Friday, July 27, 2012

New York is like this

Storm clouds hover over 73rd and Lexington. 7:40 PM. Photo: DPC
Friday, July 27, 2012. Hot and sunny and humid with a big thunderstorm promised in early evening. And delivered — as a brief deluge — dropping temperatures about fifteen degrees in the process.

New York is like this. I went to lunch at Michael’s with Tomas Maier and Andrew Preston. Tomas is the creative design director for Bottega Veneta. He and Andrew divide their time between here and Florida, with bon repos in Sagaponack for summertime. The two men also have shops in Amagansett and Palm Beach where they sell all kinds of good things as well as a line designed by Tomas.

Luxury, as defined by Tomas is what used to be known as “quality.” Quality meant the “best” — meaning materials, workmanship, utility and design (these are my words, not his).  And, Tomas said, the customer who can afford luxury is very sophisticated today. They know how to identify that.

Gareb Shamus and Jon Ledecky.
Gillian Tett, the US Managing Editor of the Financial Times, was at another table and stopped by for a moment. It turned out that Maier and Preston always read the FT because it’s so good, and so well written, and reminded Gillian that she was the first to write and warn about the Libor mess more than a year ago. She remains the first among mainstream media, in my book to write and warn about that other complications and activities that are wrenching the world’s financial systems.

Fifteen minutes. Also at Gillian’s table were two men in this photograph who are working on some kind of business project. Gareb Shamus is the creative and Jon Ledecky is the financial whiz. Both men have had notable success in their previous (separate projects) endeavors.  But the interesting thing is that Jon Ledecky’s niece is Katie Ledecky, the Olympic swimming star who appeared on the Today Show  yesterday morning. Jon has been boasting about his niece’s prowess for some time, but coincidentally Jon also went to school with Matt Lauer. He told me he’s said that to people in the past but they never believed him. Then yesterday on the show, Matt Lauer opened his piece on Katie Ledecky by telling the audience that he went to school with her uncle, Jon Ledecky. Jon said he got messages from people all over about it within the hour and for the rest of the morning. For all of Jon's business successes, it seemed as if nothing was more exciting to him than yesterday’s Today Show.

Sad note. Marc de Coster, known to hundreds, maybe thousands of chic and fashionable women of society as Monsieur Marc of the Carlyle died this past Tuesday. Never a man to seek personal publicity, in an earlier era, he nevertheless had more “heads” among prominent women in New York and on the East Coast. The Monsieur Marc clientele included many of the social names such as Mercedes Bass and Jayne Wrightsman and even Nancy Reagan and Betsy Bloomingdale, as well as the generation of ladies that came before them.

Glad note. Linda Fairstein, who has been out on the road visiting 18 cities and locations publicizing her new Alex Cooper crime novel “Night Watch,” returned Wednesday night to Martha’s Vineyard where she usually summers. “Night Watch” hits the New York Times Bestseller list this weekend at #10, where she met a number of NYSD readers! Hello America! And thank you.
Nick Korniloff, Mike and Jennifer Tansey, and Pamela Cohen.
If you’re going to be out East this weekend, don’t miss Art Southampton which is running through the weekend. Presented by Art Miami, one of the world’s most prestigious international contemporary and modern art fairs, this inaugural Art Southampton equals its sister fair in offering the highest quality of art from the world’s most respected galleries. And the works are being displayed in a luxurious specially constructed 75,000 square foot Pavilion on the Elks Lodge Fairgrounds at 605 County Road.

The Pavilion itself is a wonder to see and experience, featuring an elegant VIP Lounge and impressive private spaces for galleries. It was also built to withstand winds of up to 190 mph. Opening night the big crowd of luminaries never even heard the raging storm that blew across the bay mid-evening.
KVINNA, Hal Buckner.
Play, Jessica Lichtenstein.
The night benefited the Southampton Hospital. Among the guests were Donna Karan, Robert Chaloner, President and CEO Southampton Hospital, Steve Bernstein, Gary and Katherine Andreassen, Lisa Anastos, Angela Anton, Christopher Arnold, Ted and Ruth Baum. Haley and Jason Binn, Henry Buhl, Liz Burns, Sharon Bush, Alicia and Dan Bythewood, Liliana Cavendish, Gregory D’Elia, Jamie de Roy, Sherry Dobbin and Marc Fasanella, Jeanine Edington, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, Judy and Rod Gilbert, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Dr. Penny Grant, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Andrea Gurvitz, Jeannette Sara Herbert Galloway and Barry Klarberg, Ryan Horn, Maryann Horwathand Michael Shaheen, Gary Lawrance, Sue Madonia, David McDonnell, Bruce Michael and Clif de Raita, Nicole Miller, Juan Montoya, Chris Norwood, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Seren and Michael Shvo, Martin and Nancy Stone.
Tension, Michael Murphy.
John Clement at Caspian-De Buck Gallery.
Man in the Orange Shirt.
Among the highlights of the weekend-long Fair is the premiere of “HEAARTBEAT” a documentary that takes an incisive look at the late renowned sculptor John Chamberlain by his stepdaughter filmmaker Alexandra Fairweather.

The screening will benefit the Ross School’s Chamberlain–Fairweather Scholarship Fund for the Arts. The Fund was created by John Chamberlain, Prudence Fairweather and Alexandra Fairweather in 2007 to recognize and support students with a passion for the arts who are in need of financial aid to receive the excellent global interdisciplinary education offered by Ross School. Each year this scholarship encourages young artists to realize their dreams and impact the future of fine arts.

Tonight Robert Wilson will host a VIP reception followed by an additional screening of “HEAARTBEAT” to launch the Watermill Center/Chamberlain Residency Grant Fund. Many international friends and local supporters of The Watermill Center will be attending their famed gala Saturday evening.
VIP bar area.
International galleries participating include Allan Stone Gallery, New York, Antoine Helwaser Gallery, New York. Arcature, Miami, Gallery Valentine, Easthampton and Bridgehampton, Ascaso Gallery, Miami, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, UK, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd, New York, David Findlay Jr Gallery, New York, De Buck Gallery, New York, Dean Project, New York, Dillon Gallery, New York, Dorfman Projects, New York, Edelman Arts, New York, The Elkon Gallery, Inc., New York, Galerie Forsblom, Finland, Galerie Terminus, Germany, Hackelbury Fine Art, UK, Hexton Gallery, Chicago, Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York, Jenkins Johnson, New York, Jerald Melberg, New York, Leila Heller Gallery, New York, McNeill Art Group, Southampton, Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto, Now Contemporary Art, New York, Robert Klein Gallery,  Boston, Scott White Contemporary Art, La Jolla, Vincent Vallarino Fine Art, New York, Waterhouse & Dodd, New York, Westwood Gallery, New York, Witzenhausen, Amsterdam and many others.
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Melanie Wambold and Gregory D'Elia.
Beth Rudin de Woody and Pamela Ruiz.
Barbara and Linda Marino.
Hilary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross.
Joan Macri, Paul Anthony, and Terry Sarro.
Kirat Young and Frank Wyman.
Jane and Joe Pontarelli.
Janet Lehr and Vered
Nicole Brewer with Sidney and Aimsley.
Brenda Simons, Mayor Mark Epley, Bob Chaloner, Nick Korniloff, Pamela Cohen, and Steve Bernstein.
Mama and the three bears who got into mischief in a New Mexico dumpster were saved by a couple of very humane humanoid neighbors who just happened to have a solution handy ...

Photographs by Annie Watt (Art Southampton)

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