Monday, January 12, 2009

Real winter cold in New York

Cedar Hill in Central Park. 10:30 PM. Photo: JH.
January 12, 2009. Quiet around these parts. Real winter cold in New York. Not much snow from that well-touted major snowstorm that was heading our way from the west on Saturday. Except the frozen icy snow on the street curbsides and the surfaces of the parked cars.

The town remains quiet, just as it was before the Christmas holiday began. Given the current financial atmosphere, the talk is questioning the quiet. However, it’s also early January, like any January in New York, after the pandemonium leading up to the holidays.

Last Saturday night Mr. Obama took his wife and children
to the Lincoln Memorial to pay homage and perhaps to remind us all of ourselves and our heritage. At dinner last night some of the guests were expressing their enormous admiration and excitement of Mr. Obama’s Presidency. Much is expected of him.

Obama family visiting the Lincoln Memorial.
It is wise for us to remember that at this point in Mr. Lincoln’s Presidency, before his swearing in, no one knew quite what to expect of him. They knew not of the inevitable War Between the States, nor did they expect what came after. If this were a fable, Mr. Obama would be providing a healing. Whereas in reality it is likely that he will provide a new approach to our problems – at least those problems he can identify with.

I am skeptical of all politicians because power is a brutal animal and a man’s a man for all that. From this vantage point where gossip is passed like a box of chocolates after dinner, there are always two or three sides to a person. Although Mr. Obama has been fairly free of that. The common gossip about any political figure usually has to do with whether or not she or he is “nice.” Followed by examples. Which depends on whom you’re getting it from.

I watched Milk on Saturday. A friend who has access lent me the DVD. I rarely watch movies or see television with this gig of mine. I realized when it came to watching Milk that I am so out-of-the-habit of “watching” that it actually takes effort to sit myself down for it. I’d rather read. Yet all through childhood and youth I watched movies all the time (TV less).

I’d been told by a number of people that Milk was really great and Sean Penn was amazing, brilliant, etc. When I finally saw it, I did not think I was watching Harvey Milk, as some have experienced. I was watching Sean Penn portray Harvey Milk. Penn is amazing, brilliant, etc. Milk is a modern hero. I knew about him, but not much before this portrayal. He will now always be the Sean Penn version. Like that sculpture of Abe Lincoln in his memorial. An excellent reminder. I was thinking while watching that there were two heroes in this film: Harvey Milk and Sean Penn. Guts and fair is fair. We could all use some more of that.

Is this the lighter side?
The news is out that Tinsley and Topper Mortimer are separated. You needed that, right? This is not surprising to many of their friends because there have always been rumors and Mr. Mortimer has always been at the center of them. Besides the goldfish bowl of New York is a lane too fast to last. However, separations and divorces are tough and often tougher for one than for the other. It is a time for partners to treat each other as kindly as humanly possible.

Meanwhile The Tinz’ one time media-style arch-rival Olivia Palermo is the hot tamale on today’s celebrity scale. The most typed in keywords we get on the NYSD these days, even above Bernie Madoff, is Olivia Palermo. People want to look at her picture. What else there is to learn, I’m not sure. She’s certainly a beauty on or off camera. And she’s amibitious. She has the handsome boyfriend Mr. Huebl who looks like an actor too. And people think she plays a bitch so well that she is a bitch. I don’t think so. I know she has two parents that adore her. I didn’t say idolize. I think that’s important, and not as commonplace as you’d like to think. But always a good thing.

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