Thursday, March 15, 2007

It was like Spring, yesterday in New York.

Pigeons enjoying the balmy weather yesterday in New York
It was like Spring yesterday in New York. Mild, sometimes sunny weather.

Last night in New York
you could have seen Vanessa Redgrave over at the Booth Theater in a dramatization of Joan Didion’s powerful memoir “The Year of Magical Thinking.” The evening came with cocktails and buffet before curtain at the Milennium Broadway and was a benefit fundraiser for The Children’s Storefront.

Or you might have joined the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center for their Spring Gala, honoring the great Itzhak Perlman, with cocktails, a performance and a dinner. A black tie evening of course, a site appropriate at the University Club on 54th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Or you could have been up the avenue a few blocks at the venerable Metropolitan Club where the London Symphony Orchestra was holding its annual black tie Spring Gala with a performance preceded by cocktails and followed by a dinner.

Or, a few blocks north and over on Madison Avenue at the Emanuel Ungaro boutique (67th Street)  for the kick-off cocktail party for the up coming New Yorker’s for Children Benefit.
Mark Gilbertson and Ellen Niven
Allegra Hicks
Amy Fine Collins
Or you could have been, like me, ten blocks north on 77th and Madison where Allegra Hicks was holding a champagne reception to introduce her new shop. Shop openings are a big part of New York social life. Store parties. Excellent champagne. Pink. And everyone packed in like sardines. The crowd varies. A store party for a charity brings in the charity’s crowd, plus friends of course. The personality of the charity varies. Then the store opening party brings in the friends of the creator, and their friends. And then there’s a core crowd, people you see very often at these store parties. With the latter-mentioned group, it gets kinda collegial, not entirely unlike a college mixer.

Mrs. Hicks already has a shop of her ready-to-wear (much of which is made with textiles of her design) in London. This is her first shop outside the UK and she brought out a major gaggle of Brits and Americans many of whom see each other all the time in New York.
Maria Snyder, Patty Raynes, and Kimberly DuRoss
Hamish Bowles chatting wth Ivana Lowell
How many places do you go to in a night? I’m often asked. Answer: Sometimes just a couple. Or three. Or four. (Or none.) Sometimes the intention to cover more than one is there but I get distracted. I got distracted last night at Allegra Hicks. It was such a tight crowd and so animated. Magnums of pink champagne (Moet & Chandon Rosé) being quaffed. And blonde and brunettes being squashed by the madding crowd. I and the Digital stuck it out.
Rufus Albemarle busses Pia Morocco, and vice versa.
Leslie Stevens and Pia Morocco
Johnny Theo
Amy from the back
Marisa Noel
Amy and Hamish
Passing through the crowd ...
... and clothes
More from the crowd
Tim Kucha and Pamela O'Connor
Dennis Basso
Meila Souissi
Melissa Berkelhammer
Angela Westwater
Allegra Hicks' line on the rack ...
and in action ...
Rufus Albemarle and Campion Platt
Katie Brain and her jewelry designs.
Moet Rosé
Maria Snyder and David Anton
Patty Raynes and Douglas Hannant
Neva Anton, both sides now
Bettina Zllkha
Posing for DPC
Tatiana Boncampagni and Tiffany Khoury
After the cocktail hour (about nine o’clock) some of the crowd moved over to Swifty’s where Rena Sindi (who now lives in London) was hosting a dinner for eighty in honor of Allegra Hicks. So I followed to see what I could see. You can see what I saw, and then, before they all sat down to dinner, I slipped out and was home early. Always a prize.
Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Vanessa von Bismarck, and Dennis Basso
Patrick McMullan and Bettina Zilkha
Maria Tornaghi
The table settings at Swfity's
Rena Sindi
Pia Morocco and Trip Gabriel
Alex Papachristidis
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Gigi Mortimer
More from dinner at Swifty's.

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