Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Growth

Reaching for the sun. 3:15 PM. Photo: Jeff Hirsch.
Thursday, October 30, 2014. Sorta sunny, sorta cloudy, coolish day, yesterday in New York, with temps reaching the low 60s. Looked like rain; we got the lightest spritz.

The British Are Coming, the British Are Coming: it was the Michael’s lunch, natch. JH and I were lunching with Philip and Joan Kingsley, their daughter Annabel and Philip’s Executive Director Sinead Howard, all in from London this past Tuesday night for the week principally to promote Philip’s newest, most innovative product for hair thinning, called Trichotherapy.

Today at Michael’s, Philip is having a launch breakfast for the product for members of the fashion media.

Philip and Annabel Kingsley.
Philip is the world’s leading authority on hair and scalp. Do you ever give a thought to your hair? Or your lack of it, or your problem with it, or your losing it, or that you just hate it? Well, you’re not alone. Men have always worried about losing their hair. Starts early. Today many women, including many young women are facing or dealing with that problem.

There are actual a few billion of us with the same deeply personal issue. It even sounds funny when I think about it. But I do, and so do you, I’ll bet.

I came to that profound realization a number of years ago when I met Philip and heard about his work.  The New York Times has referred to him as the “Hair Guru.” Vogue’s title for him has been “Hair Wizard” and in London the Sunday Times has referred to him as the Hair Doctor.

That’s how I refer to him. If the person I’m talking to has heard of him, they rave because they know what he does, and he may have done it for them. If the person I’m talking to has never heard of him, there’s often a bit of smug curiosity, however polite. A hair doctor? Oh please!  is the attitude presented. They don’t know, and they don’t know yet what they don’t know.

I never give any of that much thought although I know his clientele is some of the most famous and most prominent men and women in the world and on screen, not to mention politicians, even statesmen and corporate tycoons. Because of their hair! Men and women. They wanna keep it, they need to, oh please God!
The good doc meeting and greeting in his New York clinic.
The Hair Doctor also has just about the best bedside manner of any doc I’ve met. Not at the actual bedside of course. He has the voice and the sensibility for quickly infusing you with confidence in his helping you. This almost sounds like a pitch and maybe I’ve been around too many commercials for too long but JH’s wife who is young a beautiful, with beautiful long brown hair had an issue with her hair that she couldn’t find a solution to. She went to Philip. He solved her problem and even I noticed a difference.

That’s when I visited him just to see what his secret of effectiveness was. The first thing I (or anyone) would notice is his gentle assurance that the problem can be solved in a healthy way. There are a variety of situations and a variety of solutions. I’m one of the lucky ones because 1. I’ve still got my hair, and 2. it’s pretty healthy. However it turned out that he did have a product which I discovered accidentally and that I use all the time and with amazing results. But that’s for another day.

The breakfast today is for a product that Philip considers his most innovative in his almost sixty years of trichological research. Trichotherapy – which he calls his latest holistic innovation is for those with hair volume concerns. He says it’s his most exciting and important product launch he’s ever had because you can do it at home.
Philip Kingsley TRICHOTHERAPY kit.
If you’re interested, I’ll tell you more about it after I go to the breakfast launch this morning. All of this is, to my mind, real luxury thinking. The luxury of having good healthy hair. There isn’t anybody who wouldn’t like to have that. That’s the luxury part.

Meanwhile, among the din and the tumult of the Michael’s Wednesday lunch, amidst the cross-table conversations about everything except hair and trichotherapy, among those in the room keeping the energy erupting: Vicky Ward who is busy promoting her new book “The Liar’s Ball” about the building of the former GM Building (where the Apple Cube occupies the plaza in front), and was lunching with Charlotte Morgan, Charlie Rose’s producer.

We had a larger table yesterday to accommodate all of us. Cornelia Guest had my usual table and was lunching with Jim Fallon, WWD editor. We had the table usually occupied on Wednesdays by Duh Boyz, Della Femina, Greenfield, Imber, Kramer and Bergman. They were across the way at Joe Armstrong’s regular table sans Kramer and Bergman. On one side of them: Mickey Ateyeh with Ruth Shuman and her cousin Dana Bronfman. On the other side: Jimmy Finkelstein, and next to him Stan Shuman and guest. Moving along: Paul Wilmot and guest; Amy Fine Collins; Pat Mitchell, director of the Paley Center for Media; Julie Hayek (former Miss USA), of Corcoran Real Estate; Tracey Jackson and Glenn Horowitz with Roseanne Cash; Jolie Hunt; George Farias with Robert Zimmerman; Jack Kliger; Peter Brown with Gillian Tett of the FT; Mark Rosenthal with Doug McCormick; Keith Meister with Sean O’Keefe; Tom Goodman of Goodman Media with Diane Clehane; David Sanford of the WSJ with Lewis Stein; Jolie Hunt; Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates; Haspel heiress and owner of Haspel, Laurie Aronson with a party of 12; Todd Joyce of Break Media; Esther Newberg; Lynne White with Linda Stacy of NY1 and the Daily News; Patrick Murphy; Christine Taylor; Bob Towbin, Beverly Camhe; John Loeffler of Rave Music. To name just a few partaking of the fare.
In the window of the Chinese Porcelain Company last night.
More Brits. Last night at the Chinese Porcelain Company on 58th and Park, Pierre Durand hosted a booksigning for his friend HRH Princess Michael of Kent and the American publication of her new book “The Queen of Four Kingdoms” (Beaufort Books).

It is Volume I of The Anjou Trilogy, Princess Michael’s first novel. The second volume is being published in London next week, and the third volume is completed, and looks like a compelling candidate for a television series. The first volume has already been published in England, making it to Number 3 on the Daily Telegraph Best-Seller Lists and was shortlisted with Frederick Forsyth and Simon Sebag-Montefiore for a Historical Fiction Prize (Simon S-M won).
HRH Princess Michael of Kent signing her book. Click to order.
Princess Michael reading from her book The Queen of Three Kingdoms, Volume I of the Anjou Trilogy.
Princess Michael has many friends on this side of the Atlantic, possibly more than any other member of the British Royal Family. Her son Nicholas Windsor and his wife are residents of Los Angeles also. Her biographies have been drawn from her own heritage which can be traced all the way back to Charlemagne. She’s also a personally industrious Royal – a quality very useful in the 21st century of changing times and fiscal priorities.

This trilogy which is now completed comes eight years after her last book was published. She is an expert on the subject obviously, and has the background knowledge to authentically fictionalize what author Philippa Gregory describes as “the extraordinary life of Yolande of Aragon, the power behind the throne of 15th century France, and the mentor of Joan of Arc.”
Last night's host Pierre Durand with Princess Michael.
One more review from Julian Fellowes (whom Americans all know as the creator of “Downton Abbey”):  "It was a time of high stakes and high risk, where the right choice might bring a throne in its wake, but the wrong one could lead to the scaffold, of lives wrapped in gilded velvet, but drenched in ambition and blood.  Princess Michael takes the reader to the heart of this glamorous, dangerous world, and holds them spellbound. I loved it."

There were many friends and acquaintances at last night’s party and Princess Michael was busy signing. At about 7 o’clock, she took a break to read a passage for her guests. Tonight Audrey Gruss is hosting a book signing for Princess Michael at “21”, and then she returns to London for the British launch of the second volume next week.
The Princess reading to guests.

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