Monday, April 9, 2018

J.McLaughlin and Save The Children host an event to launch spring

Save the Children Young Patron's Committee
Last Thursday, April 5th, J.McLaughlin partnered with the Young Patrons of Save The Children to host a charitable shopping evening. The event, which kicked off the first ever Young Patrons Save The Children's gala, was held at J.McLaughlin's Lexington Avenue flagship store. Since being founded in 1919, Save The Children has become the leading charity dedicated to the global well-being of all children.

Kevin and Barbara McLaughlin
The Young patrons event aims to raise funds and awareness for the Return to Learning Fund for refugee children. The event committee included Hayden Arnot, Bobby Arnot, John Bailey, Lily Baker, Lion Creel, Remi Evarts, Will Hayden, Cameron Ross, Janie Warnock, Cecily Waud, & Esme Yozell. Other attendees at the event included Kevin and Barbara McLaughlin. Mary Ellen Coyne (CEO, J.McLaughlin), Glynis Karp, Nina Griscom, Jennifer Creel and senior members from Save the Children, Jennifer Kendra, Eileen Burke and Maha Karahamed.

"We're thrilled to be hosting this event with the next generation of New York's passionate philanthropists. Working with the Young Patrons for the benefit of Save The Children is a refreshing way to start the season," said Kevin McLaughlin, Co-Founder and Creative Director of J.McLaughlin.

The event also kicks off J.McLaughlin's April 2018 collection and Style Guide. The Style Guide was shot on location in Bermuda, a longtime favorite destination of McLaughlin. In a nod to the tropical location and spring/summer collection, guests enjoyed Dark 'n' Stormys, the unofficial cocktail of Bermuda courtesy of Gosling's, while they shopped the spring collection. 15% of the night's proceeds will be donated to Save The Children the Return to Learning Fund.

"Save the Children is committed to ensuring every last child gets the opportunity to learn," said Save the Children president & CEO Carolyn Miles. "Education sets children up for success and provides refugee children with hope for the future. We are proud to partner with Save the Children's Young Patrons Committee and J.McLaughlin on this event to support our Return to Learning Fund, which seeks to ensure that no refugee child is out of school for more than 30 days."
Cameron Ross, Jack Cutler, Benjamin Ross, Bobby Arnot, Phil Bowman, and Teddy Wagerman
Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We invest in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SaveTheChildren

At least 3.5 million refugee children around the world are out of school. Without safe places to learn and grow, these children are missing out on some — if not all — of their education, severely diminishing their future opportunities, and those of their families and communities. Save the Children's new Return to Learning Fund supports the organization's efforts to ensure that no refugee child misses out on learning for more than 30 days. This initiative is a pillar of Save the Children's upcoming 100th anniversary campaign in 2019.
Bobby Arnot and Jenn Kendra
Cameron Ross, Kevin McLaughlin, Mary Ellen Coyne, Glynis Karp, and Hayden Arnot
Glynis Karp, Tom Bull, Amanda Vanderziel, and Benjamin Ross
Jennifer and Lion Creel
Julia Shingler Porter Simmons, Madeline Melly, and Connie Rhodes
Jason Torey, Jack Cutler, Harry Polak, Roxana Mead, Tom Bull, Amanda Vanderziel, and Katie Williams
Jane Warnock, Will Hayden, and Esme Yozell
Nina Griscom and Katie Tozer Meghan Collins and Jane Warnock
Henry Blynn, Robbie Citrino, William Fitzgerald, and Patrick McMullan
Barbara McLaughlin, Melissa Iorio Sylvestri, and Glynis Karp
Mary Ellen Coyne, Kevin McLaughlin, and Barbara McLaughlin Maha Karahamat and Sara Abrams
Kevin McLaughlin and Arthur Ceria
Mark Petrone, Lindsay Elmlinger, Will Petrone, and Jane Warnock
Teddy Wagerman, Phil Bowman, Hayden Arnot, and Nick Converse
Benjamin Ross, Julia Shingler, and Josh Bell Hayden and Bobby Arnot
Thomas Fu, Audrey Bird, Ryan Cholnoky, Remi Evarts, and Thomas Growney
Hayden Arnot, John Bailey, and Penn Sednaoui Diana and Will Hayden
Bob Dwyer, Josh Bell, Glynis Karp, and Jack Lynch
Jennifer Kendra and Josh Bell Frederick Castleberry
Tyler Boston, Jack Lynch, and Kathleen Mizii
Amanda Vanderziel Bobby Arnot and Nina Griscom
Remi Evarts and Thomas Growney
Photographs by  Patrick McMullan