Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn underfoot

Autumn underfoot. 11:00 AM. Photo: JH.
Tuesday, November 1, 2011. Snowday, gone with the wind; sunny, fair weather yesterday in New York. Except for a few (tiny) mounds of snow you'd have never known that we had such a storm unusual for this time of year. North of us thousands and thousands of people are still without power. In Central Park, they lost a thousand trees. The heavy wet snow (all 1.7 inches of it) stuck to the still green leaves of the trees and in many cases brought down the branches and anything under them. And in some cases it brought to the whole tree.

The conversation at dinner last night
was the Ruth Madoff and her son Andrew Madoff's interview with Morley Safer on CBS. I didn't see it but listened to some of it. I heard very little sympathy expressed for the lady afterwards. So many tend to believe she "knew."
Residual on Riverside.
Mrs. Madoff's voice was low and depressed, however, she may have appeared on screen. There was little she could say that would exonerate her for those who don't believe her. There is nothing that she can say or do that will redeem her.

To these ears, it was the voice of a woman whose life is ruined, and doubly painful because of the suicide of her son Mark. The word that came up several times from her was "unimaginable." And it remains just that –- unimaginable in terms of her losses of family and life and the thousands of people whose lives were shattered or at least turned upside down. Although those who I know suffered great financial losses have picked up the pieces and gone on. For Ruth Madoff there will be none of that, although her son Andrew is young enough to recover and make a life for himself and his family.

The question must arise over and over: why did he do it? How could he do it? When asked why Ruth Madoff considered his family background, his father who failed in business, and the young son's desire to best or better it. Although the ultimate answer that touched everyone associated with the Ponzi scheme, including the duped and unthinking is the same: Greed. The enemy of the people.
In the Halloween spirit at the corner deli.
Meanwhile on a MUCH happier note, across the city last night, the little ones, the children and the kids (ranging from 3 to 13) were out doing the "trick or treating" in their costumes, many dressed like "grown-ups" of various ilk and stripe. In my building the management distributed an orange and black sheet of paper that residents could put on their doors to tell the kids that it was OK to ring the bell and expect something. So between 5 and 8 o'clock the hallways were alive with the sound of young laughter, tittering and racing footsteps.
Meanwhile, over the weekend, through the snow and wind and rain, there were probably thousands of Halloween parties and the "grownups" in every get-up thinkable and even unthinkable, even dressed as teenagers, children and little ones "celebrating."

It's a good excuse to party, to play another role and to have a good time even for those of us in hard times.

Kyle DeWoody (Bill Cunningham) getting a shot of Jonah Fay-Hurwitz (Fran Lebowitz) at the Sinners and Saints Party at the Top of the Standard Hotel on Saturday night (photo: BFA).
One of my favorites (whom I saw only in pictures), was the very clever Kyle DeWoody and her boyfriend Jonah Fay-Hurvitz. Kyle was got up as Bill Cunningham (the ubiquitous fashion photographer/chronicler of the Times) photographing Jonah who got up as Fran Lebowitz. Both "he" and "she" got the costume, the look and stance just right!

There were so many shots to choose from that we're running just a few for today, but later on we'll give you a good look at Bette Midler's annual Hulaween for the New York Restoration Project at the Waldorf this past Friday night.

This has always been a great party from Day One, and Friday's was graced with a full concert length performance by the great Stevie Wonder who had the whole room clapping and singing to his cornucopia of classic hits. Good times were had by all.

Andre Balazs, Thomas Hayo, Nick Rhodes and Andre Saraiva Celebrate Halloween as Sinners & Saints at the Top of the Standard Hotel ...
China Chow and Adrien Brody. Michelle Harper.
Martin Cohn, Max Golden, and Mavi Staiano.
Amirah Kassem and Johan Lindeberg.
Valentine Uhovski and Olga Rei. Tom James and Leslie Stevens.
Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto.
Andre Balazs and Kamil Parchomienko. Kevin Carrigan, Fabio Manuele, and Tim Furzer.
Andrew Fry and Bronson van Wyck.
Nora Kaiser and May.
16th Annual Bette Midler's Restoration Project's Hulaween at the Waldorf ...
Stevie Wonder and Bette Midler. Michael Kors.
Narciso Rodriguez and friend. Phil Buccellato and Lacey Peckenpaugh.
Margo McNabb and James L. Nederlander.
Debra Messing. Martha Stewart.
David and Collene Criste.
Rueben Robierv. Renee Fleming.
Storefront for Art and Architecture's "Critical Halloween" at 3LD Art and Technology Center in NYC ...
Bjarke Ingels. Lisa and Ted Landrum.
Daniel Arsham.
  Christina Hora and Sergio Rebelo.
Alison Cutler and Mark Kroeckel.

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com

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