Friday, October 16, 2015

Gilded Gala

Entering the Wade Thompson Drill Room of the Park Avenue Armory (designed by Stefan Beckman) for its annual "Gilded Gala. Photo: DPC.
Friday, October 16, 2015. Pleasant, often overcast day, yesterday in New York with temperatures in the mid-60s and falling to the mid-50s by late evening.

Many events on the calendar last night. The New York Women’s Foundation hosted “A Night at the Plaza” in the Grand Ballroom. The American Folk Art Museum held a fund-raising gala “Amerian Originals: Folk Art and Jazz” at Gotham Hall. John Ike, Thomas Kligerman and Joel Barkley hosted a book party for their new book “The New Shingled House” at their firm IKB: Ike Kligerman Barkley. Master Voices held their Fall Gala with a dinner at Le Parker Meridien and a performance at the New York City Center of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance.

I was up at the Park Avenue Armory, they were hosting their “Gilded Gala.” 753 guests attending a black tie, glamorous and literally glittering celebration. The décor and tables reflected a “contemporary take” on the notion of “gilded” (versus when the Armory was built back in the Gilded Age). The room was an extravaganza designed by set designer Stefan Beckman.
The harp awaits as guests enter the room to take their seats at table.
They honored Angela E. Thompson, wife of the late Wade Thompson; Charles A. Y. Thompson, son, and daughter  Amanda Thompson-Riegel.  Elihu Rose who was Wade Thompson’s partner in refurbishing, renovating and reviving the building as a arts and culture center on the Upper East Side. Wade Thompson lived across the street (67th) on a floor looking down on the building which at that point had begun to become decrepit from years of neglect.

The interiors are a treasure, designed by some of the greatest architects and designers of the Gilded Age such as Stanford White and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Over the years, and in the years after Mr. Thompson death six years ago, he and his family have contributed $129 million to the project. Adam Flatto, who co-chairs the board with Elihu Rose, also presented an award to this year’s Artistic Honoree Marina Abramović.
The Thompson Family, last night's honorees (l. to r.): Wade Thompson, Angela Thompson and Amanda Thompson- Riegel, and Charles Thompson.
Board co-chair Elihu Rose presents the awards to the Thompson family.
Adam Flatto, also co-chair, presents an award to Marina Abramovic.
The dazzling evening also included star-studded entertainment ranging from bel canto to the Billboard Hot 100 directed by “inventive” (The New York Times) and “awesome” (Rolling Stone) opera/pop concert director Kevin Newbury, and featuring opera diva Sondra Radvanovsky and electro-pop duo The Young Professionals. It was a beautiful evening in spirit and in setting. Radvanovsky opened the entertainment before the first course, and TYP took the stage after the dessert and within minutes the room was dancing to their music. More on the evening on Monday’s Diary.
Ms. Abramovic ended her acceptance speech by advising that "if you want to change the world begin with changing yourself."
Catching up. Last Thursday night, October 8th, the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York hosted their annual New York After Dark party at the Four Seasons Restaurant in the Pool Room with cocktails, light fare and dancing. They honored Nicole Hanley Mellon, Andrew Roosevelt and Alexia Hamm Ryan for their contribution to the Council’s work. The funds raised by the evening help to support the Museum’s exhibitions, Collections and Educational and Family Programs.
Chuck Scarborough and Alexia Hamm Ryan
Chuck Scarborough and Andrew Roosevelt
Mark Gilbertson, Nicole Hanley Mellon, Andrew Roosevelt, and Alexia Hamm Ryan
Sheila Burkert and Randall Burkert
Evelyn Tompkins and Frederica Tompkins
Sallie Giordano, Polly Onet, and Catherine Colley
Lauren Duff and Ted Duff
Fernanda Kellog and Kirk Henckels
Karen Klopp, Kristine Westerby, and Carole Delouvrier
Chuck Scarborough and Nicole Hanley Mellon
Melanie Holland and Lavinia Branca Snyder
Candi Hamm, William Hamm, and Audrey Gruss
Jennifer Oken, Lauren Duff, and Angela Clofine
Jennifer Cacioppo and Greg Calejo
Chele Farley, Richard Farley, Chris Brokaw, and Amanda Taylor
Amelia Raftopoulos and Harry Raftopoulos
Lauren Remington Platt and Rebecca Regan
Casey Sills, Sloan Overstrom, Amory McAndrew, and Megan Petrie Ramm
Philipe Digan and Gigi Tang
Allie Hanley and William Hanley
Michael Gross, Barbara Hodes, and Lavinia Branca Snyder
Hilary Dick
Snow Dollkinson, Dounia Aleksic, and Samantha Drew
Mary Snow and Ian Snow
Jill Ross and Zack Bacon
Mona Arnold, Greg Arnold, Cynthia Ott, and Jim Coleman
Amy Fine Collins, Nina Griscom, and Somers Farkas
Dayssi Olarte de Kavanos
Adam Sills, Bryan Ramm, and Sean McAndrew
Elizabeth Brown and Katherine Parker-Magyar
Libby Fitzgerald and Ashley McDermott
Gigi Grimstad, Carl Grimstad, and Rachel Hovnonian
Enrico Bruni and Polina Proshkina
Jamee Gregory and Peter Gregory
Michael Cominotto, Caroline Dean, and Dennis Basso
Nancy Sambuco and Sallie Giordano
Randi Schatz and Karen Klopp
Chappy Morris, Melissa Morris, and Paul Beirne
Eric Villency and Caroline Villency
Katherine Paulie and Blair Husain
Jeanie Jones, Barclay Jones, and Heidi Holterbosch
Kathy Prounis and Othon Prounis
Mona Arnold and Greg Arnold
Prakash Melwani, Anjali Melwani, Chip Schorr, and Sheila Burkert
Dionisio Fontana and Lana Smith
Jane Deflorio
Noreen Dodge, Leah Stackpole, Patti Buttacavoli, and Lee Davis

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