Friday, June 29, 2018

Merit of every stripe

Linda A. Willett, Kay Unger, Donna Shalala, Joyce Brown, Paula Zahn, Deirdre Quinn, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sheila C. Johnson, and Ilene Wachs at The Women’s Forum of New York’s 8th Annual Elly Awards Luncheon.
Over 500 attended The Women’s Forum of New York’s 8th Annual Elly Awards Luncheon benefiting The Education Fund of the Women’s Forum on Monday, June 18th at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The awards, named for the Women’s Forum founder Elinor Guggenheimer, honor outstanding women leaders. This year marked the 31st anniversary of the Education Fund of the Women's Forum; the organization has helped over 220 women, ages 35 and over, whose lives have been disrupted by extreme adversity to complete their college degrees. The event raised over $350,000 for its Education Fund.

The 2018 Elly Award recipients were:

• Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former First Lady, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State, and presidential candidate.
• Sheila C. Johnson, Founder and CEO of Salamander Hotels & Resorts.
• Deirdre Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Lafayette 148 New York.
The 8th Annual Elly Awards hosted by the Women's Forum of New York
This year’s Elly Award presenters were Donna Shalala, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, who presented the Elly Award to Secretary Hillary Rodham ClintonKay Unger, President of Kay Unger Design, & CEO of the Kay Unger Family Foundation, presented the Elly Award to Sheila C. Johnson; and Dr.  Joyce F. Brown, President of the Fashion Institute of Technology, presented the Elly Award to Deirdre Quinn. Marcy Syms, Former Chairman and CEO of Syms Corporation, was the Chair of the 2018 Elly Awards. Paula Zahn, nine-time Emmy Award winning host and executive producer of “On the Case with Paula Zahn,” moderated a conversation on leadership with honorees Sheila C. Johnson and Deirdre Quinn following the presentation of the awards.
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Donna Shalala Paula Zahn
Deirdre Quinn and Sheila C. Johnson
Guests who attended the event included: Daryl Roth, Carolyn Maloney, Emily Rafferty, Kay Koplovitz, Lulu Wang, Jonelle Procope, Rikki Klieman, Marissa Shorenstein, Catherine Kinney, Marigay McKee, Gena Smith, Dee MacDonald-Miller, Pamela Baxter, Deanna Mulligan, and Abbe Raven.
2017 Womens Forum Education Fellows with Elly Awards Honoree Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Women’s Forum of New York is the city’s premier organization of women leaders. The invitation-only membership of more than 500 women represents the highest levels of achievement across all professional sectors from finance to fine arts. Started in 1974, the Women’s Forum of New York is the founding flagship of the International Women’s Forum, a global organization of 6,800 dynamic women leaders in 33 countries and 74 Forums around the world.

The Women’s Forum of New York is dedicated to the advancement of women’s leadership through programs which enrich members’ lives personally and professionally, through the Education Fund which enables talented women whose potential has been derailed by extreme adversity to resume their education, and through the Corporate Board Initiative which extends and expands the contribution of women leaders through board participation.
Randy Guggenheimer III, Jane Guggenheimer, Julia Guggenheimer, Randy Guggenheimer Jr., and Hillary Rodham Clinton
Kay Unger and Sheila C. Johnson Joyce Brown and Deirdre Quinn
Judith Fryer, Janice Reals Ellig, Carolyn Carter, and Dede Thompson Bartlett
Lucy Jarvis Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Paula Zahn
Marcy Syms, Felice Axelrod, Leila Heckman, Paula Zahn, Deirdre Quinn, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Sheila C. Johnson
Jane Chesnutt and Rachel Blasdell Georgette Bennett and Marcy Syms
Sarah Beatty, Carolyn Carter, and Tamsen Fadal
Sarah Endline, Rita Crotty, Deirdre Quinn, and Margaret Crotty
Seated: Sheila C. Johnson, Linda A. Willett, Hillary Clinton, and Donna Shalala. Standing: Deirdre Quinn, Paula Zahn, Kay Unger, Joyce Brown, and Rita Crotty
Standing: Barbara Marcus, Erica Henegen, Tamilla Pashaee, Barbara Van Allen, and Leila Heckman. Seated: Felice Axelrod, Sharon Sager, Mary Farrell, and Erika Freeman
Standing: Muriel Fox, Elizabeth Cooke Levy, Marlene Adler, Andrea Berger, and Ann Kern.
Seated: Daryl Roth, Roz Goldberg, and Georgette Bennett
The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons celebrated their 12th Annual GET WILD! Summer Gala at Joan and Bernard Carl’s Little Orchard Garden on Coopers Neck Lane in Southampton, NY. The event honored Jay Schneiderman, Southampton Town Supervisor and Susan McGraw Keber, East Hampton Town Trustee, and welcomed distinguished guests to celebrate the united efforts to rehabilitate animals and successfully release them back into the wild across Long Island.

“It’s important for us to recognize the continued efforts of everyone involved with The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. The commitment to rehabilitate Long Island’s wildlife is a shared passion for us all. We truly thank our honorary chairs Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, hosts Joan and Bernard Carl, benefit co-chairs plus committee, and sponsors,” said Director of Development Shelley Berkoski.
Dennis Carpenter and Sonia the Female Red-Tailed Hawk
The picturesque garden featured live swans in the neighboring Coopers Neck Pond while guests enjoyed The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center rehabilitated birds including; Meep the Great Horned Owl, the Red Tail Hawks Cloud and Sonia, the Eastern Screech Owls Archimedes, and Athena and the Peregrine Falcon named Millennium. Live music from Ludmilla Brazil, along with cocktails and light vegetarian fare were also enjoyed by the evening’s attendees.

Notable attendees included: Virginia Frati, Shelley Berkoski, Joan and Bernard Carl, Jay Schneiderman, Susan McGraw Keber, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary, Nicky Hilton, Don Lemon, Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, Henry Buhl, Leslie Alexander, Laura Carlock, Linda and Benjamin Lambert, Beth Stern, Lynn Scotti, Claudia and Billy Walters, Curtis Sliwa, Nancy Regula, Mai Hallingby Denise Cuccia, Howard Lorber, Susan Bordeaux, Kenneth and Maria Fishel, Tom Samet, Liz Deneny, Jay Flagg, Carol Nobbs, Liz Deneny, Susan Tighe, John Broderick, Dorothy Frankel, Missy Hargraves, Susanne Tighe, John Broderick, Carol Nobbs, Dorothy Frankel.
Bernard Carl, Paul Keber, Joan Carl, Susan McGraw Keber, Virginia Frati, Beth Stern, and Chuck Scarborough
Benefit Co-Chairs Included: Hilaria And Alec Baldwin, Alexandra And Peter Campbell, Joan And Bernard Carl, Kim Cattral, Brigid Fitzgerald And Michael Katz, Nancy Juvonen And Jimmy Fallon, Linda And Ben Lambert, Beth Stern

Benefit Committee included: Séan Denneny, Ingrid Edelman, Dorothy Frankel, Pat Garrity, Jane Gill, Missy Hargraves, Margot Rowan Horn, Aleksandra Kardwell, Norah Lawlor, Maryann Marston, Hope Marxe, Jill Rappaport, Renee Schlather, Kathy Walsh.
Laura Carlock and Leslie Alexander Aleksandra Kardwell, Sean Deneny, and Shelley Berkoski
This year’GET WILD Summer Gala sponsors included: Leslie Alexander, Ingrid Arneberg and Will Marin, D. Porthault, Douglas Elliman, LLC., Ingrid and Thomas Edelman, Linda and Benjamin Lambert, Wölffer Estate Vineyard; Rosalie Brinton, Frances Jones and Keith Douglas, Howard Marton, Ellen and Chuck Scarborough; Dayton, Ritz & Osborne, Fisher Signs & Shirts, Brigid Fitzgerald and Michael Katz, Maryann Marston, Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, Shinnecock Animal Hospital, Allison Stern, Kathleen Walsh and Gene Bernstein, Claudia and Billy Walters; Tara Allmen, MD, Brook B. Ashforth, BNB Bank, Pat Garrity of the Corcoran Group, Audrey & Martin Gruss Foundation, Robert J.M. Olsaon and Alexander B.V. Johnson, Patricia Preu, Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton; Alfred Geary, Hamptons Employment Agency, Hutchison Landscape Services, Weber & Grahn Air Conditioning and Heating. With special thanks to Hamptons Magazine and Leslie Wine
Susan McGraw Keber and Jay Schneiderman Lauren Vernon, Henry Buhl, and Mariebelle Lieberman
Jane Gil, Meep the Great Horned Owl, Curtiss Sliwa, and Nancy Regula
Jane Gil and Tom Samet
Bill and Claudia Walters Ellen Scarborough, Chuck Scarborough, and Beth Stern
Kenneth and Marie Fishel with Don Lemon
Nicky Hilton and Shelley Berkoski
Mai Hallingby, Bernard Carl, and friend
Susan Bourdeau, Howard Lorber, Wilbur Ross, Hilary Geary Ross, and Joan Carl
Susanne Tighe, John Broderick, and Dorothy Frankel
Ludmilla Brazil
Joseph Cicio presented his book “FRIENDS* *Bearing Gifts” in a conversation with William O'Shaughnessy, hosted by Reverend Richardson "Dick" Schell, headmaster and rector of Kent School.

O'Shaughnessy humorously remembered meeting Cicio, "In walked this tall, charismatic, silver-maned, babe-magnet ... then realized I was looking in a mirror. This new book of yours is a god-damned masterpiece! Even getting Nancy Kissinger to write the foreword." Cicio replied, "I have been blessed by great women, they are my swans, Joan RiversSlim KeithLauren Bacall, all in the book and many more."  
William O'Shaughnessy and Joseph Cicio
Speaking more seriously Cicio addressed retailing today, "I don't see enough American brands on Madison Avenue. I remember Ralph Lauren selling ties from the second story of a townhouse on Third Avenue. Lord & Taylor was one of the greats and now it’s closing its flagship. Had it been run by someone like James Preston of Avon (seated in the front row with wife Faye Preston) or Burberry’s Rose Marie Bravo it would have been a home run." 
"FRIENDS* *Bearing Gifts"
A question from Anne Sutherland Fuchs prompted Cicio to recall, “I was on private plane. Bill Blass, to my horror, told my boss at Macy's, Edward Finkelstein, 'your antiques department sucks!' So I invented celebrity-designed rooms. Jesse Norman and Bobby Short were two famous collaborators. My favorite was Audrey Hepburn. The day she cut the ribbon and swung open the French doors leading to a kitchen she conceived, over 8,000 came to see her.  That’s the kind of excitement retail can generate."

Other guests included Gregorio AlvarezNancy FlorioMartina Forman, and Bill and Wendy Luers.
Gregorio Alvarez, Richardson "Dick" Schell, Joseph Cicio, Frank Rizzo, and William O'Shaughnessy
Nancy Sowell and Norman Drubner Jim and Faye Preston
Bill Lauf, Nancy Florio, and Rose Quint
Brian Sullivan, Emily Dwight Scozzafava, and Mark Scozzafava
Anne Sutherland Fuchs Debra Pesino
Mark Madonna and Jeff Phillips
Sean Sculley and Marcia Schaeffer
Wendy Luers, Martina Forman, and William Luers
On June 14th, the New England Society in the City of New York presented its 2018 NES Book Awards. The annual event honors books of merit that celebrate New England and its culture published in the previous 12 months. NES members, guests, authors, and publishing insiders celebrated this year’s winning titles with a formal presentation and luncheon at a private club. The winners were:

Art & Photography: Cartoon County: My Father and his Friends in the Golden Age of Make-Believe by Cullen Murphy (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography by Diane Waggoner; With Russell Lord and Jennifer Raab (Yale University Press in association with the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.)
The annual NES Book Awards luncheon honored winning authors Douglas L. Winiarski, Christina Baker Kline, Diane Waggoner, and Jen Rose Smith
Fiction:  A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline (William Morrow).

Nonfiction: Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England by Douglas L. Winiarski (Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and the University of North Carolina Press).

Specialty Title: Moon New England Road Trip by Jen Rose Smith (Hachette Book Group). 

Following the luncheon guests met with the authors at a book signing.
Toby Winiarski, Nonfiction winner Douglas L. Winiarski, Sara Champion, Ireen Kudra-Miller, and Roland Foster Miller
NES President Anna Bulkot and NES Book Awards Committee Chair Ellen Scordato Specialty title winner Jen Rose Smith signing copies of her book for guests
Donna Gross, Douglas Winston, and Leonora Ballinger
Anne Teasdale and Photography winner Diane Waggoner
Jeanne Blasberg and Jan Ogden
Charlotte Brinton, Jane Pflug, Steven Foley, and Jay Sherwood
Lucy Kirk, David Kline, and Fiction winner Christina Baker Kline
Geoff Barton III, Jennifer Mitchell, and Matt Rimi
Thomas Hills, Steven Foley, Laurence Golding, and Cynthia Golding
Nancy Hayward and Anne Hall Elser

Photographs by Annie Watt (NES); Cindy Ord & Mike Coppola: Getty Images (Elly Awards); Rob Rich & Lisa Tamburini (Evelyn Alexander)