Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mid-Winter Nights

Looking south from The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Saturday at 4:30 PM. Photo: JH.
A mild mid-winter Monday night in NewYork after a mild and sunny mid-winter Monday day in New York. Which is like a mid-winter Monday day or night anywhere in the colder climes. In other words, like they used to say in Noo Yawk: I shudda stood at home.

  Clockwise from top left: Jimmy Nederlander, Terry Allen Kramer, Gloria Feldt, Kathleen Turner, and Margo McNabb.
  The inside book cover addressed to DPC. Click cover to order.
However I had a couple of destinations last night that I figured wouldn’t kill me or wear me out. The first was a book party that Margo McNabb and Jimmy Nederlander were giving at their Central Park West apartment for her nibs Miss Kathleen Turner.  Ms. Turner’s book is called “Send Yourself Roses.”

The McNabb-Nederlanders live in a sprawling apartment that was packed to the rafters for Ms. Turner and her book. I ran into Francine LeFrak on her way out. And then producer Elizabeth McCann (staying put).

And then producer Terry Allen Kramer (also staying put, at least briefly). And in the next room producer Roger Berlind. And then producer Stewart Lane (a producer of the hit revival “Sunday in the Park With George”). You get the picture?

Mrs. Kramer and Ms. McCann are sometimes producing partners, as is Mr. Nederlander, and at times with Mr. Berlind. They are part of a small community of Broadway producers who keep a good many of the marquees lit on Broadway, and keep the crowds coming when one of their stars writes a memoir.

I think I first saw Ms. Turner in “Body Heat” when she was the body and the heat, no? I last saw her in the revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” (which was co-produced by  Daryl Roth with Kramer, McCann et al), years and years later she but was still heating things up.

Meanwhile, it was such a crowd I had to go looking for the author whom I found sitting on a rather large divan-like chair in a corner next to a large table stacked with books awaiting her autograph. I gathered some of her producers and her collaborator Gloria Feldt for a picture. She signed a book (“what did you say your name was? Michael?”).
Francine LeFrak
An Rapp and Luann de Lesseps
Jamie Gillis and Zarela
Ms. Turner is one to speak her mind and evidently she speaks it in the book enough so that her co-star in “Peggy Sue Got Married,” Nicolas Cage is suiing her for libel in England (I guess that’s the place to go if you wanna push the libel issue versus the Big Apple where libel is spelled l-i-a-b-l-e).

I know this because I happened to be standing next to Mr. Cage’s lawyer who was also at the book party and telling some friends about it.

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In the book it reads like this:

“... (he) ... has apologized to me for years for his behavior during the filming of Peggy Sue. But I must say that I have not pursued working with him again because of that experience.

“Look, he’s Coppola’s nephew. Coppola truly believed he could do it. The problem was that once Nicolas got the role, he wanted to prove that he wasn’t there as the result of nepotism. And so everything Francis wanted him to do, he went against – just to show he wasn’t under Francis’ wing. Which was ridiculous, because Francis’s instincts and direction were excellent. But Nicolas had to do the opposite to everything: that stupid voice and the fake teeth – oh honestly. I cringe to think of it.

“He caused so many problems. He’d been arrested twice, for drunk driving, and I think once for stealing a dog. He came across a Chihuahua he liked and stuck it in his jacket. He came into my trailer the last night when we were in the midst of shooting literally for twenty-two and a half hours in a row so that we could finish in the time required ... He fell on his knees and he asked me if I could ever forgive him.

And I said ‘Not right now. I have a scene to shoot. Excuse me.’ ... He didn’t manage to kill the film but he didn’t add a lot to it either. For years whenver I saw Nic he would apologize again. I’d say ‘Look, I’m way over it. It’s okay now.’ But he obviously had a sense that he could have done better. And since then, he has shown that he can.”

Peggy Sue got married and many years later ... Charlie sued Peggy. Or something along those lines. Ah sweet mystery of life, no?

Peggy Sue, I mean Kathleen, signed her book and then Gloria signed the book; thank you very much and I was headed out.

Although, I ran into two friends, one of whom, Luann de Lesseps, is co-starring in “Real Housewives of New York City” which premieres next Monday night (March 4th) on BRAVO. Ms. De Lesseps is actually American Indian by descent, although married to a Frenchman, a great-great grandson of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the man who built the Suez Canal. She and her husband have lived in Europe, in Gstaad, in France, in Malta, and finally in the Hamptons and now New York.

I was headed down to the Hard Rock Café on Broadway and 45th Street where another hot hot hot actress Lorraine Bracco and Southern Wine & Spirits of New York were presenting The Bracco Wines Portfolio. Now does this sound like a promo? Yes.

And was it? Well, let me tell you: I heard about it through the PR person at Dan Klores, the big time public relations people who often are employed to straighten out nasty situations for very public people. This person emailed me twice about showing up. And frankly, I felt like going down to the Hard Rock as much as I felt like going to a Hard Place. But I thought, well, maybe a picture of James Gandolfini so you could see what he looks like now standing next to the beautiful Lorraine and it’s real life, so to speak, and you could see what it looked like. Like you really needed to, right?

Wrong. The girl at the admission desk looked and looked and couldn’t find anything resembling a DPC on the List. “Wudja say the name was sonny?” This happens, and I suppose if it were dinner at the White House, I’d probably get my Irish up. However, at quarter to nine on a mid-winter’s Monday night, did I really care? Except for the hike back uptown, no.

So it hissy-fitted it up the steps and outta the place before you could say James Gandolfini, and was back on the Main Stem of the Big Apple.
Looking south and then north on the Main Stem of the Big Apple, 9 PM.
The Oscar window at Eli's of Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tiny Man and the Scarecrow (flanked by two Oscars).
Which I have to say, is more fantastic looking than ever before. It’s just so amazing. I know neon on neon on neon and now all digitalized, but still ... I took the pictures, grabbed a cab on 45th and was headed back up town. Very glad to be unhappy, so to speak.

I met Ms Bracco once somewhere in these pages. I recall that she was a very nice woman, very goodlooking. I can’t imagine she’d be hawking some bad wine, can you? Musta been good, that’s all I can think. Ah but will I never know?

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