Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Yorkers Love Pretzels

New Yorkers love pretzels. You knew that. Big ones. They sell them on the street carts. A lot of people put mustard on their big pretzels. You see them walking down the street eating the pretzel swathed in mustard. I wudna thoughta that. I don’t think I’d eat it either. But New Yorkers love pretzels and a lot of people put mustard on their big pretzels.

It was a beautiful day in the city full of the promise of springtime.

“In the spring of the year,
inhibitions disappear
and the heart beats high.
We had better face facts:
every gland that overacts
has an alibi.”

Noel Coward riffing Cole Porter with his own lyrics (“Let’s Do It”). Today we were almost there. Almost but not quite. The rest of the news does not to the heart appeal.

I mention pretzels for a reason. JH and I came back from the Netherlands over the weekend anxious to finish up the loads and transfers so that we could get yesterday’s Diary up online with a launch of the re-designed site. This has been months…. months!…. in the making. It has had its exasperating moments. We thought you’d be looking at it on the first of February. Really. Now seems laughable in retrospect. And then the first of March. And then …. now….yesterday. Simpler that way; ready for Teddy. Or so we were thinking.

Pretzels. That’s what it turned out to be for us here at NYSD. I won’t bore you with the details except to say what you may or may not already know: it ain’t easy to re-design and launch a web site. All kinds of technical problems and glitches came with the launch. As a result many of you who are with us frequently, if not daily, saw how difficult it was just to download yesterday’s Diary.  This was very disappointing to us because we were very excited about the content which included a visit to Antwerp, a dinner at an extraordinary castle in Belgium as well another tour of the fabulous European Fine Art Fair at Maastricht.

We worked ourselves into a dither several times over this one. But that’s show business. Late in the day I realized that we’ve all been spoiled with unrealistic expectations of the internet where everything is there at your fingertips.  We forget that creating the venue and putting it up online is long and complicated, like anything good and sturdy that we build in this workaday world. We’re in the process of ironing out those problems, we hope sooner than later. Thanks for bearing with us and always always, thanks for reading NYSD.
Susan Stroman and Robert Stern
Wilbur Ross, George Farias, and Dr. Mitch Rosenthal
Last night George Farias celebrated his fortieth birthday at a dinner for about forty guests in a private diningroom at MoMA. George, who is a Texas born New Yorker is one of our most agreeable citizens. His birthday party was originally planned for the real date: February 15. His friend and mine, Beth DeWoody was giving a party, but then Beth suffered a great loss unexpectedly and it was decided to put the celebration off a bit. George is personally in the investment management business. But out of the office, he is a very kindly fellow who makes friends wherever he goes. All kinds of people. Last night some of them were together to celebrate with him. I took a lot of pictures because I can get carried away. Here's a few, with more to come as soon as we are certain that our cyber-problems are behind us. Happy Birthday George.
Allison Mazzola and Hilary Geary
Robert Couturier and Nina Griscom
Bruce Levingston and Tatiana Platt