I think it was Truman Capote who said that the world (in which he lived) was inhabited by five or six thousand people all of whom knew each other by no more than one, maybe two degrees of separation. I’ve often thought of that remark and have wondered if such an estimate held true in this more populated, more gallivanting world.

This week we begin an addition to The List. We’ve compiled another list – of several thousand people – mainly among the living, but also quite a few who are no longer with us. All of these are names and faces who have appeared on the New York Social Diary since its inception five years ago.

We’re calling it NYSD Personages. It gives an opportunity to expand The List, not only with the sometimes lengthy bios and recollections that I am prone to, but just enough details so that the reader can become familiar with the territory that we cover.

A lot of these people know each other, knew each other, know others who know them, or knew each other. Indeed some of them were married to each other or married to someone who was previously married to someone who knew them. The first husband of one of our Listees this week was also the second husband of a woman who is now the third wife of a man who is also among the Personages. His first wife, in turn, is now the widowed stepmother of another woman who is on the List. The world grows smaller and smaller and, no doubt, more interesting. We hope we are able to achieve some of that for your edification and/or interest.

Alex Acquavella
Michelle Rella
*Prince Amyn Aga Khan
*Irene Aitken
*Kathy Rayner
*Countess Sally Albemarle
*Joe Allen
Minot Amory
*Salvador Assael
Miles Redd
Muffie Bancroft
Bill Bartholomay
Shirley Bassey
*Peter Beard
*Sugar Rautbord
Duke Beeson
*Anne Pyne
Maria Benedeck
Randall Ridless
Caroline Berthet
Taylor S. Bodman
Darren Walker
Suzie Pleshette
Royce Pinkwater
*James/Jim Brady
Joe Bushkin
Leighton Candler
*Angela Rich
*Gov. Gaston Caperton
Countess Carla Cavelli
Katie Ridder
Helen Clay Chace
Princess Raffaella of Liechtenstein
*Winston Churchill II
Sibilla Clark
Joan Rivers
*Maria Cooper Janis
Lulu de Kwiatkowski
Wyclef Jean
*Casey Ribicoff
Eula Johnson
*Henri Barguirdjian
*Dr. Daniel Baker
*Paige Rense
*Anand Jon
Jason Kalisman
Miranda Richardson
Parker Posey
*Gayle King
Daisy Prince
Jay Frederick Krehbiel
Steve Roberts
*Emilia Saint Amand
*Padma Lakshmi
Rodman Leas
Perri Peltz
Sasha Leviant
Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Barbara Liberman
David Rockefeller, Jr.
Cecil Pecci-Blunt
Todd Romano
*Christine Schwarzman
Garrison DuPont Lickle
Senator Jon Corzine
Hilly Mahoney
Jennifer Creel
Anthony Addison
Pilar Crespi Robert
*Ruth Perelman
*Princess Sylvie d'Arenberg
Lauren Davis
Ogden Phipps
*Lilly Rousseau
Wattie Davison
Marie Chantal of Greece
*Chappy Morris
Paola Rosenshein
Minnie Mortimer
Jeanne Rohatyn
Robin Pickett
Lisa Perry
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
*Sarah Murdoch
Charlene Nederlander
*Princess Alexander Romanoff
Diana Negroponte
Lisa Newman
Fernanda Niven, Jr.
John Rosselli
Nancy Curry O'Shaughnessy
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Polly Onet
Jean Marc Pagliai
Anita K. Palitz
Leighton Rosenthal
Tatiana Papanicolaou
*The Duke of Marlborough
Sarah Jessica Parker
Governor Pataki
Topsy Taylor
Salvador Assael (right)
Anne Pyne (left)
Angela Rich
Sally Albemarle
Anand Jon
Prince Amyn Aga Khan
Prince Amyn Aga Khan — Brother of Karim, the Aga Khan, son of Aly Khan, and uncle of Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth.

Kathy Rayner — Married to former Conde Nast executive William (Billy) Rayner, daughter of media heiress Anne Cox Chambers; major supporter of the arts and animal rights/care philanthropies.

Princess Alexander Romanoff — Mimi Romanoff, widow of one of the last of the Romanoffs, who died in London two years ago. Princess Romanoff, born Nescemi, is from an ancient aristocratic family of Palermo, Sicily, and a cousin of legendary jewelry designer Fulco, duc di Verdura; resides here in New York and in London.

Sugar Rautbord
Salvador Assael — King of the pearls, retailing and wholesaling in New York (see NYSD 12/3/03).

Peter Beard — Famous friend and friend of the famous, from Warhol to Jackie Onassis; American-born international writer/photographer, aficionado of all things African, collector of Isaak Dinesen memorabilia, member of an Old Guard society family.

Sugar Rautbord — Chicago social siren and occasional novelist.

Anne Pyne — New York/old Southampton; novelist/interior designer; daughter of Betty Sherrill, head of the old line decorating firm of McMillen and Company.

James/Jim Brady — Editor/columnist, New York Post, Fairchild Publications, WWD; novelist.

Winston Churchill II
Angela Rich — Third wife of TV tycoon – “Dallas” – Lee Rich; went into the marriage without a pre-nup and walked away with multi-million dollar settlement.

Joe Allen — Businessman; longer partnership in pulp business with Peter Brant, married to writer Annette Tapert.

Winston Churchill II — Grandson of the late Sir Winston, only son of Randolph Churchill and Pamela Digby Churchill (later Hayward and then Harriman). Frequent visitor with his wife Luce to New York and Palm Beach.

Countess Sally Albemarle — Married to Rufus, Earl of Albemarle; the couple reside in Manhattan where they are popular in society and are great weekend aficionados of flea markets.

Maria Cooper Janis and Byron Janis
Maria Cooper Janis — The only child of screen legend Gary Cooper, and wife of Byron Janis, resides here in New York. The beautiful Mrs. Janis is a devout Catholic, keeper of the flame of her father’s film legend and supporter of her husband’s great virtuoso career.

Casey Ribicoff — Widow of the late Connecticut governor and US Senator Abraham Ribicoff, consistently chic longtime member of the Best Dressed List; popular guest/dinner/luncheon partner here in New York, in Washington and in Beverly Hills. Resides here in New York.

Paige Rense — Editor-in-chief extraordinaire of Architectural Digest. Ms. Rense, Paige to her legions of friends and fans, recreated AD more than three decades ago, turning it into one of the most financially successful glossy magazines in America as well as the pacesetter and trendsetter in shelter magazines. Her influence on American interior design as an industry and in the culture is without peer. When Conde Nast bought the magazine from its original owner, Paige moved from her longtime residence in California to New York and continued directing the magazine's phenomenal progress. Now married to artist Ken Noland, she lives here and in Vermont.

Christine Schwarzman
Christine Schwarzman — Lawyer, socialite, first married to media heir Austin Hearst, grandson of William Randolph Hearst, now longtime wife of Blackstone Group director, private investor Stephen Schwarzman with whom she has homes in New York, East Hampton, St. Tropez, Palm Beach and – I think – Aspen; has one child, a daughter with Hearst.

Anand Jon — Ambitious young American designer of Indian ancestry; aspiring actor and director, member of the downtown set.

Gov. Gaston Caperton — Former governor of West Virginia, now president of the College Board, organization which created the SAT, the nation’s premier college admissions exam, among its programs. Governor Caperton began his life with serious learning disabilities that through assistance and training he overcame and progressed to the major positions of responsibility in American society. He is both a hero and a champion and now a promoter of heroism and championship in the young.

Gayle King
Gayle King — Long time close personal friend and adviser of Oprah, director of O Magazine; among other things, Ms. King serves as liaison for Oprah’s media interests in New York. She is a very popular member of the media and social set, famous for her warm and welcoming personality; an excellent ambassador for her friend. Resides in Greenwich where she has a young family, and commutes daily.

Padma Lakshmi — Glamorous wife of Salman Rushdie.

Princess Sylvie d'Arenberg with George and Lita Livanos
Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler — Daughter of New York/Palm Beach’s Emilia and Pepe Fanjul, the sugar magnate who also owns, with his brothers, Casa del Campo in the Dominican Republic. Mrs. Pfeifler runs a successful public relations firm here in New York and is active in charity benefits and social life on the New York/Palm Beach axis.

Ruth Perelman — Wife of Philadelphia businessman, Ray Perelman, mother of tycoon Ron Perelman, former Philadelplhia native who now resides much of the time in Palm Beach.

Chappy Morris and Melissa Stanley
Princess Sylvie d'Arenberg — Wife of Prince Pierre d’Arenberg, son of the late Standard Oil heiress Peggy Bedford Bancroft d’Arenberg d’Uzes. The couple reside in France.

Lilly Rousseau — The famous Lilly Pulitzer, creator of the famous silk-screened cotton shifts called “the Lilly;” first married to and has children by newspaper heir, Peter Pulitzer, later married to Cuban Enrique Rousseau, longtime denizen and doyenne of Palm Beach society.

Henri Barguirdjian — Precious jewelry executive, head of the Graff organization in New York.

The Duke of Marlborough and David Astor
Dr. Daniel Baker — One of the top New York plastic surgeons, lately rumored to be the doctor of choice of Sharon Stone; last married to glamour girl Nina Griscom.

Chappy Morris — Very popular New York man about town, frequent contributor to charitable causes, ubiquitous member of the charity ball circuit from a very old New York and Philadelphia families; writer and poet; perennial bachelor who has been dating the same young, attractive woman, Melissa Stanley, for several years now.

Sarah Murdoch — Australian born young mother and pretty young wife of former New York Post publisher Lachlan Murdoch, son of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. When young Murdoch resigned from his position on his father’s New York newspaper, having made the decision to move with his family back to Australia, he was said to have been greatly influenced by his wife’s desire to return to their homeland.

Irene Aitken
Irene Aitken — Widow of Russell Aitken, stepfather of the tragic Sunny von Bulow; previously married to the late John Roosevelt, son of Franklin and Eleanor; frequent supporter of New York charities, major collector of 18th-century French furniture and art. Former resident of Newport; currently resides in New York.

The Duke of Marlborough — 11th duke; master of the Churchill family’s country seat Blenheim Palace, great-grandson of William Kissam Vanderbilt, distant cousin of Winston Churchill II, second husband of Tina Livanos Onassis (later Niarchos), currently separated from his third wife, the artist Rosita, the duchess; frequent visitor to Palm Beach.
L. to r.: Lavinia Snyder, Henri Barguirdjian, Leslie Jones and Jamee Gregory; Emilia Fanjul and Marina Livanos; Dr. Dan Baker and Mark Magowan
Peter Rogers and Casey Ribicoff
David Brown and James Brady
Annette Tapert and Joe Allen
Mimi Romanoff
Padma Lakshmi
John Loring and Paige Rense
Billy and Kathy Rayner; Sarah Murdoch and Anna Mann; Peter Beard.
Ray and Ruth Perelman
Gov. Gaston Caperton
Lilly Pulitzer

Besides the new additions to The List, we've also added an "In Memoriam" list featuring memorial profiles of individuals prominent on these pages or in our lives who have passed on.

Click here to view our new additions to the List In Memoriam.

Estee Lauder John Galliher Joe and Joan Cullman
Khalil Rizk Jack Paar Judy Green
Gene Hovis Sarah Churchill Alexis de Rede
Neal Travis Princess Margaret Arthur Gilbert

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Abbott, George

Adler, Frances Beatty

Aga Khan, Prince Amyn

Agisim, Judith

Aitken, Irene

Albemarle, Rufus

Albemarle, Sally

Allen, Herb

Allen, Joe

Amory, Victoria

Anderson, Harry Loy

Annan, Nane

Antebi, Donna Estes

Assael, Salvador

Aston, Muffie Potter

Baker, Dr. Daniel

Barguirdjian, Henri

Basso, Dennis

Beard, Peter

Benedict, Daniel

Capehart, Jonathan

Caperton, Gov. Gaston

Churchill II, Winston

Cominotto, Michael

Cushing, Laura and Harry

Curry, Boykin

Dahl, Tessa

d'Arenberg, Princess Sylvie

DeWoody, Beth Rudin

Drexel, Jackie and Nick

Duchin, Peter and Brooke

Duff, Patricia

Eaton, Phoebe

Fales-HIll, Susan

Fekkai, Frederic

Gilbertson, Mark

Griscom, Nina

Gross, Michael

Gutfreund, Susan

Hamilton, Catharine and David

Hammond, Dana

Harrison, Elizabeth

Hearst, Patty

Herbert, Michele

Heyman, Ronnie

Hilton Family

Janis, Maria Cooper

Jon, Anand

Kan, Yue-Sai

King, Gayle

Kemble, Celerie

Lakshmi, Padma

Langerdorff, Baroness von

Lauder, Evelyn

Lazar, Irving

LeFrak, Karen

LeFrak, Francine

Levy, Joanie Schnitzer

Liberman, Bobby

Long, William Ivey

Lufkin, Cynthia and Dan

Maccioni, Marco

Mason, Christopher

McCarthy, Patrick

McDonald, Patrick

McKnight, Bill and Kitty

McMullan, Patrick

Mehle, Aileen

Mellon, Bunny

Milliken, Armene

Milstein, Connie

Mitchell, Jim

Morgan, Sonja and John

Morris, Chappy

Murdoch, Sarah

Pantz, Baron Hubert von

Peebler, Toni

Pennoyer, Peter

Perelman, Ruth

Pfeifler, Emilia Fanjul

Pileggi, Nick

Pincus, Lionel

Pitt, Pauline

Ponti, Anna Lu

Ponton, Dan

Pyne, Anne

Pyne, Eben

Rellie, Euan

Rich, Denise

Rockefeller, Steven and Kimberly

Rogers, Peter

Rosenthal, Sarah and Mitch

Saffir, Andrew

Schiff, Ashley

Shriftman, Lara

Siegal, Peggy

Saltzman, Ellin

Sherrill, Betty

Shuman, Sydney Roberts

Siegal, Peggy

Silverman, Nancy

Sondes, Sharon

Stack, Rosemarie

Stern, Allison

Stewart, Serena Rhinelander

Stokes, Stephanie

Stubgen, Dr. Patrick

Sykes, Lucy

Taylor, Topsy

Thomas, Geoffrey

Walker, Darren


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