Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer Soirées

Myles Morgan, Franck Laverdin, Susan Gutfreund, Sonja Morgan, Quincy Morgan, William Kapfer, Pamela Johananoff, and Matthew Adell at the American Friends of Blérancourt's Summer Soirée.
On June 6th, D. Day, it was a perfect evening for a Summer Soirée for the members and friends of the American Friends of Blérancourt to meet and enjoy cocktails on the incredible penthouse terrace of Pamela Johananoff and Matthew Adell.

Among the guests were Susan Gutfreund, Miles Morgan, Robin Cofer and Dominick D'Avella, Sonja Morgan, Quincy Morgan and William Kapfer, Nancy Newhouse, Andrew Kotchoubey, Marie-Monique Steckel and Franck Laverdin, chairman of AFB, Nicole Miller, Arveena Ahluwalia, Jean--Christian Agid, Shaune Arp, Nancy and Jerry Gehman, Genevieve Wheeler Brown, Theodore and Simona Vassilev, Odile de Schitière-Lonchampt, Frank and Michele Rella, Mara Khodara, Karen Bidermann, Vanessa Uzan, and Jenny Taylor.
Arnold Rosenshein, Matthew Adell, Frank Rella, and Dominick D'Avella
Guests on the terrace
On this lovely evening, guests discussed this year's Gala on November 9th being held at a private club. Then talk turned to curiosity and anticipation of who will receive the first Woman of Courage Anne Morgan Award which is being presented in March 2019 at the French Embassy in Washington D.C. For information visit:
Vanessa Uzan and Kristen Ernst
Nancy Newhouse, Myles Morgan, Sonja Morgan, and Andrew Kotchoubey
Franck Laverdin and Marie Monique Steckel Robin Cofer and Dominick D'Avella
Pamela Johananoff and Matthew Adell with Vanda
Caroline Verglas and Marlene Brown
Nancy and Jerry Gehman Paola Bacchini-Rosenshein and Arnold Rosenshein
Mara Khodara, Monica Pozzo Di Borgo, and Marie-Therese Chiarella
Frank Rella, Matthew Adell, and Arnold Rosenshein
Ted and Simona Vassilev Karen Bidermann, Nicole Miller, and Michele Rella
Shaune Arp, Odile De Schitiere-Longchampt, and Franck Laverdin
Jenny Taylor and Jean Christian Agid William Kapfer and Nicole Miller
Pamela Johananoff, Sonja Morgan, and Genevieve Wheeler Brown
Jean Christian Agid, Karen Bidermann, Michele Rella, Ted Vassilev, Sonja Morgan, Pamela Johananoff, Arveena Ahluwalia, Viviane Barrois, and Roswitha Rodrigues
The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic Summer Benefit took place on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at a private club. Sarah Jane Gibbons, Chair of the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic, and fellow Benefit Committee Co-Chairs Justin R. Kush, Stefan Nowicki, and Spencer L. Reames welcomed guests, who enjoyed a chamber music performance by New York Philharmonic cellists Alexei Yupanqui Gonzales, Patrick Jee, Sumire Kudo, Nathan Vickery, and Ru-Pei Yeh. The performance was followed by a seated dinner and dancing.
YNY Benefit Committee Co-Chair Stefan Nowicki, YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons, YNY Benefit Committee Co-Chairs Justin Kush and Spencer Reames
New York Philharmonic Musicians Ru-Pei Yeh, Nathan Vickery, Patrick Jee, Sumire Kudo, and Alexei Yupanqui Gonzales
Among the 125 guests were Courtney Hope Benenson, Maela and Reginal Dynasty, Bailey Eisen, Whitney Krahn, Marc Lewinstein, Sophia Mullen, Katie and Michael Newman, Barbara and Peter Regna, Peter Sculco, and Catherine Tenney.

The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic Summer Benefit was made possible with generous support from Mrs. Barbara Cates and James G. Dinan and Elizabeth R. Miller. Proceeds from the Summer Benefit help sustain the Philharmonic's educational activities, designed to nurture the love of music in a worldwide audience of all ages.
YNY Benefit Committee Members Amy Hutchings and Krissie Darr
YNY Committee Member Whitney Krahn, Sara Perry, and Lyndsey Arnold
Yoni Arbel, Leona Clague, Naoko Reames, and YNY Benefit Committee Co-Chair Spencer Reames
Andy Lam, Hannah Rabin, and Justin Joo
Elizabeth Siegel, Chris Daniels, Dean Sheremet, and YNY Benefit Committee Co-Chair Stefan Nowicki
Hannah Rabin, Whitney Mishler, Naysa Mishler, Sophia Mullen, Andy Lam, and Greta Ulvad
Scott Caraher, YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons, and Devon Caraher
Jennifer Reid and Andrew Frisbie
Bernd Delahaye, Gian Filippo del Bono, and Connie Fox-Andrews
Committee Members Marc Lewinstein, Amy Hutchings, Krissie Darr, Courtney Benenson, Bailey Eisen, & Katie Tenney; Randolph McEvoy; Nathan & Elise Vickery; Patrick Jee; and Committee Co-Chair Justin Kush
Mario Bruschi, Bhaviksha Ranchod , Kristen Robinson, Jessie Zhou Burger, and New York Philharmonic Musician Quan Ge
YNY Benefit Committee Member Duncan Sahner, Ann-Hunter van Kirk, YNY Benefit Committee Member Matthew Gilbertson, and Kate Rumsey
YNY Benefit Committee Member Katie Newman, YNY Benefit Committee Member Owen Boger, Katherine Ziccardi, and YNY Benefit Committee Member Michael Newman
YNY Benefit Committee Vice Chair Barbara Regna, YNY Benefit Committee Member Peter Sculco, and Eve Lehrman
On Tuesday evening, The New York Academy of Medicine held its 2018 Gala at Cipriani 25 Broadway, honoring Freda C. Lewis-Hall, MD, DFAPA, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer; Ruth Watson Lubic, RN, CNM, EdD, Founder and President Emeritus of the D.C. Developing Families Center, as the 2018 Urban Health Equity Champion; and ProPublica and NPR as the recipients of the Health Equity Journalism Award for their groundbreaking series “Lost Mothers.”
Guests enjoying the cocktail hour at Cipriani 25 Broadway
Dr. Judith Salerno, Jim Flynn, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, and Dr. Richard Merkin
Renée Montagne of NPR, Dr. Judith Salerno, Nina Martin of ProPublica, and Dr. Julie Gerberding of Merck
Ruth and William Lubic and their guests
2018 Honoree Pfizer Inc. Team
Artist Alice Mizrachi painted live during the cocktail hour
Emmy-winning journalist and anchor Cheryl Wills of Spectrum NY1 News served as Master of Ceremonies
Dr. Judith Salerno, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall (accepting the award on behalf of Pfizer Inc.), and Dr. Richard Merkin
Dr. Judith Salerno, Dr. Ruth Watson Lubic (accepting the 2018 Urban Health Champion Award), and Dr. George Thibault
Jean Shafiroff and Victor de Souza
Academy President Dr. Judith Salerno enjoys IMPACT Repetory Theatre's lively performance
IMPACT Repertory Theater performing at the cocktail reception
IMPACT Repertory Theatre performing
A video of the talented Harlem youth performance group IMPACT Repertory Theatre performing the original commissioned piece “In This Body” can be viewed below:
Photographs Natalia Bero/ (Blérancourt); Michelle Farsi (NYAM)