Thursday, October 22, 2015

After you

American Ballet Theatre dancers taking their bows last night after a Fall Gala performance of The Brahms-Haydn Variations, entitled Variations on a Theme by Haydn, with choreography by Twyla Tharp. Photo: JH.
Thursday, October 22, 2015. A warm sunny day, yesterday in New York with temperatures in the mid-70s and no humidity, like a perfect autumn day in Southern California. Back when they always had perfect autumn days.

Two degrees of separation. I went to Michael’s. It was Wednesday; what else over here? It was busy as usual. In the room: Ed Kosner regaling Imber, Della Femina, Bergman and Kramer; Catherine Saxton in town from Palm Beach lunching with Iris Cantor, Francine LeFrak, Rita Cosby, Jean Shafiroff, Kathy Reily, Dr. Lara Jacobson, Dr. Nafisia Abdullahl; Morris Goldfarb; Michael Wolff with Juleanna Glover; Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman with Audrey Gruss; James Cohen with Christopher Ruddy; Charlie Scheips with Stephen Stolman; Freddi Friedman; Bob Friedman; Greg Lawrence; Lynne White; Esther Newberg; Paige Peterson with Joan Jakobson; Hamilton South; Susan Silver; Andrew Stein with Nancy Ross; John Sykes; Lisa Linden with Bennet Fradkin; Peter Price; John Arnhold; Matt Blank; Robert Zimmerman; Grant Cryder; Tom Goodman. I was having lunch with Dorothy Zinberg.
DPC and Dorothy Zinberg at Michael's.
Dorothy lives in Cambridge, lectures at Harvard and is involved in many other projects and pursuit in the groves of academe, and elsewhere. She also has a talent for friendship. Dorothy is famous among the famous for her friendships. It looks like it could be an avocation because she is quietly very gregarious. And curious. I once told Duane Hampton that I was going to lunch with her, and she said, “Oh yes, I know Dorothy Zinberg. I met her in Barbados. One year I ran into her at the Oscars.”

Her friend Tom Lehrer calls her a prosopographer, which is, as defined on Google, an investigator of the common characteristics of a historical group, whose individual biographies may be largely untraceable, by means of a collective study of their lives, in multiple career-line analysis.

Smart people, talented people, thinkers, artists, movie stars. All from this girl from Brookline and the Harvard Yard. We had a lot to talk about.

Last night I started out at La Perla on Madison Avenue and 67th because as you can see by the invitation, it was hosted by Cornelia Guest.
Truthfully, I didn’t look at the whole invitation. I looked at the photo and at first wondered if Cornelia were the model. Then I realized she wasn’t, and so I wondered if Cornelia had a new lingerie line. Because Cornelia is an enterprising girl. She’s got a lot going on business-wise and is ambitious to do more.  I did notice it was to benefit the Humane Society which Cornelia is a big supporter of, and I personally love the Humane where I first met Mr. Byrone Boogie, a little shih-tzu who lived with me for the last eight of his ten years, and he was an angel. However, I was distracted by the model and the Cornelia thing. I got there about 7:15. I planned on taking a photo of Cornelia thinking maybe she’d model one of her new lingerie designs.
Cornelia Guest last night at La Perla.
No. All of this was in my imagination. Quest Magazine hosted the party and La Perla is obviously making some kind of generous assistance to the Humane. I asked Cornelia when I finally found her – the place was jammed – if she had a new line of lingerie too. She guffawed. No. So I just took her picture. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? A real natural beauty. She’s a lot like her picture in real life (off-camera).

Ray Kelly with a copy of Vigilance. Click to order
After I got that photo, I had to walk two crosstown blocks to get over to Shirley Lord’s apartment where she was hosting a dinner for Ray Kelly, former Police Commissioner of New York who has written his memoir, “Vigilance.” Mr. Kelly was a Marine in Viet Nam and joined the police force when he returned home. A college roommate of his, a guy named Tom O’Malley who went to college with Mr. Kelly (and they’re still close friends all these decades later), told me last night that he was surprised by Kelly’s first move out of the Marines.

In retrospect, it made complete sense. Ray Kelly has had an array of experiences even as Under-Secretary of the Treasury under Bob Rubin, dealing with the security and intelligence. All of it, he told us at dinner, is in the book. A couple of guests in the  room had read it and told me personally that it was fascinating.

Last night at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, the American Ballet Theatre held its annual Fall Gala, this year observing the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ABT. There was a performance following by a dinner on the Promenade of the Koch Theater.
Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie introduces the evening.
This season’s premieres were: After You, with music by Johann Nepomuk Hummel; Mark Morris’ ballet having its New York premiere with all-new costumes by Isaac Mizrahi; Aftereffect, a company premiere with choreography by Marcelo Gomes and music by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky; Monotones I and II, choreography by Frederick Ashton and music by Erik Satie. The Morris and Ashton pieces were performed last night along with a Revival Premiere of Twyla Tharp’s The Brahms-Hayden Variations.
Choreographer Mark Morris and dancers take their bows following a performance of After You.
Costume designer Isaac Mizrahi joins the dancers and Mr. Morris.
Lynn Wallis joins dancers of Monotones I and II (Company Premiere).
30 dancers take their bows following the performance of The Brahms-Haydn Variations, entitled Variations on a Theme by Haydn.
The evening’s Gala Chairs were Sarah Arison, Melissa A. Smith, Sutton Stracke, Monica G-S Wambold and Leslie Ziff. Toni and Martin Sosnoff were honored with The Melville Straus Leadership Achievement Award.
Guests en route to the promenade for dinner and dancing.
The table settings.
The view of the dance floor from above.
And from down below.
Trisha Gregory, Julia Erdman, Co-Chair Sarah Arison, and Dalia Oberlander.
Exiting the David H. Koch Theater.
David H. Koch Theater. 11:00 PM.

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