Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Scenes from New York

Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, Ellen Levine, Virginia Silver, Anne Ford, Beth Elliott, Sheila Scharfman, and Carole Mallement at the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation’s fourth annual Women’s Luncheon, Women Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness.
The Jewish Museum’s 25th annual Most Amazing New York Art & Design Tour, held on May 16, 2018, attracted over 200 attendees. Guests enjoyed breakfast and the Museum’s exhibitions—Chaim Soutine: Flesh, Marc Camille Chaimowicz: Your Place or Mine…, and Scenes from the Collection. This was followed by self-guided tours of magnificent private art collections in some of New York’s most spectacular East Side residences. Jane Frieder Wilf and Caroline Gittis Werther were the co-chairs of the event, which raised over $300,000 to benefit the Jewish Museum.
Event Co-Chairs Caroline Gittis Werther and Jane Frieder Wilf
Sara-Ann Wallerstein, Susan Scherr, Linda Pruzan, and Marilyn Scherr
Debi Wisch and Lisa Klein Scott Salvator and Michael Zabriskie
Sheree Mandelbaum, Wendy Rosenburgh, Avivah Gottlieb, Batsheva Halpern, and Jamie Eckstein
Jill Tarnow and Abby Shapiro Event Co-Chair Jane Frieder Wilf and Mark Wilf
Pamela Sanders, Elizabeth Sahlman, and Debi Wisch
Lenni Sue Perry, Norma Golden, Abby Shapiro, Jill Tarnow, and Amy Kaplan
Nancy Dubow and Caroline Gittis Werther Alan and Jane Cornell
Susan Feinstein and Lois Bennett-Yaffe
Amanda Ross, Jane Frieder Wilf, and Lois Frieder
Andrea Kramer, Caroline Gittis Werther, and Shari Aronson
Gloria Wendum, Ivette Dabah, and Mariel Tawil Michelle Rubel and Amy Rose Silverman
Beth Wilf, Staci Barber, Brooke Cohen, and Lori Moore
Carolyn and Eugene Mercy Mindy Gray and Barrie Overend
Julie Saul, Maira Kalman, and Ruth Beesch
Over 300 women gathered in New York City on Tuesday, May 15th, in support of psychiatric research and eliminating the stigma of mental illness at the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation’s fourth annual Women’s Luncheon, Women Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness. The event featured a conversation between Anne Ford, the noted author, advocate and philanthropist; Ellen Levine, advisor and consultant, Hearst, and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, President & CEO of the Foundation.

Anne Ford spoke candidly about her personal experience associated with raising a child with severe learning disabilities. Her most recent book is “The Stigmatized Child: Helping Parents Overcome the Stigma Attached to Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Lack of Social Skills.”
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Women’s Luncheon honors women who are willing to speak openly and personally about brain and behavior disorders and inspire others to speak out against the stigma surrounding psychiatric illness. Funds raised from the luncheons support scientists at leading universities who are conducting research into disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder. 

For the past 30 years the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation has been committed to alleviating the suffering of mental illness by awarding scientific research grants to improve treatment and ultimately develop cures and methods of prevention to enable people with mental health issues to live full, happy, and productive lives. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $380 million to fund more than 5,500 grants to more than 4,500 leading scientists around the world. This has led to over $3.8 billion in additional funding for these scientists.
Carole Atkinson, Suzanne Golden, Ornella Morrow, Carole Mallement, Judy Daniels, Virginia Silver, Sheila Scharfman, Bonnie Hammerschlag, Ellie Hurwitz, and Beth Elliott
Carole Mallement and Ellen Levine
John Thompson, Anne Ford, and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein
Sheila Scharfman, Bonnie Hammerschlag, and Carole Mallement
Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, Amy Rose Beresin, Suzanne Golden, and Ornella Morrow
Jamie Drake, Carole Mallement, and Johanna Barger
Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein and Dr. Hillary Blumberg Harvey Mallement and Ellen Levine
Dr. Lloyd Sederer (Chief Medical Officer of the New York State Office of Mental Health), Dr. Ann Sullivan (Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health), and Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein
Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein and Anne Abramson
Dr. Herbert Pardes and Ellen Levine Janice and Stephen Lieber
Seated, from L to R: Elena Ford, John Langeler, Anne Ford, and Peggy Stern. Standing, from L to R:
Rosemarie Lieberman, Christina Giammalva, Mimi Corcoran, James Wendorf, John-Richard
Thompson, and Dr. Sheldon Horowitz
Standing L to R: Dr. Lloyd Sederer, Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, Dr. Nancy
Wexler, Jessica Schoolman, Ellen Levine, and Dr. Ann Sullivan. Seated L to R: Janice and Stephen Lieber
Seated, L to R: Stewart Honeyman, Roberta Louckx, John Lee, Cathy Schmidt, Dr. Harold
Koplewitz, and Susan Lasker Brody. Standing, L to R: Henry Johnson, Peg Brivanlou, Ken Sonnenfeld, and Dr. Laura Philips
Seated L to R: Fern Hurst, Eileen Serwer, Joan Badner, Gretchen Burke, and Suzanne Golden. Standing L to R: Karen Cohen , Sandy Greenberg, Bonnie Lautenberg, Lisa Liman, and Bonnie Strauss
The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted a highly successful 23rd Annual Spring Celebration Benefit last month at the Clement Restaurant at The Peninsula New York. 170 guests gathered at the Clement Restaurant for cocktails & hors d'oeuvres and participated in a silent auction to benefit the charity, which took place throughout the evening. The event raised more than $180,000 toward the organization’s mission to support victims of child abuse and their families. 

Notable Guests included; Glenn Askin, Marilyn & Richard Berger, Jonathan Crook, Christine Crowther, Marty Foont, Michael F. Gala, Vincent & Robert Gardino, Edward Greenblatt, Katherine Grimm, Jason Harrell, Michele Herbert, Juliet Herzberg, Betsy Hoover, Adam Kudelka, Isabel MarÇal, Sarah McNamara, Daniel A. Nigro, Jean O'Shea, Meghan Pardi, Betty Pierre, Christine Rales, Marlene Sandler, Swati Sawjiany, Linda Schoenthaler, Jean Shafiroff, Sybil Shainwald, Julissa Taveras, Debra & Bill Toppeta, Lauren Vernon, Nancy Vick, and Maggie Wolk.
The Englewinds
This year, the NYCC celebrated more than 23 years of helping the most vulnerable children achieve their full potential. The benefit, which coincided with National Child Abuse Prevention Month, helped to raise funds for the Center’s work in healing, prevention and education. This year’s event featured a “Lift Me Up” theme, which reflected the organization’s aim to bring about hope and help children achieve their dreams. The benefit featured live music by Award Winning Eco-Music Ensemble Englewinds, and a silent auction featuring coveted travel offers, fine dining, tickets to cultural performances, high end fashion accessories and more.

Corporate Sponsors for the evening included The Peninsula New York, 26Five, Financial Decisions, GreenOak, GlobeTax, Mariner Wealth Advisors.
Founded in 1995, NYCC is the only independent center in New York City to provide free, comprehensive evaluation and therapy services to children who have experienced physical and sexual abuse and their families, for as long as their healing requires. The dedicated staff will never turn a child in need away. The NYCC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure it is able to provide these services.

To date, the center has helped more than 15,000 families receive care. The New York Center for Children also provides groundbreaking training programs on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse, attended by medical students, doctors, nurses and first responders worldwide. More than 20,000 professionals have been trained through NYCC’s educational programs.
Betsy Hoover, Glenn Askin, Marlene Sandler, Michael Gala, Linda Schoenthaler, Lauren Vernon, and Isabel Marcel
Havi Scharfman, Barbara Pitkoff, Linda Schoenthaler, Kenneth Gutwillig, Florence Dupont, and Krystina Brown
Jake Montagnino, Christine Crowther, and Susanne Schalin
Jason Harrell and Glenn Askin
Jean Shafiroff, Lauren Vernon, and Michele Herbert
Jonathan Crook, Lauren Vernon, Meghan Pardi, Michael Gala, Linda Schoenthaler, and Martin Foont
Jonathan Crook and Linda Schoenthaler
Jonathon Knepper, Amy Knepper, Meghan Pardi, and Darryl Pardi
Julie Kaufman, Sarah Newman, Kelly Maurer, Martin Foont, Mahais Razaei, Brandra Khmedaj, Jillian Harvey, and Alicia Murad
Stella Flame, Marlene Sandler, Sarah Goldfarb, and Astou Falls
Maggie Wolk Dan Nigro
Randi Subarsky, Marlene Sandler, and Sarah McNamara
Linda Schoenthaler and Betsy Hoover
Meghan Pardi, Linda Schoenthaler, and Martin Foont
Michael and Vita Gala
On Monday, May 21st The Common Good, one of the nation’s premier ideas and issues forums founded by Patricia Duff, hosted its 4th annual capstone event of the year, The Common Good Forum & the American Spirit Awards.

The forum’s subject, “Order & Disorder: The U.S. & the World,” touched on major developments trending here and abroad, including threats to democracy and activism for change, and opportunities and challenges to American influence and prosperity.
John Harwood, Patricia Duff, John Della Volpe, William Schneider, Susan del Percio, and David Jolly
Each conversation was led by some of the world’s most notable thought leaders and activists including; Garry Kasparov, Russian dissident and world champion chess-master; Dr. Kori Schake, Deputy Director-General of the International Institute for Strategic Studies; Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney; Congressman Mike Rogers, former Chair of the House Intel Committee; Antony Blinken, former Deputy Secretary of State; Dr. Stephen Roach, Economist at Yale University; Karim Sadjadpour, Iran Expert and senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Admiral James Winnefeld, Former Vice Chair and Joint Chiefs of Staff; Ambassador Jan Kickert to United Nations from Austria; Susan del Percio, Republican strategist and political commentator.   
Ambassador Jan Kickert
Dr. Karim Sadjadpour
Garry Kasparov
Michael R. Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor and founder for Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, presented Parkland student activist David Hogg with the American Spirit Award for Citizen Activism and a $2,500 scholarship.

Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazines, presented Fareed Zakaria, CNN anchor, author, and columnist with the American Spirit Award for Thought Leadership. Alec Baldwin also presented Kerry Kennedy with a special tribute to Robert F. Kennedy.
Fareed Zakaria and Joanna Coles Michael Bloomberg and David Hogg
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Mike Epsy Alec Baldwin and Kerry Kennedy
Dr. Yascha Mounk and Dr. Kori Schake
Ana Cabrera and Admiral James Winnefeld Raymond Kelly and Patricia Duff
Charles Armstrong
Patricia Duff and Antony Blinken Dr. Stephen Roach
Photographs by Aria Isadora/BFA.com (Jewish Museum); Chad David Kraus Photography (BBRF); Sylvain Gaboury/PMC (Common Good)