Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full moon rising

Swinging in Central Park. 3:45 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, March 8, 2012. Very cold yesterday morning, and then the Sun came out and by midday it was like Springtime with temperatures in the 60s.

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Michael’s: Katie Couric was at the table next to mine and I don’t know what her latest news is but maybe she’d just been made the first female Cardinal because half the people in the room came over to say hello (or get her blessing), and the other half couldn’t get through the crowd.

Michael’s was jammed. I know you hear that sort of thing from me frequently, and Wednesday is the day that all the Peepul come out to play/work/lunch. Yesterday, however, seemed like the next thing to pandemonium.

Table One in the bay, Bonnie Fuller was hosting her Wednesday lunch with her boss PMC vice chairman Gerry Byrne with a guestlist of Jonah Peretti (Buzzfeed), Ann Lawlor, Meryl Poster, Fern Mallis, Mark Patricof (Mesa Global), Jill Martin, Lisa Granstein (AdWeek) and Carlos Lamadrid (
Joy Behar stopping by the table of Katie Couric (far left) and Cindi Berger. That's Donny Deutsch in front of the David Hockney.
Katie Couric was right in front of them (receiving) with Cindi Berger. Nearby Jason Hodes with Donnie Deutsch. Next to them: the Mayor of Michael’s Joe Armstrong who was walking with a cane after some harsh bronco busting down Texas way. Next to him: Liz Smith and Joni Evans, those girls.

Nearby and around the room: Terry McDonell with Gayle King; Lori Zaslow, Jennifer Geisser, Ryan McCormick and Michael’s very own Brenda Starr, Diane Clehane. On the other side of me, Christy Ferer with Patricia Matson, and next to her Jason Binn with Ben Fischman. Moving along: a fabulous foursome – Patrick Murphy, Mary Murphy (bro and sis) with Joan Jakobson (who was singing last night with her group at the Writing Center of Hunter College’s annual dinner at Doubles) and Sharon Hoge; next to them and then them: Steven Swid, Jon Meacham, Charles Schueler; Matt Blank, Jordan Ringel; Steve Haft; Ari Hoffman (president of Benetton USA); Catherine Saxton with Bruce Orosz; David Sanford of the WSJ with Chuck Stevens of Bloomberg; Quest’s Chris Meigher with Dennis Basso, QVC’s mega-grossing fashion personality; Chris Taylor; Julie Macklowe; David Poltrack of CBS News; Areyeh Bourkoff; Joel Moser; Emilia Saint Amand was with yours truly. Also T&C’s E-I-C, Jay Fielden; Kim Fennebresque; Hugh Freund; Alexandra Chemia (in from LA); Erika Garcia-lavyne; Alexandra Scott; Danielle Sprouls; Katia Mead; Hunter Murtaugh; Mark Volpe.

At the bar enjoying their monthly champagne lunch, Kira Semler and Vi Huse. And in the Garden Room Miss Peggy Siegal hosted a luncheon for Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor who are in town publicizing their new film “Salmon Fishing,” with a guest list including Joy Behar, Jodi Applegate, Lynn Sherr, Gil Schwartz, Bill McCuddy, Roger Friedman.
The Big Town, corner of 60th and Fifth Avenue with the Plaza on the right, 9 West 57th behind it and Bergdorf Goodman in the center. 7:35 pm.
Last night with the Full Moon over Manhattan, there was something going on on every block (I’m exaggerating but it was busy). I started out at Doubles where Lewis Frumkes of the Hunter College Writing Center and Jennifer Raab, President of Hunter College were hosting a dinner honoring Nilma and Meg Wolitzer, and celebrating the second anniversary of the Writing Center.

This was a festive affair of writers and their associates, devotees, fans, friends and supporters, including Bruce Jay Friedman, Denise LeFrak and her husband John Colicchio, Barbara Taylor Bradford and her husband, producer Bob Bradford, Iris Love, Nelson DeMille, Barbara Lazear Ascher, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, Tina Flaherty, Erica Jong, Betty Kelly Sargent,  Ben Cheever, Daphne Merkin; sculptress Elizabeth Strong de Cuevas, Jeannette Watson and Alex Sanger, Joan and John Jakobson, Helen Houghton, Bel Kaufman (celebrating her centenary), Alana Frumkes and daughter Amber; Cristina Alger (author of the newly published Darlings), Sharon Hoge, Mario Buatta, Ann Radich, Susan Barash, Jim Simons of the Renaissance Hedge Fund, Joanie Danielides, Barbara Goldsmith, Rita Goldberg.
The guests about to enter the dining room at the Hunter College Writing Center's 2nd annual dinner last night at Doubles.
Somebody knew they were coming and baked a cake.
I’d never met best selling author Nelson DeMille before and so couldn’t resist asking him if he were related to Cecil B. DeMille, the famous film director of Hollywood spectacles from the Silent Screen days right up to the 1950s. Answer: No. CB’s real name wasn’t “DeMille.” He was Dutch and whatever it was, he shortened it or transformed it into DeMille. The DeMilles of Nelson were from Avignon. Now you know.
Nelson DeMille. Ann Radich and Mario Buatta.
Barbara Taylor Bradford, Bob Bradford, and Tina Flaherty. Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas.
Joanie Danielides, Barbara Goldsmith, and Joan Jacobson.
Susan Barash. Erica Jong, Bel Kaufman, and Jennifer Raab.
Amber with her father Lewis Frumkes. Denise LeFrak and John Colicchio.
Jeannette Watson Sanger, Betty Kelly Sargent, and Helen Houghton.
Jeannette Watson Sanger, Rita Goldberg, and Alana Frumkes. Bruce Jay Friedman.
Today is International Women’s Day in the world and one of the celebrations was held last night at the DKNY store on Madison and 60th Street. Francine LeFrak and DKNY were hosting a reception for Same Sky, the socially conscious jewelry line that Francine founded in Rwanda and Zambia for women artisans to achieve self-sufficiency.  After leave Doubles  (where Francine’s sister Denise was attending the Hunter dinner), I went over to get a couple of pictures.

Francine’s project (I call it a project – she calls it her fulltime job) has had amazing results in its thus far short life. But more about that in another Diary.
Francine LeFrak and Rick Friedberg.
The hand-crocheted glass bead bracelets made by the ariisans of Same Sky in Rwanda and Zambia.
The Same Sky staff and supporters: Caren Carlson, Emanuela Cakirca, Elizabeth Long, Ramona Selva, Francine LeFrak, Randy Odaga, Indira Jerez, Louis Cruz, and Ariel Lash.
Keeping with the International Women’s Day: From the DKNY/Same Sky party, I walked up the avenue to the Tory Burch store on Madison between 67th and 68th where they were hosting a booksigning for the lovely Angela Nazarian and her new book Pioneers of the Possible; Celebrating Visionary Women of the World (Assouline, Publishers).

I hadn’t been to Tory’s (fairly) new Madison Avenue boutique. It’s two floors, narrow and chic. I passed Tory on the staircase on my way up to photograph the author.

Angela’s first book, Life As A Visitor, was published also by Assouline in 2009. Besides being a writer, Angela, who earned her graduate degree in organizational psychology, facilitates personal development seminars for women. Among her subjects in this new book, are: Martha Graham, Simone de Beauvoir, Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, Ella Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo, Golda Meir, Nawal El Moutawakel, Anais Nin, Estee Lauder, Gertrude Berg, Zaha Hadid and Jacqueline Novogratz.
Author Angela Nazarian, Click to order or buy immediately at Archiva on 72nd and Lexington Avenue. Jean-Christien Agid and Elizabeth Harrison.
The queen of New York Night life (downtown, of course), Amy Sacco.
As it was a beautiful night in New York and Madison Avenue, save for the road traffic, was very quiet, I strolled the stretch from 60th up to 72nd Street and took in some of the shop windows on the East side of the avenue where the Spring 2012 colors were in full blossom.
Cole Haan ready for Spring.
Church's ready for Spring too.
Soigne K.
Roberto Cavalli.
Devi Kroell. J. Mendel.
Alice and Olivia. Dennis Basso.
Helmut Lang.
Chanel Tory Burch.
La Perla.
Max Mara. Lanvin.
Donna Karan.
Donna Karan.
Dolce and Gabbana.
Bonpoint. Cesare Paciotti.
Reed Krakoff. Prada.
Bottega Veneta.
Bottega Veneta.
Asprey. The one, the only, Ralph ...
And more Ralph.
Full moon rising over Manhattan, 8:20 p.m.

Photographs by DPC.

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