Thursday, June 28, 2007

Going like 60

In need of watering just before the deluge yesterday afternoon in Union Square. 2:20 PM. Photo: JH.
Peggy Siegal celebrated her 60th birthday on Tuesday night with a dinner party with 167 guests at the Plaza Athenee. Among the highlights was an amazing cake that looked like a handbag on top of a suitcase on top of books, magazines, shoes, whatever. Peggy always on the Go. The party was called for eight. When I arrived at eight thirty guests were filling the hotel’s lobby as well as the barrooms. Patrick McMullan was there in his element. Patrick is coming out with a new book of photographs called “Glamour Girls.” There were more than a couple of them at Peggy’s party.

The birthday cake
Every guest was given a booklet with the entire guestlist in it as well as the table number for each guest. The booklet had a picture of little Peggy back in Englewood Cliffs when she was 3 or 4. You can see she was already planning her rolodex.

The booklet also contained a List of her medical secrets since she looks so good for 60.

Her top New York medical team:

Dr. Patricia Yarberry-Allen, Gynecologist
16 East 90th Street
(glamorous, attentive and thorough)

Dr. Patrick Borgen, Director of Breast Services for Maimonides Medical Center
59 East 69th Street
New York City
(Highly respected, dedicated genius, and has a great touch)

Dr. Jonathan Deland, Chief of Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery
523 East 72nd Street
New York City
(Ankle king of New York)

Peggy's birthday speech
... with Dixon Boardman
New York Times' Warren Hoge remembers ...
Peter Cincotti leads the group in "Happy Birthday" to Peg
Dr. Lawrence Forgacs, Optometrist
425 Madison Avenue
New York City
(Has examined my terrible eyes for 15 years, sold me 900 pairs of glasses and has enabled me to see the world.)

Dr. Richard Frankel, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
120 East 56 Street
New York City
(Great with corns and gives the best toe reductions in town)

Dr. Roy Geronemus, Surgical Dermatologist
317 East 34th Street
New York City
(Laser aficionado, takes of unsightly sun-spots)

Dr. Richard D. Granstein, Professor and Chairman of Dermatology
1305 York Avenue
New York City
(serious but curable skin diseases)

Dr. Gerald Imber, Plastic Surgeon
1009 Fifth Avenue
New York Ctiy
(gave me a new neck a year ago)

Dr. Thomas M. Kolb, Radiologist
222 East 68th Street
New York City
(top Mammograms)

Dr. Bernard Kruger, MDPC
170 East 78 Street
New York City
(Office visits costs more than a day at Bergdorf’s. His house calls are priceless.)

Dr. Jonathan LaPook, Gastroenterologist
16 East 60th Street
New York City
(Specializes in rare tropical diseases you get from exotic travels)

Dr. Thomas Magnani, DDS
7 West 51st Street
New York City
(Best oral hygiene, amazing cleanings, and star quality veneers)

Dr. Sidney Mandelbaum, Ophthalmologist
178 East 71st Street
New York City
(retina guru of New York, Palm, Beach and Miami)

Dr. W. Shain Schley
1305 York Avenue
New York City
(still trying to stop my runny nose)

Dr. Lyris Schonholz, Radiologist
448 Madison Avenue
New York City
(You can never have too many pelvic ultra sounds)

Dr. Jerome Waye, Gastroenterologist
650 Park Avenue
New York City
(Cleanest colonoscopy on Park Avenue)

Dr. Patricia Wexler, Dermatologist
145 East 32nd Street
New York City
(World famous skin doctor to half of Hollywood, now dispensing miraculous age-defying skin products)

Dr. Wayne Winnick, Chiropractor
159 East 74th Street
New York City
(Your pain is his pleasure)

Dr. Yale Fisher, Ophthalmologist
460 Park Avenue
(Retina guru of New York, Miami, and Palm Beach)


Jordan Carroll, Nutritionist
326 East 96th Street
New York City
(No pills, portion control; specializes in tycoons with jets and cooks)

Frederick Fekkai, Hair Color
953 Fifth Avenue
(Grey is not a color)

La Carezza, Manicures & Pedicures
43-45 Windmill Lane
Southampton, N.Y.

Rich Cardone, Masseuse

If that’s what it took to get Peg to 60 looking as good as she does, they did good.
Peggy’s Guestlist

Annette Tapert and Joe Allen
Victorial and Minot Amory
Sarah Ayers
Peter Bacanovic
Mark Badgley and James Mishka
Andre Balazs
Debbie Bancroft
Michael Barker
Arthur Becker and Vera Wang
Arianna and Dixon Boardman
Jacob Bernstein
Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose
Dorothy Berwin
Bruce and Maria Bockmann
Doug and Meg Braff
Christie Brinkley
Campbell Brown
Marisa and Matt Brown
Janie Buffett
Tory Burch
Hugh Bush and Douglas Cramer
Nicholas Callaway
Mario Calvo-Platero
Peter Cincotti
Christoper Clark
Bob Colacello
Jenny Conant and Steve Kroft
Ian and Marina Rust Conner
Jennifer Creel
Amalia Dayan and Adam Lindemann
Caroline Dean
Ron and Ellin Delsener
Matt Doull and Vicky Ward
Jean Doumanian
Dick Ebersol
Will Ebersol
Mica Ertegun
Pepe and Emilia Fanjul
Lourdes and Pepe Fanjul Jr.
Brian and Emilia Fanjul-Pfiefler
James Finkelstein
Sandy Gallin
John Goldwyn
Elizabeth Granger
Alexis Gregory
Louise Grunwald
Marjorie Gubelmann
Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal
Rick Hertzberg
Christine and Steve Schwarzman
John and Susan Hess
Alex Hitz
Warren and Olivia Hoge
Judy Hudson
Suzanne Ircha and Woody Johnson
Chris Isham
Donald Jackson
Mort and Linda Janklow
Elaine Joyce
Andrea Joyce
Donna Karan
Celerie Kemble and Boykin Curry
Eleanora and Michael Kennedy
Anna Kennedy
Calvin Klein
David and Julia Koch
Alexandra Kotur
Terry Allen Kramer and Nick Simunek
Alex Kuczynski and Charles Stevenson
Fran and Ros L’Esperance
Bernard Lackner
Laura Landro
Sasha Lazard
Anki and Doug Leeds
Jeffrey Leeds
Dr. Dick and Ellen Levine
Diana and Barry Levinson
Dominique Levy
Debbie and John Loeffler
Michael and Ninah Lynne
Chloe Malle
Catie and Donald Marron
Christopher Mason
Ghislaine Maxwell
George and Carol McFadden
Jennifer McGuire
Paterick McMullan
Grace Meigher
Jill and Peter Melhado
Bennett Miller
Steven and Heather Mnuchin
Gigi and Averell Mortimer
David Mortimer and Shelley Wanger
Brooke and Daniel Neidich
Paige Nelson
Patty Newberger
Jamie Niven
Billy Norwich
Juliana Overmeer
Stuart Parr
Bill Powers
Richard Price
Euan Rellie and Lucy Sykes
Donald Rosenfeld
Daryl Roth
Cynthia Rowley
Jeffrey Sachs
Richard Saloman
Jane Sarkin
Allison Sarofim
Emily and Tom Scott
Dan Senor
Eva and Bob Shaye
Jim and Fran Sheridan
Fran and Jonathan Marc Sherman
Alexandra Shiva
Annette Siegal
Erin and Gary Siegal
Mattie Siegal
Harry Smith
Peter Smith
Maily Smith
Liz Smith
John Sykes
Judy Taubman
Charlie Thompson  and Linda Wells
Marine Vergasola
Barbara Walters
Brad Wechsler
Lally Weymouth
Rob Wiesenthal
Allison Williams
Jane and Brian Williams
Paul Wilmot
Stephanie Winston and David Wolkoff
Mort Zuckerman
Marisa Noel
Anki and Doug Leeds with Brooke Neidich
Jenny Conant
Ninah and Michael Lynne
Linda and Mort Janklow
Victoria Amory
Eleanora Kennedy, Alex Hitz, and Hugh Bush
Bruce Bockmann, David Koch, and Jeff Sachs
Jake Bernstein and Andre Balazs
Lucy Sykes, Celerie Kemble, and Jake Bernstein
Calvin Klein and Eleanora Kennedy
Jane Williams and Liz Smith
Jamie Niven and Lally Weymouth
Maria Bockmann
Adam Lindemann and Amalia Dayan
Jean Doumanian and Doug Cramer
Larry Kudlow
L. to r.: Pepe Fanjul, Peggy Siegal, Warren and Olivia Hoge; Little Peggy Siegal.
Marjorie Gubelmann and Jake Bernstein
Linda Wells and Jeffrey Leeds
Lucy Sykes and Patrick McMullan
Michael Mailer and Ian Conner
Joe Allen and Vera Wang
Amalia Dayan and Bennett Miller
Peggy flying high ...
... and with Shrek
Rick Salomon and Charles Stevenson
Tory Burch, Marina Rust, and Alexandra Kotur
Daryl Roth and Marshall Rose
Dixon Boardman and Judy Taubman
Chris Mason, Matt Doull, and Nick Simunek
Euan Rellie, Vicky Ward, and Andre Balazs
Lucy Sykes, Pepe Fanjul, and Celerie Kemble
Lucy Sykes, Celerie Kemble, Patrick McMullan, and Euan Rellie

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