Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glamour Women

Back row from l. to r.: Tory Burch, Valerie Steiker, Desiree Gruber, Nazgol Jahan, Ameerah Al-Taweel, Arianna Huffington, Gayle King, Huma Abedin, Dina Powell. Seated: Jenna Bush Hager and Cindi Leive. Photo: DPC.
Thursday, November 14, 2013. A very cold day, yesterday in New York. Feels colder than the thermometer says; scarves and gloves time. Brrr.

The Wednesday/Michael’s Three-ring circus: Right next door to us, at Table One, Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive was hosting a big luncheon celebrating the great success of Monday night’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall.

Hillary Clinton presented the Couple of the Year Award to Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. Star-packed though the show was, Malala Yousafzai, the teen-age Pakistani education activist who was shot in the head by a Taliban for criticizing the group’s interpretation of Islam, was the biggest hit of the evening. “I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill. But a pen can give life,” she told the guests. Everyone was deeply impressed by her wisdom and her courage. Lady Gaga, who was the cover on this month’s Glamour, said “If I could forfeit my Glamour cover, I would give it to Malala.”

I met Barbara Jude Frerichs yesterday through her friend, producer Beverly Camhe, who told me about her book. I asked her if she had a picture of her dog Teddy. She did, on her iPhone. I took the picture of her holding the picture on the phone. Didn't come out.
Here's the old boy (actually still a pup) himself.
Frerichs and her devoted, most loyal friend.
Click to order What My Dog Has Taught Me About Men (After All, He's Male Too).
Around the room: Patty Raynes, Debbie Bancroft and Laura Durning (Mrs. Roger) Waters. Next door to them: Pat Mitchell of the Paley Center. Next door to me on the other side and in front of the Cindi Leive table: Art collector Emily Fisher Landau and Shirley MacLaine; next to them: Joe Armstrong with international literary agent Ed Victor and his wife Carol Ryan, and HarperCollins’ Jonathan Burnham. And at the corner table, PR guru Steven Rubenstein.

Keepin’ on: Stan Shuman (Allen & Co.); the LeFraks (pere and fils), Richard, Harrison, Jamie, and Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins; Dah Boyz: Dr. Imber, Michael Kramer, Andrew Bergman, Jerry della Femina; across the aisle: Eliot Spitzer; Peggy Drexler; Tracey Jackson with the great Paul Williams (they’re writing a book together about Paul’s now famous recovery); James Becker; David Corvo, David Zinczenko; Joan Gelman celebrating the engagement of her son Josh Gelman’s engagement to the charming Christina; Larry Hackett of People magazine; Tammy Haddad, Washington, D.C.’s hostess with the mostest (contacts); TV Guide’s Jack Klige; Benjamin Stein; Diane Dimond with Judy Twersky and Brian Balthazar; Tom Goodman of Goodman Media; Tony Hoyt with Missy Godfrey; mega media marketing executive Arthur Sando; Lynn Tesoro; hedge fund guru James Chanos; Tom Rogers; more financial gurus; Michael Steinhardt; Sephen Lash of Christie’s where their art auctions the night before totaled almost $700 million – a record; Cindi Berger; Jerry Inzerillo; Philippe Salomon; Henry Schleiff;  S. Robert Levine MD, Chairman and co-founder of Growth Philanthropy Network, with Dan Ciampa; Andrew Stein; Michael Mailer; Wednesday Martin with Jen Schonberg; Elaine Papas; Beverly Camhe with Barbara Jude Frerichs who recently published a book about her dog Teddy: “What My Dog Has Taught Me About Men (After All, He’s Male Too!).” 

Moving along: political consultant and commentator Robert Zimmerman with New York City Councilwoman and recent Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn. Ms. Quinn was looking fresh as a daisy and all the better for having the campaign behind her.

P.S. Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope For Depression which held its annual luncheon last week, sent me this photo of herself with HFD’s guest speaker and Oscar winning film star Richard Dreyfuss and his Russian wife Svetlana, taken in the green room right after the event. In his talk before the events’ guests, Dreyfuss spoke openly about his bipolar disorder. “There’s no shame in having depression. By telling my own setory, I hope to remove the stigma; it should never be something to hide."

After the luncheon, Dreyfuss told Audrey that he and Svetlana love New York and have many friends here. Friendly and sincere, he is very intent on having public understanding that he accomplished his body of work while struggling every day to keep his mania at bay and to find the right medications to lift him out of depression.
It took him four years to find the right cocktail of medications. It was very upsetting for him when a specific drug that worked for him was taken off the market, since it was not profitable for the pharmaceutical company that produced it.
Audrey Gruss with Richard Dreyfuss and his wife Svetlana.
P.P.S. On another, basic life-changing issue: With the big holiday coming up, exactly 14 days from today is Thanksgiving. This week, City Harvest trucks began delivering more than 140,000 pounds of Thanksgiving turkeys to its network of soup kitchens and food pantries throughout the five boroughs of the city. 

Thanks to the Starr Foundation and its $50,000 contribution, City Harvest was able to purchase 4,200 turkeys this year! The deliveries also include nearly 8,000 pounds of kosher turkeys for observant New Yorkers in need. 

This year's turkey distribution is the largest in City Harvest's history. City Harvest will also distribute produce and holiday fixings to more than 500 households at its Thanksgiving Mobile Market in the South Bronx later this month. You can help too: visit

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