Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Wedding Bliss

The Full Moon from 71st and Lexington. 9:31 PM. Photo: Jeff Hirsch.
Monday, August 11, 2014. A very warm, sunny weekend in New York. The city is wonderful right now with the perfect weather and the weekends free of the commercial hustle-bustle. It’s been the kind of weather that draws people out to enjoy the excitement of the city life in the sidewalk restaurants and cafes, the museums, the movies and the parks for walking, rollerblading, running and cycling.

Michael Shnayerson and Gayfryd Steinberg yesterday afternoon, Sunday, August 10, 2014 after their marriage at the Sag Harbor Synagogue.
The big news out East was the wedding yesterday of Gayfryd Steinberg and Michael Shnayerson at five o’clock in the afternoon at the Sag Harbor Synagogue. This is a real romance story, and I’m almost laughing as I write it because how many do you know at their ages (sixty-ish) who have a grownup romance most closely resembling the kind of romance you might have had on your first big crush back when you were a teenager? That kind of romance. These two have been having that for about a year, astounding one and all, if they really think about it.

Their friends observing have been wide-eyed and almost agog to see what I’ve just described. It’s like Paris, like the song. I’m not kidding. I’ve known the groom for about 24 years. He’s a writer as you may know and at that time we met he was working on a memoir for  Irving “Swifty” Lazar in Los Angeles where I was living.

I rented him a room in my house and he’d come out every few weeks for a week or ten days to work with Lazar. You live with someone, you get to know them. Plus it was a little like a grownup’s frat house. We’ve rarely seen each other during all these New York years since, but both of us are working writers which takes you where you need to go.
The Chuppah. David Monn.
I’ve known the bride for several years and I know many, including her sister-in-law Kathy Steinberg, who have known her for decades. I’ve been a guest for the past three years at her Thanksgiving dinner table surrounded by 20 family members, so I’ve seen first hand how this very glamorous and clever woman is multi-faceted and a major multi-tasker. An executive who’s handy with the staple gun/buzz saw, hammer, nails, corporate financial reports, and a marvelous chef as well, very hands on in the kitchen.

I think these two lovebirds (I’m sorry, that’s the story) met through their mutual friend Duane Hampton. I have a feeling it was a coup de foudre. I’m adding a little literary garnish but it is a good (news) story if there ever was one. I know he’d seen her many times before and like most of us aspires (rhymes with desires) to beauty. But ending up marrying, probably never occurred to him.
Mr. and Mrs now. Gayfryd's wedding dress was made for her for the occasion by Oscar de la Renta.
And so it was. They were married before about 150 friends. After the ceremony, everyone departed for Water Mill where the reception was being held under a tent decorated by the ingenious David Monn, a great great friend of the bride. It was a great day ending under the SuperMoon last night.

I didn’t make it out to this wonderful moment but we were lucky to have everyone’s great friend (at this point) Duane Hampton take some pictures and get them to us for today’s Diary. Thank you Duane. And congratulations to Gayfryd and Michael!
Barbara Thomas. Francesca Stanfill Nye.
Duane Hampton. Kathy Steinberg.

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