Friday, March 16, 2018

“Tick Tock: Time in Contemporary Art”

Karen Tompkins in front of her painting "Atomic Clock."
The Lehman College Art Gallery Museum in the Bronx hosted a reception in honor of their current art exhibit: “Tick Tock: Time in Contemporary Art” curated by its museum director Bartholomew Bland, which is on view through May 5th. Artists included in the show are: Karen Tompkins, Rachel Hovnanian, Claudia Baez, Ed Ruscha, Laurie Simmons, Amanda Ross-Ho, Tal R, Whitfield Lovell, Ryan McGinness, Kysa Johnson and Federico Uribe.

A dinner in honor of Karen Tompkins was held at The Cecil in Harlem following the opening.
Webb Egerton, Karen Tompkins, and Veve Brown
Libby Fitzgerald
David McCreery
Karen and Clay Tompkins Rachel Hovnanian in front of her video installation "Foreplay"
Claudia Baez in front of her paintings "Last Year at Marienbad"
Peter Rockefeller, Caroline Garrity, Jon Garrity, and Grace Johnson
Evelyn Tompkins and Karen Tompkins
Clay Tompkins and Bartholomew Bland
Brian Owens, Evelyn Tompkins, and Victor Geraci
Tom Glover, Lorenzo Lorenzotti, and Richard Perry
Ulla Parker and Evelyn Tompkins
Mark Gilbertson, Zibby Tozer, and Peter Rockefeller
Jonathan Garrity, Ara Hovnanian, and Alex Roepers
Mark Gilbertson and Sana Sabbagh
Gloria Fieldcamp, Tana Dye, and Walter Deane
Othon Prounis, Sana Sabbagh, and Kathy Prounis
Ashley McDermott and Walter Deane
Steve Ketchum with Jim and Stephanie Loeffler
Peter Rockefeller and Dr. Charles Goodwin
Caroline Garrity, Elizabeth McCreery , and Amelia Junquera
The table settings at The Cecil
Blake Reiter, Grace Johnson, and Jon Garrity
Steven Ketchum and Ashley McDermott
Tom Glover and Meg Braff
Karen Glover and Peter Brown
Amelia Junquera and Bill Dye
Farran Tozer Brown
Monique Merrill and Veve Brown
Photographs by Annie Watt