Monday, April 20, 2015

Beginning to bloom

Letting the spring air in. Photo: JH.
Monday, April 20, 2015. A bright sunny weekend in New York. On Saturday, the temps reached 80 degrees and even felt a little on the too warm side. That's okay. People were out enjoying the day.
This was the weekend of the pears. It's a short moment but this past Saturday, many of the pear trees that line the avenues and streets suddenly began to bloom. They're not in full quite yet but give it another day or two and they will change the vibe of the city. This shot was taken on East 81st Street looking west between Third and Lexington Avenues. Madonna lives on the south side of this block and looks out on these trees.
Also the forsythia are now in full and blazing golden. This is a view of the 79th Street transverse through Central Park, looking west.
The forsythia greeting cars as they enter the 86th Street transverse through the park, heading east.
Even Zabar's has three pear trees out front just beginning to bloom. Saturday afternoon. 1:30 p.m.
Sunday morning, across the avenue, taken from the terrace.
Same time, from the terrace, zooming in on two blocks north, the corner of 86th Street and East End Avenue, the pears in bloom in front of the Henderson Place townhouses.
Henderson Place trees. The modern building in the background is the Peter Marino designed condominiums on East End Avenue between 87th and 88th Street, overlooking the Park, Gracie Mansion and the East River.
Taken from the riverside promenade in Carl Schurz Park looking west over the the plaza on the avenue. You can see the Henderson Place pears in the background. The Mayor's house, Gracie Mansion, lies just to the right of the steps beyond the lawn.
Same view looking at the left/south side of the plaza with the steps leading up to the park.
A close up of the forsythia.
That guy in the Nordic headset and "armor" is evidently part of some kind of video or film. There's another guy behind the woman on the left, who is wearing what looks like the oil can costume from the "Wizard of Oz." I'll assume they were shooting some kind of commercial.
Meanwhile, a young scooter athlete passes by unimpressed.
There's the cast crossing East End over to 86th Street. I still have no idea what they're up to. It's definitely not Halloween.
You've just been on the customary daily dog walk, and these are the views along the sidewalk moving back toward our apartment.
A few more promising signs of spring via JH ...
The 79th Street Greenmarket on on Columbus Avenue between 78th & 81st Streets.
Daffodils opposite the Greenmarket.
Daffodils in Central Park.
Kaufmanniana hybrid tulips and purple crocuses.
Star Magnolia tree.
Picnicking in Central Park.
Peter Elliot is a men's and boys' store on the corner of 72nd and Lexington Avenue. Their windows are always well decorated with things that promote a great, well-dressed, well-turned out, (and casual) look. However, right now Peter Elliot has two separate windows animating the joys of the season. I have no doubt the tots in the neighborhood find it fascinating. So do the old fogies who are still tots in their own heads. I took a vid of it Saturday night, and here it is ...

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