Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday party time

Looking in on the Farias-Hearst-McInerney holiday party last night at Doubles. 7:30 PM. Photo: DPC.
Friday, December 18, 2015. It rained most of the day, yesterday in New York, ending in a misting about three in the afternoon running through the evening. Temperatures were in the low 60s and high 50s in the evening.

It’s holiday party time in New York right now. It’s not everywhere but in certain neighborhoods around town, those who can, often do ... throw a cocktail reception for friends, business associates, etc. Then there are the purely social ones where people run into acquaintances, old friends, neighbors, friends of friends.

This past Wednesday night, Chris and Grace Meigher gave an annual Quest  party at Swifty’s. This is a new version of a holiday office party not. Lots of friends and neighbors and readers joining the Quest staff enjoying the libations and Swifty’s inimitable fried zucchini, the honeyed bacon, the little toasted ham and cheese triangles and the pigs in an blanket, all in the cozy rear dining room with the Christmas lights twinkling in the window panes. Afterwards at the Fifth Avenue aerie of Georgette Mosbacher who was the lady in red as Mrs. Santa, 21st century Fifth Avenue style, of course had the clamoring crowds in a festive mood.
The reception desk at the Doubles Club, all decked out. The balloon tree was made by a man at the party who was making objects out of balloons for the guests. I never saw the guy but I knew he was somewhere in the room.
I went to the ultimate last night at Doubles where George Farias and Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney were hosting their annual holiday cocktail party. Three hundred fifty-guests, or thereabouts, the great Doubles dessert (and gnoshing) buffet as well as hors d’oeuvres and, although I didn’t stop to have a drink, there was everything to keep everyone happy. And happy they were. Many many familiar faces, friends, chatting away, running into old friends, new friends. All under the holiday lights; big crowd yet a cozy affair too.
A closeup of the Buffet table which was laden with cheeses and crackers and candies and cookies, and all these little stuff animals.
You see what I mean by "laden." Practically everything you're looking at is edible and delicious, including the four or fived different cheeses with your favorite crackers on the tray behind.
A very prominent woman who is well versed on the party scene exclaimed to a friend: “this is the best party in New York!!” Called for 6:30 (to 8:30), when I left at quarter to nine there was little sign of people leaving. What a swell party it was. Patrick McMullan was there and in his prime. I took some photos to give you an idea of the room and a few guests I happened to run into. Next week we’ll show you more from Patrick.

Although, as I was exiting the Sherry-Netherland, the glass door that lets onto the street was so clear that as I approached it to push it open, it didn’t, and I banged my nose and my forehead into it, as well as shattering the cap on a front tooth. Judy Taubman and her daughter Tiffany Dubin saw it happen and rushed up to me asking if I were all right. Actually I was all right but my tooth cap wasn’t. Use the revolving door in the future, David.
Mark Gilbertson, Chappy and Melissa Morris, and Peter Rockefeller.
Alex Papachristidis, Cathy Buxton, and
Dennis Basso.
Alex HItz and Debbie Bancroft.
Nico and Kimberly Landrigan. Annette Tapert and Joe Allen.
Joanne de Guardiola, Anne Hearst, and Ann Barish. Henry and Leila Heller. Leila has just opened a second art gallery in Dubai.
Alison Mazzola with her niece Christina Flynn and her mother Sylvia Mazzola.
George Farias, Debbie Bancroft, and Tom Quick. Carolyne Roehm and George Farias.
Christopher Mason sporting the balloonist's creations. Susan Magrino and Leslie Stevens.
Sharon Sondes and Jackie Weld Drake.
Debbie Bancroft with Santa. Tracy Jackson and Santa.
Summing up. Wednesday was Michael’s, and it was a big pre-holiday lunch crowd.  Around the room and then some: Jim Abernathy; Tom Goodman; Lisa Linden with Tom Allon, Suri Kasirer, Richard Schwartz; David Sanford and Lewis Stein; Jon Steinberg, Pres. of Mail Online; Rory Babich, CEO of Florida Panthers Hockey Team; Debbie Bancroft with her daughter Serena and friends; Cathie Black with Ellen Levine; Mickey Drexler of J. Crew; Barry Frey; Jack Kliger; Leonard Lauder; Connie Anne Phillips, publisher of GlamourPhilippe and Paula Salomon; Christine Taylor with Michael Gross; Paul Wilmot with Tommy Hilfiger; Tita Cahn with Michael Riedel; Jack Myers; Stan Shuman; movie director Irwin Winkler; Bisila Bokoko with Beverly Camhe; Linda Janklow with Ellin Delsener; Star Jones;  Alexis Mercedes; Sara Beth Shrager; John Steele of Nautilus Magazine; Mitchell Cannold; Fern Mallis; Giorgina Sioruzzi, fashion director of Esquire and Tracey Jackson with Paul Williams, Steve Tyrell and Janine Sharell who produces “The Fashion Police.”

And in the Garden, Jean Shafiroff was hosting a holiday luncheon. Among the guests were: Prince Dimitri, Zang Toi, George Gurley, Geoffrey Bradfield, Jeanne Lawrence, Barbara Tober, Edgar Batista, Ben Widdicombe, CeCe Black, Roy Kean, Janna Bullock, Andrea Greeven Douzet, Kevin Roche, Ann Rapp, Chele Chiavacci Farley, Paola Rosenshein, Couri Hay, Norah Lawlor, Lauren Lawrence, Chiu-Ti Jensen, Carole Belladora, Alison Minton, Lucia Hwong Gordon, and Patricia Shiah.
Janine Sharell and her boyfriend Steve Tyrell. Steve is now at his annual holiday appearance at the Cafe Carlyle. This month he is doing a show devoted to Sinatra in honor of his centenary. Photo: Tracy Jackson.

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