Friday, March 22, 2013

Bright and sunny; and cold

Cold retreating, flowers blooming, 4:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Friday, March 22, 2013. Bright and sunny; and cold. The weatherman is warning of maybe more snow coming this way. Big deal, I don’t think so. Now that it’s staying light later, I’m looking forward to some warmer weather, some flowers blooming. Always good for the spirit.

Although, a reader in Boston wrote, re my comment the other day that Panxatwaney Phil got it right when he didn’t see his shadow, which predicted an early Spring:

Hi David,

I am a weather spotter in the Boston Area. Punxatawney Phil was all wrong this year. However, our Ms. G, the resident Groundhog at Drumlin Farms in Lincoln, Mass did  see her shadow, signifying 6 more weeks of winter! Here’s a link about her. She is a cutie!

BTW, Ms. G has a bill pending in the Mass Legislature to make her the official Massachusetts State Groundhog, and we look forward to her designation! She will be making an appearance on her own behalf during her hearing at the State House this Spring.

Best regards,

Tears along the trail of life. Meanwhile back at Wednesday Michael’s, before I forget. Rachel Uchitel, the woman involved with Tiger Woods back when his wife was taking a 5-iron to the guy for his extra-curricular activities, was there, and Michael’s Brenda Starr  Diane Clehane got the scoop.

Rachel has a ten-month-old daughter by her husband Matt Hahn and the little one is now the love of her life. “I really have come to understand what unconditional love is. You think you can get it from a man, but this is so different,” Uchitel told Diane.

Rachel Uchitel with her husband Matt Hahn and newborn.
Uchitel also confided that she’s been “struggling with her identity for the past three years.” She told Diane that she’s had a difficult time finding a job “because of the baggage attached to me.”  The Louis Vuitton of baggage though it might be. She did do a gig on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I missed it.

All that media attention puts everything a little (or a lot) off kilter, no matter where you’ve come from. That’s my read, not her words. However, as Diane summed it up with her typical perspicacity about these matters: “For the woman whose tear-stained face made the cover of The New York Post when she first lost her then fiancé on 9/11 (a tearsheet hangs in the Smithsonian) and then went on to become the poster girl for one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the decade, life in recent years has been a series of headlines. That’s a pretty attractive quality in an employee in certain circles is this town, isn’t it?”

So that was the overture to Wednesday’s Michael’s just before the band started playing. Otherwise, a media madhouse. Well dressed though it was. Clehane herself was one table over interviewing a man named Emilio Romano, president of Telemundo Media and his veep of communications Michelle Alban et al.

At Table One was the Bonnie Fuller, and the contigent doing their Wednesday conflab, in the company of Gerry Byrne, Carlos Lamadrid Brian Mazza, Stephen Colvin, Tom Keene, Keach Hagey, Andrea Miller, Les Berglass and ... Rachel Uchitel.  At the table next them: Rob Marshall, Director of “Chicago;” next to him Da Mayor o’ Michael’s, Joe Armstrong with David Zinczenko.

And at the big table across from them, Da Boyz, Imber, Della Femina, Dr. Kramer, Bergman and Greenfield, like some kind of post-modern version of the famous Algonquin Roundtable. Unlike the Roundtable, you don’t know what these guys are saying, because nobody (that we know of) is writing it down, but they laugh a lot. And they’ve all been around long enough to know what’s funny and what’s not. Right next door to them, the Governor’s good friend Sandra Lee (needs no intro, pass the peanut butter and marshmallow) and Newell Turner, the style and design czar at Hearst. You know about Lee’s new magazine, I’m assuming.

Ed and Shari Rollins.
And then a few tables over, Ed Rollins was celebrating his 70th with his wife Shari and Robert Zimmerman, Bernard Clair, the lawyer, Michael Goodwin of the New York Post; Lou Dobbs (Lou Dobbs!?). Georgette Mosbacher, who couldn’t be there but is a big fan of Ed’s, sent the boys (and the girl) another round (of desserts).

Also, moving around the room: Peter Brown; Judy Licht (Mrs. Jerry Della Femina off-camera); Beverly Camhe; Katie Lee with Lucy Danziger, EIC of SELF; Francesca Stanfill with Lally Weymouth; Joan Gelman and her boys; Bob Friedman of Radical Media; June Haynes, Debbie Huberman, Joan Jakobson, one of the Glad Girls who performed at the Writer’s Center dinner at Doubles the other night; I was with Chris Meigher of Quest and managing editor Lily Hoagland, Fashion Director Daniel Capello, and Art Director Jim Stoffel.

Continuing around the room: Bob Towbin; Douglas McCormick; Wednesday Martin; Susan Plagemann; Hamilton South; Steven Haft; Jeannine Pirro; Heidi Roberts; Christine Taylor; John O’Keefe; John Steele, and on and on into the midday media melee at Michael’s.
Chelsea Clinton at TEDxTeen 2013.
Catching Up. Last Saturday, TEDxTeen 2013, More than 300 teenagers and adults in the youth space gathered at an independently organized conference presented by the We Are Family Foundation, that focused the conversation on teens and their power to change the world.

The event was hosted by Chelsea Clinton at Scholastic's global world headquarters in New York City. Andrew Jenks, creator of MTV’s World of Jenks and author of “Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker,” joined in to host the 4th Annual conference. People from 141 countries tuned in to experience the conference streaming live at

The theme of the fourth annual TEDxTeen conference, “The Audacity of whY,” resonates with Generation Y – or more appropriately, “Generation Why?” – as they turn over established regimes, age-old thinking, and timeless truths, through social media, the power of crowds and an unswerving belief that they have the right to know “why?
Tania Luna, Ndaba Mandela, Nile Rodgers, Kelvin Doe, Kristopher Bronner, Amaryllis Fox, Chelsea Clinton, Caine Monroy, and Tallia Storm.
In addition to Clinton and Jenks, TEDxTeen 2013 featured a number of speakers and performers who are leading the global “whY” revolution in their own way, including Amaryllis Fox, Founder & CEO of mulu; Caine Monroy, creator of Caine's Arcade; Dylan Vecchione, Founder of ReefQuest; photographer Joseph Peter; Global Minimum Innovate Salone 2012 winner Kelvin Doe; Kristopher Bronner, co-creator of UNREAL™ Brands; musical prodigy Kuha'o Case; Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela and co-founder & co-chairman of the Africa Rising Foundation; Sophie Umazi, creator of I AM KENYAN; R&B/Soul Singer Tallia Storm; Tania Luna, CEO of Surprise Industries; and Maria Toorpakai Wazir, Pakistan's No. 1-ranked women's squash player.

TEDxTeen 2013 Talks will begin to go live on this Saturday, March 23rd. One talk will be released each day until all Talks are online.
Andrew Jenks.
Kuha'o Case.
Caine Monroy.
Joseph Peter.
Kelvin Doe.
Tania Luna.
H.E. Ambassador Hamid Al Bayati and Joseph Peter.
Maria Toorpakai Wazir.
Ndaba Mandela.
Tallia Storm.
Kristopher Bronner.
Amaryllis Fox.
Sophie Umazi.
Dylan Vecchione.
Audience at TEDxTeen 2013.
And on March 14, The Men's and Women's Mentoring Groups of The Children's Storefront held a Student Art Exhibit and Cocktail Reception at Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliff, LLP in New York. Featured were paintings and photos by 7th and 8th grade student artists, under the guidance of Storefront Artist in Residence Matthias Leutrum.

The Children's Storefront is an independent, tuition-free school in Harlem, providing a private school experience to students who would not otherwise get the opportunity. Located on East 129th Street, the school is a safe haven for 174 students from pre-K through 8th grade, teaching them core values which take them to some of the most prestigious high schools in the area. The Storefront also teaches the whole child, and our Mentoring programs are a part of that enrichment, offering students experiences that encourage them to succeed in their lives away from the school.
Head of School Wendy Reynoso, Assistant Head of School Michael Williams, Storefront Artist in Residence Matthias Leutrum and 7th and 8th grade student artists.
Storefront Trustee Christopher Moore with his son Christopher and Storefront students.
Storefront student artwork.
Storefront student with Monique Shubert from the Studio Museum of Harlem.
Mentoring leaders Donna Cephas and Honoree Penny Owen.
Storefront Trustee Elsie Aidinoff and student.

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