Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The industrious among us

Wendy Sarasohn, Leslie Cohen, and Jamie Joseph at a book signing for Leslie's debut novel, This Love Story Will Self-Destruct.
The City is quiet. I can attest to that with my calendar. Last week at the Museum of the City of New York’s opening of their Mod New York exhibit, I ran into one of our more prominent public relations men to whom I repeated the phrase. He quickly retorted, “it’s not quiet, it’s dead!”  

It seems that we’ve never seen it quite like this, but then ... New York is such a hotbed of social activity that we forget there are moments – like dead of Winter when people stay home, or if they’re able, get out of town. Not true of our restaurants which as I walk by on the avenues Lex and Second, as well as downtown, are brimming with life. So we’re still here. And the industrious and gracious among us are keeping everything on track for their friends (and the rest of us too).

Last Wednesday January 31st, as the Super Blue Blood Moon shone on New York, Wendy J. Sarasohn and her daughter Jamie Joseph co-hosted a book signing for their friend Leslie Cohen, whose debut novel This Love Story Will Self-Destruct has been called a ”must read” by both Time Out and PEOPLE.  Cohen’s style has been described as an “edgy, updated take on Nora Ephron.”
Jennifer Asatur and Leslie Cohen
Wendy welcomed guests ate the West 72nd Street pied-a-terre of Rodrigo Garcia, the film director whose Albert Nobbs was nominated for three Academy Awards and whose series Bull is a current hit on the small screen.  At one point the author entertained the group with a humorous reading from her novel. Brilliant moonlight illuminated the rooms, creating a fitting setting for readings by psychic Joan Carra. Among the friends and well-wishers who stopped by: Jennifer Asatur, Kristina and Alexandra Dell, Christine De Lisle, Amy Faxon, Jennine Gourin, Anki Leeds, Myra Scheer,  Kate Stamell, Dr. Jen Werely and the proud mother of the author, Jean Cohen.
Jean Cohen and Susan Bulger
Holly Oliphant, Anki Leeds, and Julie O'Rourke
Alexandra Dell and Kristina Dell
Christine De Lisle and Christine Biddle Jon Nissenbaum and Dana Harrison
Ross Vandenhoeck, Marc Vandenhoeck, and Dylan Vandenhoeck
Billy Banks and Alexa Miller
David Verbitsky and Leslie Cohen T.J. Litin and Myra Scheer
Chris Joseph, Ali Calinoff, and Jennifer Werely
Friends and family of author Sue Matthews and her sister Andrea Cohane gathered last Wednesday to celebrate the release of “Paint Your Hair Blue,” an empowering memoir and love story about a mother who lost her 16-year-old daughter to cancer. 

With husband Bob Matthews and daughters Ryan and Corey in attendance, Sue and her co-author Andrea read passages from this heart-warming book and reminisced about Taylor’s courageous, fun loving, feisty and often defiant personality as she managed to celebrate life in the midst of cancer. Guests laughed and cried and came away with a greater understanding of how truly precious life is.
Anne Akers, Nicole Leigh Morris, Jan Mercer Dahms, and Sue Matthews reading from “Paint Your Hair Blue."
The event coincided with the night of the Super Blue Blood Moon. Guests dressed in blue and blue streaks in their hair in memory of Taylor and the opportunity to add more color to their lives.  The event was hosted by Manhattan's RESCUE SPA and committee members Anne Akers, Leena Gurevich, Jan Mercer Dahms and Nicole Leigh Morris
Sue Matthews and Sharon Marantz Walsh Andrea Cohane
Anne Akers Sue Matthews and Andrea Cohane
Sue Matthews is President of the Taylor Matthews Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and funding pediatric cancer research.  Her work has extended from the halls of Congress where she lobbied for legislation to improve access to cancer treatments for children to Columbia University Medical Center  where a sarcoma lab is dedicated to Taylor's memory. TMF has raised $1.4 million and funded medical research at leading institutions including Memorial Sloan Kettering, the National Institute of Health, MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Children's Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center.
Gabrielle Carlson, Jan Mercer Dahms, and Anne Akers
Kira Citron, Cheryl Benton, and Randie Laine Miller
Andrea Cohane, Ryan Matthews, Sue Matthews, Corey Matthews, and Bob Matthews
Joan Pelzer, Sue Matthews, and Leena Gurevich
Lori Duckstien, Barbara Shaughnessy, Sue Matthews, Andrea Cohane, and Jeanne Kingsley
Brazil in New York. The electronic Visa for the US is here to stay. To celebrate it, New York welcomed a mix of Brazil's Government authorities, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Tourism industry, VIP guests and friends.

Vinicius Lummertz, President of Embratur, Minister of Tourism Marx Beltrão, and Ambassador Sergio Amaral emphasized this milestone in the Brazil-US relations. Guests included Anna Maria Tornaghi, who flew from Rio especially for this occasion; New York’s class act couple Rainer and Regina Greeven — fresh from their daughters Andrea Douzet and Christina Cuomo’s latest publishing success, "The Purist" Magazine; Broadway's own Cindy Marinangel (who "ditched Dietrich" to attend), Catherine Hart of SkinnyJeans, Priscilla Zoullas and her top model friends, amongst other personalities all flocked towards the event. Ten VIP trip packages to Brazil were raffled off to guests.
Ambassador Sérgio Amaral with Rainer and Regin​a​ Greeven
​Catherine Hart​​ George Wayne and Uriah Harris
Priscilla Zoullas, Mariana Zois, Livia Figueiredo, and Mayra Tozzi
Marcelo Alves and Vinicius Lummertz​
​Errol Rappapport and ​​Cindy Marinangel​ Katrina Copperfield and David Burke
​​Vinicius Lummertz, ​Cindy Marinangel​, Errol ​R​appapport, Cristina Rose, and Gisele Lim​a​
Brazilian Minister of Tourism​ ​Marx Beltrão​ with Anna Maria Tornaghi Michael Nagy and Trish Cope
Taste of Brazil
More than 350 women spent a beautiful day shopping at lovely boutiques, playing cards and games and having lunch with friends at the annual MorseLife Luncheon and Card Party held last Wednesday, January 31st at the Cohen Pavilion at the Kravis Center. Among the most prominent luncheons of the season, the event is held annually to raise funds for MorseLife in its commitment to providing health and healing to frail, homebound and needy seniors in its care. The final event of the social season will be the annual MorseLife Golf Classic on Monday, March 26th.

For information about playing, sponsoring or donating for this daylong event, contact Louise Davis at (561) 242-4661 or louised@morselife.org
Penny Wallerstein and Jill Sirulnick Michelle Jabos and Sandy Bornstein
Chairs Jean Sharf, Helene Kaplan, Phylis Fogelson, and Diane Goldsmith
Keith Myers and Ryna Greenbaum Lori Gendelman and Dorothy Kohl
Vicki Loring and Terri Sriberg Francine Kittredge and Robbi Toll
Valerie Goldfein and Jan Ball
Andrea Stark and Barbara Rothschild Ronnie Heyman and Sara Fabrikant
Nancy Lerner and Beth Goldberg Harriet Rothfeld and Marsha Goldberg
Photographs by Annie Watt (This Love Story Will Self-Destruct); Stephen Smith/AnnieWatt.com (Paint Your Hair Blue); Annie Watt & Luiz C. Ribeiro (Brazil); Capehart Photography (Morse).