Monday, August 3, 2015

Dog Days of Summer in New York

Blue moon. Saturday, 1:30 AM. Photo: JH.
Monday, August 3, 2015.  Very hot last few days in New York, with humidity and weather forecasts predicting more. Thursday there was a downpour about two-fifteen.

I was sitting in Michael’s having a business lunch with JH and a business associate when a lot of sirens went off in the room. That was weird; never heard that before. It turned out to be JH’s phone plus several others. “Flash Flood Warning,” was the reason. You can get them on your phone. Meanwhile, West 55th Street was being pelted but no floods. It was over by 3 although the clouds remained dark until late afternoon. But then it cooled off, down to the 70s and gave us some relief.

These are the Dog Days of Summer in New York. Anyone who can get away probably is. And in this thick heat, anyone who doesn’t need to go out, probably doesn’t. Traffic was terrible nevertheless. It’s not easy for the dogs either. In my neighborhood, along the river I see people actually running their dogs on the very hot pavement which is HOT on the dogs’ paws also.
Yesterday, early afternoon, I saw some guy in running shorts enter the Promenade from 83rd Street with a small poodle in toe. He was wearing only shorts as well as his running shoes, prepared for the heat. The poodle, however, turned away from the pavement once on it. She didn’t want to go. The runner didn’t understand. He pulled her along. The poodle wasn’t being difficult. The poodle knew this was bad for her. They’re smarter than we are in that way. The dog’s owner didn’t and doesn’t know. He is ignorant of the fact it is unhealthy and dangerous for dogs to be running in this heat. The hot pavement burns/hurts. Those who don’t seem to care about that fact should try it sometime in their bare feet. I also see people on bicycles pulling their dogs, running beside them, in this heat. I suggest these people try running like that sometime.  This too is very dangerous for the dog.

It was beach and party weather out in the Hamptons. On Friday early evening Jay McInerney and Anne Hearst and Yasmin Aga Khan and Daryl Simon hosted a kick-off party on the lawn at the McInerney-Hearst Ashgrove Farm in Water Mill, for the upcoming annual Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala which will be held on Tuesday October 27th at Cipriani 42nd Street.
Anne Hearst McInerney, Jay McInerney, and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.
Yasmin started this annual gala more than 30 years ago in memory of her mother who was an early victim of the tragic disease. She has always been assisted by her friends, many of whom have been with her from the beginning. All of them have been very effective in bringing in more volunteers who really work to make it one of the best parties of the autumn season and bringing in more millions in donations for the cause.
Mai Hallingby, Jay Diamond, and Alexandra Lebenthal.
Susan Magrino Dunning, Mark Gilbertson, Debbie Bancroft, and Dennis Basso.
Somers Farkas, Kristen Krusen, and Lauren Day Roberts.
Then on Saturday there were two major events. The Southampton Hospital’s 57th Annual Summer Party was held in the gala tents on Wickapogue Road. This year’s was themed “Fantasia” and it benefitted The Jenny and John Paulson Emergency DepartmentJean Remmel FitzSimmons was benefit chair. I don’t know how long Mrs. FitzSimmons has been involved with this event but I know she has seen it grow into a classic that, like Yasmin Khan’s gala, manages to consistently recruit fresh talent to achieve something remarkable. The Southampton Hospital is the prize they’ve achieved. We’ll run more photos of the evening on this week’s Party Pictures.
Jean and Martin Shafiroff with Ellen and Chuck Scarborough.
Lauren Vernon, Lucia Hwong Gordon, and Nicole DiCocco. Jean Remmel FitzSimmons and Laura Lofaro Freeman.
Martin and Audrey Gruss. Whitney Fairchild, Charlie Krusen, and Kristen Krusen.
Then there was the “Paddle and Party for Pink” benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Like all BCRF events, be it beach or ballroom, this was in Technicolor! Our friend, the peripatetic world traveler Sharon King Hoge was there, and she reports:

Peter Piper wasn't there and there were no pickled peppers, but participants picked a pair of peppy pink paddleboard parties at the Paddle & Party for Pink race and fete Saturday in the Hamptons. The two-pronged event started with a standup paddleboard race at Haven Beach in Sag Harbor at 7 a.m. (compensation for the early start was a total lack of traffic at that hour).
Gary Cohn, Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, Maria Baum, Laird Hamilton, and Gabby Reece.
Tracy Anderson, Lena Dunham, Maria Baum, Stacey Bash-Polly, and Myra Biblowit.
Paddleboard preparation.
Team Fly Wheel.
Starting gate preparations.
Over 200 contestants registered to compete in three-or six-mile heats with renowned paddleboard proponent Laird Hamilton present to pass out pointers and awards.  While contenders paddled furiously around buoys marking the course, spectators browsed through booths offering complimentary Centrum mint vitamins, Tembatoo granola, Skinny Girl sparkling water, grilled-on-the-spot blackberry breakfast pizza, Hamptons coffee, four flavors of Enlighten roasted broad beans, plus bagels and fruit. 
Winners and runners up were awarded "bronze, silver, and gold" medals and mini- paddleboard trophies. Additional prizes were given to participants who raised extra money for the Breast Cancer Research Fund, sponsor of the event, which was established four years ago by survivor Maria Baum.
Designer boards by Donald Robertson and Lisa Perry. Designer boards by Aerin Lauder and Rachel Zoe.
Designer boards by Tory Burch and Oprah Winfrey. Designer boards by Donna Karan and Greg Miller.
Trophies for the Winners.
Medals for the Winners.
After the awards ceremony, participants dispersed until reassembling at Fairview on Mecox Bay for the evening's Sunset Cocktail Party.  Mingling in a translucent white tent with giant pink globes bobbing overhead, guests sampled snacks and sipped Moet & Chandon rose and ice champagnes.  After Gwyneth Paltrow and Lena Dunham greeted the crowd on behalf of their friend Maria Baum, guests bid on designer paddleboards, watched dramatic Hawaiian fire dancers, listened to cancer survivor GRAMMY Award winner Nile Rodgers, and danced to a music set by DJ Brendan Fallis.
Designer boards displayed for auction.
Among those attending were Jane Krakowski, Matt Lauer, Jason Sehorn, Hilary Rhoda, Sean Avery, Molly Sims, Nicole Miller, Lisa and Richard Perry, Lisa and Harry Slatkin, Christina Steinbrenner, Darcy Miller. More than $1.6 million was raised and a pink-tinged sunset was the penultimate pinnacle of a picture perfect.
Gwyneth Paltrow. Kim Heirston Evans and Richard Evans.
Rachel Zoe. Missy Hargraves.
Laird Hamilton.
Larry and Maria Baum. Jamie Sharpe and Stuart Tomanek.
Nile Rodgers and Lena Dunham Chelsea Cohn, Rachel Zoe, and Lisa Cohn.
Lena Dunham, Gabrielle Hamilton, Lisa Perry, Kinga Lampert, Maria Baum.
Julie Cannold, Hilary Rhoda, and Myra Biblowit. Jane Krakowski.
Lisa Kerkorian, Mateo Mostek, and Jessica Bailey. Brendan Fallis and Hannah Bronfman.
Paddle Pink sunset.
GRAMMY winner and cancer surviver Nile Rodgers.