Thursday, April 5, 2007

An evening at Treillage

Virginia Pitman and Bunny Williams
Albert Hadley and Deborah Buck
Naz and Robert Rufino
Last night at Treillage, the design boutique of Bunny Williams and John Rosselli over on 418 East 75th Street, there was a cocktail reception for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. Gatherings at Treillage always bring out the design community. Rosselli and Williams are renowned for their taste and also for their hospitality.

Last night’s party was the opportunity for Diana Quasha of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House to present some gifts (“Awards of Merit”) to a number of members of the community, thanking them for their assistance with the LHNH’s biggest annual fundraiser – the Spring International Art & Antiques Show produced by Wendy Management.

About 8 years ago someone came up with an idea of staging a dinner after the opening night preview of the show, in the Armory and with tables designed and executed by designers.

Last night Diana recognized Robert Rufino, Helena Lehane, John Rosselli, Bunny Williams, Jamie Drake, Meredith Waga Perez, Geoffrey Bradfield, John Knott, Andrea Stark, Albert Hadley, Eric Cohler, Janice Langrall, Richard Mishaan, Joan McGivern and Scott Snyder for their contributions to the dinners. Not everyone was present for their “award” although Allan Brill, the head of Rolex USA, a big supporter of the Neighborhood House, was there for his. On acceptance he announced that Rolex would be supporting the gala again next year too. Applause applause.
Diana Quasha, Allan Brill, Albert Hadley, Bunny Williams, John Knott, and Robert Rufino
The theme for this year’s gala is The Time of Your Life, and once again it will be sponsored by Rolex. Some of the members of this year’s gala’s Table Top Designer Team are Michelle Marie and Jon Heinemann, Pamela Banker, David Beahm, Jason Bell, Sherrill Canet, Robert Couturier, Joanne DePalma, Philip Gorrivan, Gay Hackett, Harry Heissmann, Lisa Jackson, Richard Keith Langham, Brian J. McCarthy, Peter Lentz, Michelle Marie, Amanda Nisbet, Katie Ridder, Dennis Rolland, Stephen Miller Siegel, Chris Spitzmiller, Alan Wanzenberg and many more.

The Time Of Your Life gala will be held on the 26th of this month at The Seventh Regiment Armory (Park Avenue and 67th Street). The evening will begin with cocktails from 6:00 to 8:30pm to preview The Spring International Art & Antiques Show. Over 50 dealers from around the world will exhibit a wide range of materials including European, American and Asian furniture, oriental rugs, tapestries, rare books, autographs, antique boxes, clocks, silver, antique jewelry and more.

The evening will continue with dinner at 8:30pm at 35 highly stylized tables, with original decorations created by the interior designers to reflect the theme. Diana Quasha is Gala Chair. Honorary Chairs are Audrey Gruss, Elizabeth Rohatyn and Sydney R. Shuman. Dinner Co-Chairs are Sara and Charlie Ayres, Lisa and Dick Cashin, Caroline and Tom Dean, Ingrid and Thomas J. Edelman. Design Co-Chairs are Albert Hadley and Harry Heissmann. Tickets for cocktails start at $250. Dinner Tickets are $1,000. Tables are available. Call 212-744-5022, ext. 1355.
Jon Heinemann and Michelle Marie with Roger Webster
David Barrett
LIsa Bytner and Whitney Connor
Sydney Shuman and Mark Gilbertson
Gillian Miniter and Deborah Buck
Sydney Shuman and Helene Tilney
Diana Quasha
Tony Manning and Meg Wendy
Renee Landegger
Geoffrey Bradfield and Roric Tobin with a friend
A Treillage scene

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