Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bow Wow and Meow

Brooke Shields, Billy Rayner, Kathy Rayner, and Peter Marino at ARF's annual Bow Wow and Meow Gala.
Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Hot summer day in New York, yesterday, with the humidity beating out the occasional breezes off the river. A minor spritz (30 seconds in the late afternoon) came laden with more humidity. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

And what does the heat do to the mood of the city? Stay inside. So it’s generally quiet. I like these days; they give me more time to read and to think about the upcoming season.

I got a lot of emails yesterday about the incident last Thursday on the Fifth Avenue crosswalk. It is not a unique experience. Responses to it are much the same – that which goes on in our heads. I have recovered from it quickly, thankfully, although the randomness of it only serves to remind how violence in our society is an everyday thing. This is not new but it is getting more and more visible. It’s not a question of Law because it’s acceptable on so many levels in our daily lives. Media is loaded with it. Video games are loaded with it. What are we to do? Outlaw everything?

Brooke Shields and Peter Marino.
It’s not unlikely that the man who assaulted me on Thursday afternoon was schizophrenic, or at least heavily drugged. You could see it in his eyes. He looked like a person who’d just  come out of the woods in the mountains. Furthermore his pants and shirt were evidence of his desperation. I have a close friend who has a schizophrenic son now in his 30s. It is terrifying and tragic for his parents, as well as for him. Everything is iffy. I have no answers. I can only watch.

This past Saturday night out in Wainscott in the Hamptons, ARF was hosting its annual Bow Wow and Meow Gala with more than 400 attending. That’s a good number for any fundraiser anywhere including Manhattan. That’s real support. And they raised more than $700,000. In fact it was their most successful event in the 41 years of the organization.

They honored Peter Marino, the tycoon of architect/interior designers. In. The. World. If you don’t know who he is, you know his buildings and have probably been in them many times. His designs are of-the-moment contemporary. His costume, which he adapted publicly several years ago, and wears where e’er he goes, is the of-the-moment contemporary for him.
Peter Marino with Equis.
Peter Marino with more friends.
He’s a very friendly fellow, in a neighborly way, a major culture aficionado with his wife Jane. They have long been famous for their concert/dinners in their East 57th Street aerie over near Sutton Place. To demonstrate his gratitude for the honor, he adopted two kitties from ARF, Spider and Ferret. He has also underwritten dog runs at the shelter.

It was a beautiful summer night out there. Peter Duchin provided the music for the background and the dance. Brooke Shields was emcee, and told the crowd that she hurt her foot giving a treat to her adopted pup. The glam and summery décor was provided by those impresarios of taste and celebration, David Monn and Alex Papachristidis. All of this under a big open tent on the grounds of ARF.
Brooke Shields welcomes guests and introduces the pups.
Brooke Shields with Harrison. Brooke with Squeaky.
Peter Marino. Rolise Rachel.
ARF, if you didn’t know, is the leading animal adoption center on the East End of Long Island. I am pro-adoption and have always adopted my dogs and cats. Right now there are two in residence with me although last year at this time there were four. Soon there will be a third and maybe a fourth, depending.  I’ve had animals all my life although when I was in my 20s, I forsook them. These creatures give us the opportunity to feel affection for another. Their gift to us is their acceptance and trust of us. This is a great honor in life for all of us.
These animals, especially those who are conscious of needing a good home and shelter, have that power to bless us with our humanity.  Many of them endure all kinds of stupidity and madness, not unlike which I encountered on the streets the other day. ARF is a haven. You can provide that haven too. It’s heavenly for everyone.

Notable guests included: Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, Peter Marino and Jane Trapnell, Lisa and Brian McCarthy, Priscilla and Christopher Whittle, Raphael DeNiro, Barbara Slifka, Alex Papachristidis, David Monn, Bill and Ophelia Rudin, Tommy and Heather Leeds, Bettina Zilkha, Alison Mazzola, Carol and Bill Dollard, Carol Mack, Debbie and John Loeffler, Pam and Peter Fabricant , Gordon Hoppe and Michael Breault, Virginia Coleman, and dancers from the New York City Ballet.
Nahill Younis, Donna Younis, Isabelle Greiner, and Carolyn Greiner. Christine and James Weinberg.
Lionel Larner, Peter Marino, Billy Rayner, Kathy Rayner, and Jorie Kent.
Debbie Loeffler, John Loeffler, and Leslie Stevens. Jay Kuhlman, Debbie Downs, and Tango.
Susan Syracuse, Moe, and Lee Syracuse.
Estrellita Brodsky and Christina MacDonald. Tom and Heather Leeds.
Evelyn Tompkins, Nick de Liagre, Cathy Santamarina, and Angel Santamarina.
Sylvia and Alison Mazzola. Priscilla Rattazzi and Eleanora Kennedy.
Peter Duchin, Virginia Coleman, and John Coleman. Tom and Clelia Zacharias.
George Farias, Ophelia Rudin, Lisa McCarthy, and William Rudin.
Patricia Longo, Wendy Diamond, and Hope. Michele Siano, Jan Willem Van Bergen Henegouwen, and Nancy Cooley.
Alex Papachristidis, Bettina Zilkha, Lisa McCarthy, and David Monn.
Carol Mack and Jorie Kent. Dr. Sarah Alward and John Trentacoste.
Jane Trapnell, Peter Marino, and Robert Wilson.
Maurice Sonnenberg, Bitsie Mouton, and Grover Mouton.
Jean and Martin Shafiroff. Chris Henchy and Brooke Shields.
Joseph Fichera, Amanda Haynes Dale, and Denis Brunelle.
Kari Tiedeman and Michael Steinberg.

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com

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