Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Department

A dragonfly affixed to a wall in Chelsea. 2:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Our gal about the world, the peripatetic Georgette Mosbacher, with the flaming tresses and the million dollar smile has been having the summer that could be a memoir in itself.

Our New Age Auntie Mame, Georgette Mosbacher, the tycoon lady of Borghese (the cosmetics), the hostess who gives the mostest, has been away far, far from her glamorous Fifth Avenue aerie, far from her beloved dawgs, out of touch with her legions of friends for more than two months.

Georgette Mosbacher
Her summer started in late May when she traveled to Egypt on behalf of the UN, and at the invitation of Suzanne (Mrs. Hosni) Mubarak to participate on a forum about human trafficking at the World Economic Forum.

This was followed by a dinner in Cairo, hosted at the magnificent home of the Chairman of ARTOC Group for Investment and Development, Mohammed Shafik Gabr.
Then came June, and the lady was off to Syria with Barbara Walters. Syria, just so you know, “is not a Third World country,” contrary to what some people would have you think. Georgette found the ruins at Palmyra to be “magnificent,” and her trip to Gaza “enlightening. President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad had the two ladies for lunch, all off-the-record, of course since Barbara wasn't there for ABC, so we’ll never know what they talked about.
Then, from Damascus, it was on to Venice to join Allison and Leonard Stern aboard their yacht the Lady Allison for a nine-day cruise of the Dalmatian Coast, glorious!

In Dubrovnik, the glamour girls disembarked (and the Sterns no doubt got ready for their next batch of lucky guests).
Suzanne Mubarak Barbara Walters Dr. Bashar al-Assad
The Lady Allison. Inset: Leonard and Allison Stern.
The ubiquitous Georgette returned to little ole Manhattan for two quick days, repacked, and then flew to Brussels (NATO headquarters) where her pal, the uber-chic Axel Vervoordt gave a beautiful dinner for her at his fabulous castle outside of Antwerp (NYSD 3/12/07).

The very next morning after the Vervoordt fete, lady boarded a US military C14 (Boeing; “the size of a football field with no windows, but anti-missile capability”) guest of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. General Bantz John Craddock, and off they flew to Kabul, Afghanistan to the INTERNATIONAL SECURITY ASSISTANCE FORCE Headquarters, where they toured the ‘Green Zone’ and had an opportunity to speak with the generals of the other Allied Forces fighting in Afghanistan. And you thought getting into the Bathing Corporation was the be-all and end-all?
Axel Vervoordt's fabulous castle outside of Antwerp.
The following day in Kabul, Georgette and company put on their combat vests that weighed a ton (actually 30 pounds), and helmets, and boarded a Chinook Helicopter to fly to our communications depot at the Khyber Pass. The day after that, off they flew to Kandahar, where they boarded another helicopter, escorted by two Blackhawk helicopters, and flew to one of our forward camps.

Do think there’s another social hostess/tycooness in New York who even knows what a forward camp is? I bet not. There they met those who Georgette could only describe as “our AMAZING troops, in a 110 degrees, the most difficult conditions, the most treacherous terrain. My God, our men and women in uniform are impressive,” adding, “They had a MASH unit right there in the middle of nowhere, hotter than hell. I felt SO PROUD!”
Kabul's Green Zone.
Next, no moss growing under on our intrepid friend’s Manolos (well, maybe no Manolos), she was back on the C14 back to Brussels, where a friend had sent his plane to pick her up and whisk her off to his house in Ibiza for some quick R & R. You out of breath yet?

Two days later, it was off to the Far East for Borghese (her company’s) business, visiting distributors in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea; whew! And finally ending up in Beijing for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Her word for it: “FANTASTIC!” I guess so.
Georgette's King Charles spaniels.
Meanwhile back in the Big Apple to catch her breath, next weekend it’s off to Aspen for a McCain senior leadership meeting. Then September 1-4th, she’ll be representing New York as an alternate delegate to the Republican Convention in Minnesota, before heading the following week down to Guantanamo to visit our detention center.

And you thought getting invited to the Maidstone was a big deal? Alls I can say is those poor pups are gonna forget who their mistress is if this keeps up. I hope somebody’s walking them.

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