Friday, March 16, 2007

Birthday boys and best of babes

It rained yesterday evening in New York and the weatherman has forecast snow for the Northeast for today. One last late winter kiss before Spring makes her entrance next Wednesday.

This past week was the week of “the launch” of the re-designed NYSD as you, devoted reader, are well aware. Your response has been most positive with some exceptions, some even vociferous. Everything is taken to heart: good, bad, even the indifferent. Because “change” has its demands, many of which we could do without. But it was necessary because we’ve grown – thanks to you – and because we needed to find ways to make the NYSD contents more accessible for those who have certain preferences and/or visit less than daily.

Euan Rellie
Yesterday was Euan Rellie’s birthday. I don’t know how old but in my book he’s still a kid.  I’ve known Euan for some time now. How we met, I cannot recall but he’s one of those fellows who makes friends wherever he goes. A Scotsman, a real charmer; a serious charmer. 

Euan’s married to Lucy Sykes of the famous (at least in New York and to Vogue readers everywhere) sisters who came to New York several years ago from London and took the town. (Sister Plum writes those chick-lit bestsellers.) Young mothers may know the name because Lucy Sykes created a burgeoning line of ready-to-wear, beginning with the wee ones, called Baby Sykes.

Euan is president of his wife’s company although he has his own investment consultancy business which he operates across the world. Together they are one of the most popular couples in New York. The Sykes-Rellies have one small son named Heathcliff and are about to have their second child just about ... now. Lucy told me last night that it was almost yesterday, but not quite.

The party was a restaurant called Malatesta on the corner of Washington and Christopher Street downtown. There were about fifty and we’ll show you the crowd on Monday’s Diary. Happy Birthday Euan, and many many more to you and your brand of joie de vivre. (see The List)

Leonel Piraino and Nina Griscom
Today on the NYSD HOUSE we have an interview in our series “The Way They Live”  (with photographs by JH) with Nina Griscom. Nina is one of our more prominent beauties since she took her place on the scene back in the 80s (even the 70s). Nina’s a babe and there’s laughter behind those eyes, although a serious one she is too. I could riff on Nina because she’s fun and interesting and charismatic to be around.

We also have a fascinating Guest Diary written by Rabbi/Professor Elimelech Goldberg who is both a black belt in the martial arts and a father who lost his first child to cancer in 1983. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Wayne State University Medical School.

Rabbi G, as he is affectionately known by his students, created the Kids Kicking Cancer program after for 12 years as the Director of a New York based summer camp for children with cancer. His experience in the martial arts, as a spiritual leader and as a parent who can identify with other parents facing serious disease, has provided him with remarkable insight into issues facing children and families with a diagnosis of cancer.

We met him through a friend  whose family foundation had lent some financial support to Rabbi G’s foundation. I was fascinated immediately because instead of talking about cancer and pain, he first talked about fear and how he had personally learned through his martial arts training to get beyond it, as it is with pain.

When he explained  how his programs impart this to kids, especially kids enduring the anguishing pain of serious illness, and how they develop their natural courage and strength, I was deeply touched. It’s one of those deeply inspirational and strengthening experiences that we can never get enough of in this troubled world of ours. It’s a healing. So we asked him if he could share it with NYSD readers. Rabbi G is one of those very agreeable guys who seems to find time for those who need it. I hope he will make some new friends from his Guest Diary.

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