Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jay Heritage Center celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day orienteers
On Saturday, April 21, visitors to the Jay Estate in Rye raised a sparkling sumac toast to Earth Day. They heard five dynamic speakers, New York Botanical Garden’s Edible Academy author and children’s educator Anne Mottola, forager and Meadows and More founder Tama Matsuoka WongCafe Boulud New York/ Bar Pleiades mixologist Darryl ChanNew York Botanical Garden’s Thain Family Forest Director Jessica Arcate Schuler and Westchester Land Trust’s Stewardship Director Tate Bushell.
Jessica explains tracking data for Thain Forest
It was a full day of glorious sunshine and spirited programming. Visitors purchased Anne Mottola’s delightful children’s book “What Grows in the Garden” and heard her ideas for outdoor lessons in the Jay Gardens. Afterwards, attendees learned about wild edibles from Tama and Darryl. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous “Wild Brunch”, sampling penne with garlic mustard pesto and savoring warm mugwort soup. Along with tasting the magic of nutrient rich, earth foraged greens, all tried a welcome mocktail crafted by Darryl using sumac foraged by Tama. Adults also sipped “Spruce Springsteens” made with woodsy evergreen buds, tonic and cucumber.
Darryl pouring the sumac syrup
Spruce Springsteen tonic cocktail Darryl's sparkling sumac mocktail
Ingedients for mugwort soup
Darryl Chan and his wife Isabel Testing the mugwort soup
Blending the fresh garlic mustard pesto
Organic pasta with with wild garlic mustard pesto and pine nuts
The Jay Mansion Dining Room set for brunch
Time to taste!
Afternoon sessions continued with talks by Jessica and Tate about invasive species data collection, monitoring and management. Like the Jay Heritage Center, The New York Botanical Garden and Westchester Land Trust are active partners of the LHPRISM (Lower Hudson Valley Partnership for Invasive Species Management).

It was an informative and delicious day which ended on a positive note about how we can actively preserve our American landscape by understanding non-native species and their impact.
Darryl Chan and his wife Isabel, Tama Matsuoka Wong, and Suzanne Clary
Taryn Clary and Alex Hugh
Suzanne Clary, Jessica Arcate Schuler, Tate Bushell and Lori Fontanes
Tama Matsuoka Wong Talks to UN students about foraging
Tama points out wild edibles in the field
Picnic on the veranda
Tama clipping stinging nettle A future forager
Guests enjoy their drinks on the veranda
Suzanne Clary and Anne Mottola
Diana Hoch talks to Tama about Scraps, Wilt and Weeds cookbook
Charlotte Boesch Greg Scott, Clara Boesch, and Wesley Wall
Cathy Rosenstock, Michelle Dudley, Cathy Lee, Ann Mottola, and Ann Magalhaes
Ben Katz, Diana Hoch, and Betsy White
Archaeologist Eugene Boesch explains the agricultural history of the Jay Estate
Anne Mottola and her books for young gardeners
Tama Matsuoka Wong and Greg Scott
Picnicing in the meadow
Photographs by  Cutty McGill