponsors   Raytheon Company, Chevalier Douglas and Michelle Ayers, Dame Ann Van Ness, Dame Dr. Patricia Allen, Vicki Johnson, Chevalier Ronald and Gail Soderling, Chevalier James Doren, Baleny Dia, Amir Dia, Mert Wallen, Rick Katz, Cathy  Katz, Charlene Williams, Terrance Williams, Rhea Mac,  Helga Matuska and Jack Crawford. 
Ronald Soderling, Patricia Eltinge, Dr. Patricia Allen Shanahan, and Robert Stohr
Etan Boritzer and Patricia Eltinge Baleny and Amir Dia
Baleny Dia, Amir Dia, Charlene Williams, Terrance Willliams, John Hunter, Edward Saavedra, Amanda Saavedra, and George Melgarejo
Ann Van Ness and Robert Stohr Helga Matuska and Jack Crawford
Sean Rodriguez, Laney Kapgan, Robert Stohr, and Gary Hersch
Vicki Johnson and James Joseph Doran Rick and Cathy Katz
Anabel Vasquez and Salvador Broch
Terrance and Charlene Williams Ronald Soderling, Gail Soderling, and Will Chiles
Michelle Ayres
Edward and Amanda Saavedra Dan Khoury and Miatta Snetter
Mert Wallen
Bob George
Denise Berry, Robert Stohr, Miatta Snetter, Sarah Balducci, Chanise Robinson, Rhea Mac, Maggie Cutler, Belinda Cueva, Rashad Moore, Kristine Stanley, and Adam Castillo
Photographs by Patrick McMullan & Rommel Demano (God's Love); Rodney Choice/ (BCA); Craig X Sotres/ (US Vets)